Goat Farming Project Report Information

Goat with Triplets.
Goat with Triplets.

Goat Farming Project Report:

The following write up is about “Goat Farming Project Report”.

Sirohi Goat (Buck).
Sirohi Goat (Buck).

Goat Farming Project Report- Introduction to Goat Farming Project:- Well, anyone who wants to start a commercial goat farming should have basic knowledge of goat farming set up and running cost and net profits. It is very important to read any kind goat project report to understand the components and implement at your farm. This project report also gives you a rough idea of one time set up cost and yearly running cost. You can analyse the report for further optimization for good profits in goat farming. The following goat farming report can be used as Boer goat farming project report or Osmanabadi goat farming project report or Jamunapari goat farming project report or Beetal goat farming project or Surti goat farming project report or Black Bengal goat farming project report or Beetal goat farming project report though it shows the Sirohi goat model project. The inputs like cost of goats and feed intake will be different, you can apply goat cost and feed intake cost in the report and calculate for any goat breed project.

Goat Farming Project Report – Assumptions, Prerequisites and Suggestions:- The following are some of the assumptions and prerequisites and suggestions are considered while reading the report.

  • This is a commercial goat farming project report which contains total of 150 female (Does) Sirohi goat breed and 6 male Sirohi goats (Bucks).
  • Usually, any commercial goat farming takes 3 to 4 years to give you to the breakeven point. So please calculate the figures according to this plan.
  • Though there is some capital cost involved in first year and profits are on negative side, subsequent years should get you into profit zone.
Goat Farming Project Report.
Goat Farming Project Report.
  • We assume you already own the land hence land cost is not included. Proper location, road access, water facility are assumed.
  • To grow your own green fodder for regular needs or silage needs, you must have fertile soil with proper irrigation. Buying goat feed is not advisable as it eats all of your profits.
  • We assume of growth rate as 1:1 (male: female) and mortality rate (death rate) as 10% per each kidding or delivery.
  • We assume, you have already visited other goat farms to study the goat fodder management and housing system, goat care and cascading male goats (bucks). Etc…
  • Assume we are not adding any insurance for goats or personal vehicle You can include if you really want.
  • We assume that the manure from livestock (goats) is being used for growing green fodder or selling out side for some extra income.
  • Stylo, Dashrath, Hybrid Napier, African Tall, Sorghum, CO3, CO4, Lucern, Barseem, Molato, Gini Grass, and Subabul are best green fodder crops for goat farming project. You can make silage using the green fodder and use this nutritious silage in dry periods.
  • Recommended dry fodders are; Maize /Corn, Barley and Peanut/Ground nut.
  • Never sell or use goat milk for personal reasons. In goat breeding business, this milk is very important for goat kids at least for 3 months.
  • It is a good idea of buying pregnant goats which can deliver kids in 45 to 60 days.
  • We assume you don’t go to build an expensive goat house. We advise you to build a goat shed with minimal expenditure. Once you become successful in goat business, you can expand as per your requirement and wish.
  • It is assumed that around 89% of the goats will always give kids.

    Goat with Triplets.

      Goat with Triplets.
  • The goat farm will initially hold 150 female goats of Sirohi breed (Does) and 6 breeding bucks (male goats).
  • Feeding cost of Goats is taken @ Rs. 4–5 Rs /goat / day
  • It is assumed that goats give kids twice a year in which gestation period of 150 Days is considered.
  • Under Stall Fed conditions, the ratio of kidding is assumed as 60% twinning, 38% singles and 2% of Triplets.
  • Medical and vaccination of goats are assumed as 15 Rs /goat / year.
  • We assume that Deworming of the goats are done for every 2 to 3 months.

Goat Farming Project Report – Capital Cost Required (One time):- Capital cost is needed only once after setting goat farming.

S.No.Details of Particulars.Numbers required.Cost (In Rs). Total Cost

(In Rs).

1Capital Cost150 (female pregnant goats)








6 Breeding Male Goats6000/each36,000
2Shed For Goats11,00,0001,00,000
3Feed Room132,00032,,000
4Labor Rooms150,00050,000
5Cascader and Ear Tags. Etc.,5,0005,000
6Cutter, Tanks, Mixer5,0005,000
7Feed Cutting Machine (can get on subsidies under govt.program)110,00010,000
8Feeders15 (12 feet by 2 feet)80012,000
Total 10,00,000 (Ten lakhs Rupees)


Goat Farming Project Report – Capital Cost Required ‘A’ = 10, 00,000 (Ten lakhs rupees).

Goat Farming Project Report – Running Cost (Yearly):-

S.No.Administration Items to Maintain.Numbers.Rate / Price (in RS).Total Cost (in RS).
1Senior Labor16000 / month72,000/year
2Junior Labor14000 / month


3Fodder For 156 Goats1565/day/goat2,84,700/year/for all goats
4Vaccinations for  156 Goats15615/goat2,340
5Electricity (Power)12,0002,000
6Printing and Stationary1,5001,500


Running Cost / Year ‘B’ = 4, 20,540; Round up to 4, 21,000 = 4, 21,000 (Four lakh 21 thousand rupees).

Note -1: Though the yearly running cost us little more you can save by proper feed management practices and other goat care.

Note -2: We did not add any insurance for animals you can add 4 to 5% of animal cost.

Total Cost Of Goat Farming Project:-

Capital Cost (A) = 10, 00,000 (One Time, This can be used up to 350 goats)

Running Capital (B) = 4, 21,000 (Yearly)

Goat Farming Project Report – Total Cost (A + B) = 14, 21,000 (Fourteen lakh twenty one thousand rupees).

