Maximizing Your Profits with the Help of Goat Farming Loan and Subsidy

Goat farming is an incredibly profitable and rewarding industry that has gained popularity over the years. However, like any other venture, it requires initial capital investment to set up the infrastructure and buy goats. Obtaining a loan or subsidy requires careful planning during the application process. Farmers should research eligibility criteria thoroughly before applying so that they meet all requirements.

Goat Farming Loan and Subsidy

Purpose of Goat Farming Loan and Subsidy

  • One of the primary purposes of goat farming loans and subsidies is to provide financial assistance to farmers interested in starting or expanding their goat-farming operations. In many cases, these loans and subsidies help small-scale farmers who may not have access to traditional financing options.
  • Subsidies help reduce the cost of production by covering a portion of expenses like feed costs, veterinary care expenses, etc. This helps farmers maintain healthy herds while minimizing operational costs.
  • The purpose of these loans and subsidies is to help offset some of those initial costs for farmers so that they can get their businesses up and running more quickly. Existing farms looking to expand or improve their facilities can use this funding.
  • Additionally, providing support through these programs helps boost local economies as successful farms create jobs for nearby communities. 

Loans under NABARD for Goat Farming

  • The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) offers loans to goat farmers under various schemes. These loan schemes are designed to assist individuals and groups interested in starting a goat farming business or expanding their existing one.
  • One such scheme is the Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (DEDS). Under this scheme, NABARD provides loans for establishing small dairy units, including rearing goats. 
  • Another scheme NABARD offers is the Integrated Development of Small Ruminants and Rabbits (IDSRR-EDEG). This scheme provides credit facilities for setting up small ruminant farms, which includes goat farming. 
  • To avail of these loans, applicants must submit a detailed project report outlining their proposed business plan and other relevant documents such as identity proof, address proof, income tax returns, etc.

Documents Required for Goat Farming Loans and Subsidies

When applying for a loan or subsidy for your goat farming business, there are specific documents that you need to prepare. These documents will help the lending institution assess your financial capacity and determine your eligibility for funding. One of the primary documents required is a detailed project report that outlines your business plan, cash flow projections, and other financial details about your goat farm. 

You’ll also need to provide proof of identity, such as an Aadhaar card or passport, and proof of residence, which can be utility bills or rental agreements. In addition, lenders may ask for bank statements from previous years to examine income and expenses related to similar businesses. They may also request tax returns from previous years to evaluate income stability over time.

Other necessary documents may include land ownership papers, NOC from local authorities (if applicable), livestock insurance policy papers (if already taken), etc. Ensure all these documents are up-to-date with relevant details appropriate before submission so that they portray accurate information about your farming venture.

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Goat Shelter

Loans under NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development) are one option for goat farmers looking for funding. These loans have low-interest rates and can be obtained through nationalized or rural development banks. However, before applying for these loans or subsidies, you must check whether you meet the eligibility criteria of NABARD or other financial institutions.

Certain documentation is required to apply for these loans, including project reports, land documents, and identification proofs. It’s important to ensure that all paperwork is in order before applying. Different types of loans and subsidies are available depending on each farmer’s needs. This includes livestock insurance schemes that protect against losses due to disease or death of animals.

How to Apply for Goat Farming Subsidy?

  • Applying for a goat farming subsidy can be a great way to get financial support for your business. The first step in applying is to research the different types of subsidies available and determine which is best suited for your needs.
  • Once you have identified the appropriate subsidy, gather all relevant documents required by the government or organization offering the subsidy. These may include identification proof, proof of residence, income statements, land ownership documents, and other necessary certificates.
  • Next, fill out an application form for the chosen subsidy program carefully and accurately with all the required information. Double-check everything before submitting, as any errors can result in delays or rejection of your application.
  • Also, consider seeking assistance from experts who can help guide you through this process, such as local agriculture departments or agricultural extension offices. Submit your application along with supporting documents within the designated deadlines. After submission, follow up on its status regularly until you receive confirmation whether it’s been approved or rejected.

Types of Loans and Subsidies Available for Goat Farmers

  • One type of loan available for goat farmers is the term loan. A term loan provides long-term financing for acquiring land or buildings. Another type of loan that goat farmers can avail of is working capital finance which helps them manage their day-to-day expenses, such as buying feed, medicines, etc.
  • Apart from loans, several government schemes offer subsidies to encourage the development of the Goat farming sector in India. One popular subsidy scheme run by NABARD provides up to 25% subsidy on the investment made towards purchase/establishment/ expansion/modernization/upgradation & setting up a new unit under the commercial Goat farming category.
  • Another scheme offers subsidized credit facilities at a 7% interest rate per annum with an additional rebate‚Äčof 3% on timely repayment to Women Self Help Groups (WSHGs). State Government also provides subsidies like VAT/CST exemption, Capital Investment Subsidy, etc.

Tips for Obtaining a Goat Farming Loan or Subsidy

  • It’s important to thoroughly research your area’s different types of loans and subsidies.
  • Once you have identified potential options, meet all eligibility criteria before applying. This could include having a solid business plan and meeting certain financial requirements.
  • It’s also important to gather all necessary documents ahead of time. This may include proof of income, tax returns, and identification documents.
  • When filling out your application, provide accurate and detailed information about your business operations and goals. If possible, highlight any unique aspects of your goat farming venture that could set it apart.
  • Don’t be afraid to seek guidance from experts such as agricultural lenders or local government agencies. They can offer valuable insights into the application process or connect you with additional resources.

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Brown Goat Farming


Goat farming is a profitable agricultural business in India, and the government provides various loan and subsidy options to support this industry. The purpose of goat farming loans and subsidies is to provide financial support to people who want to start or expand their businesses. The amount of funding provided depends on various factors, such as the type of farming operation and its location.


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  2. I want to start goat forming large scale or commercial goat farming. I need a loan for Land, shed, fencing, goat purchase. Where can I get information about this?

    • Well, You can contact NABARD officials. NABARD is located in most of the cities, you can get more information about goat farming, sheep farming and dairy farming subsidies.

    • Dear Sir,
      I am interested to start a goat farm in Karnataka. But i dont have own land.So I speak with someone who have own land to rentally borrow me to start farm.He agreed to give me.So I want to ask u is it possible to start my farming project with some others land for this Nabard scheme?also I want ask u in Karnataka this scheme still available or not?because I ask someone he told me this scheme now closed here try next year is it true?

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  5. What are the criteria required for getting loan from NABARD, for commercial Goat farming.

    Ex: I am from urban city, will I also be eligible to get this loan.

    • You should meet some technical requirements to get a subsidy or loan for commercial goat farming business in India. Please talk to technical officer from NABARD office for procedure of getting NABARD loan and subsidy.

  6. I am graduate and from Mumbai city only ,want to start goat farming but having no piece of land,shall i get loan to purchase land + infrastucture near to the city?or atleast to the boundries like dive daman and whom to contact ?

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    I have my goat farm area attached to the govt. Property land, will the govt. give me the permission for grazing on their(govt.) land??

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    Recently i went to ask about loan my rural area bank manager he was telling me 30% have to pay insurance because people cheat animal died like that
    That’s y insurance company made 30000 for one loan insurance like that manager told me
    In this case who will pay insurance 30% every year pls guide me bank manager bugudanahalli vijaya bank

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    i belongs to sc st community and BPL card holder and i stay in bangalore . my wife 36years MBA wants to start goat forming business near any rural place. please can you give us guidelines is there any central government schemes of urban sc st womens to avail loan. if so. ple tell me which bank, how much max loan and what is the procedure.

  18. Sir I am a retired Army personnel and I want to setup a new commercial goat farming, I am a residence of Karimpur, Ndaia District of West Bengal, I want to take loan for purchase of land, shed, milking machine, feeders machine. preparation of initial documents where I have to contact and NABARD location.

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