Note-3: There is an option for going to NABARD financing on your goat farm, contact any local agriculture bank for loans/subsides/financing. They direct you regarding this. You should fill a form about your project or submit a project report to the bank, a technical officer will evaluate the project and if you meet technical parameters, they may approve you finance.

Assume you get finance from NABARD.

Total Cost of Goat Farming Project = Rs. 14, 21,000

Margin Amount from You: 15% of Total Cost = Rs. 2, 13,150

Bank/NABARD Finance: 85% of Total Cost = Rs. 12, 07,850.

Goat Farming Project Report – Growth Rate Calculation:- Now let us calculate growth rate.

Sirohi Goat (Doe).
Sirohi Goat (Doe).
  • 150 Pregnant Goats (Let’s assume, we bought pregnant goats and they give kids in 2 months period)
  • When comes to kidding, assume 50% of twinning and 50% of singles.
  • Male (Bucks) and Female (Does) Ration is 50:50.
  • This Table is Only Growth Calculator and for Calculation of 2 Years.
  • Assume mortality rate (death rate) @ 10%.
  • Assume 89% of fertile goats which can always expected to give birth.
  • As 2 months of interval is less in last months because 16 months of young female goats (does) are ready for kidding. At the age of 10 Months, female goats (Does) are ready for mating.




Goat Farming Project Report- Growth Calculation Table:-

Time PeriodNo. Of GoatsYoung GoatsMature GoatsMale / FemaleTotal
150 GoatsNil1506 / 150156
02 Months150 “150+75 = 225150116 / 265381
06 Months150 “150+75 = 225150226 / 380606
12 Months265 “397265424 / 5781002
18 “380 “380+190=570380710 / 8631573
24 “578 “578+289=8675781143/12962439


243911431296243 / 250 = 493
194697397310% / 11%


Goat Farming Project Report – Female Goats (Does) Feeding Cost:-

Time Period  (months)No. Of GoatsTotal Cost (in Rs).
02 months150 x 5 Rs daily x 30 days x 2 months,45,000
06  “150 x 5 Rs daily x 30 days x 6 months1,35,000
06  “265 x 5 Rs daily x 30 days x 6 months2,38,500
06  “380 x 5 Rs daily x 30 days x 6 months3,42,000
06  “578 x 5 Rs daily x 30 days x 6 months5,20,200
TotalRs. 12,80,700
  • Here Bucks (Male goats) feeding cost is not included.
  • As we consider from 100 Bucks 80% Sale out at the Age of 6 to 8 months period.
  • Rest of 20% goats feed schedule is different.

Goat Farming Project Report – Male Goats (Bucks) Feeding Cost:-

Time PeriodNo. Of GoatsTotal Cost
06 months779 x 7 Rs daily x 30 days x 6 months9,81,540
18 “194 Eid Goats @ Rs 12,000 For 18 Months Up-to Two Teeth’s23,28,000
TotalRs. 33,09,540



  • All Bucks (Male goats) are sold out in 8 months period.
  • Here 6 months feeding Cost is mentioned.
  • As they live up-to two months on mothers milk (Colostrum).

Goat Farming Project Report – Revenue Report:-

 Revenue From Bucks (8 months + EID goats)


779 Regular Goats200 Rs/per/kgFresh weight of 25 kg. Avg.38,95,000
194 Eid GoatsRs.18,000 on avg. price50 kg each34,92,000


Goat Farming Project Report – Stock Value Of Female Goats:-

9734000 Avg.25-30 Kg./avg.38,92,000


Goat Farming Project Report – Total Revenue Report:-

S.no.ParticularGross ProfitExpensesNet Profit
1.779 Regular Goats38,95,0009,81,54029,13,460
2.194 Eid Goats34,92,00023,28,00011,64,000
LessYearly Expenses2,08,400
LessInterest @12%2,96,400
  • Less yearly expenses from running cost of 2 years. Here we did deduct the fodder cost.
  • Fodder Cost is included in Diet Chart.
  • Yearly expenses are running capital.
  • Less return on capital expenses.
  • Rate of interest is flat 12 % per annum and Return tenure is 10 yrs.

Goat Farming Project Report – Bottom Line: With proper feed management and goat business plan, one can be very much successful in commercial goat farming business.

For Silage Making Process: Read here.


  1. Can u please share project report for 50 jamanpari female goats… If possible share it on my email address… Thanks

  2. Kindly tell me that to start a commercial goat farm of 150 how much land is requierd, weather they take the natural grass or I have to grow any hybrig grass for the goats.

  3. Please share the name of grasses which can be grown in dry climate of Rajasthan. Irrigation through tube well is available.

  4. Dear sir/Madam,

    I am interested this forming, i have land but not sufficient amount to open the forming. Please guide us how to open the goat forming.

    B. Prakash

  5. Hi, I’m a documentary film maker turning livestock farmer. What are the possibilities of goat farming in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. And what would be the best breed. I personally would like to rear better quality breeds, like Telicherry, Osmanabadi and Boer mix. Is it a viable option, as people in the north are not generally aware or care much about the meat they are eating, as long as it is cheap.

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  7. I live in Nagpur, Maharashtra, I have about 12 acres of fertile land with a borewell, canal and ponds without fence, and at the moment my family only cultivates wheat, legumes and rice. I want to start goat farming (initial start-up with 100 and extension to 500) combined with poultry (1000 Desi chicken in open space) and fruits like leman, mango, pomegranate, custard apple, guava, drumstick etc. All waste from goat farming will be used to grow vegetables and fruits. I will start with a normal shelter for a goat farm, then I will build a elevated shed for less maintenance.
    Can you help me regarding
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    It will be my pleasure to thank you, please respond


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