Top 6 Goat Farms in India: Biggest and Best

Goat farming is sustainable as goats have a high feed conversion efficiency. They can graze on natural vegetation and agricultural by-products, reducing the dependence on expensive commercial feeds. This makes goat rearing cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Goat farms are crucial in meeting this growing demand while providing employment opportunities and contributing to rural development. These farms ensure a steady supply of quality produce and promote sustainable practices and animal welfare standards. 

Top 6 Goat Farms in India

Goat farms hold significant importance in India due to their ability to withstand diverse climates while providing sustainable income-generation options for farmers. When choosing a goat farm in India, several factors should be considered. Selecting farms that prioritize animal welfare and follow sustainable practices such as organic feeding methods and proper healthcare protocols is essential. These farms focus on raising various breeds of goats, like Jamunapari, Sirohi, and Beetal, known for their superior meat quality or milk production potential.

Top 6 Goat Farms in India

JD Goat Farm

First on our list is JD Goat Farm, located on the outskirts of Mumbai. At JD Goat Farm, they offer a range of top-notch facilities and services to ensure the well-being and productivity of their goats. Their farm is equipped with spacious sheds that provide ample ventilation for the animals. They also have separate enclosures for male and female goats to prevent unwanted breeding.

To maintain hygiene, JD Goat Farm follows strict cleanliness protocols. Regular cleaning of sheds and feeding areas helps keep diseases at bay. The farm also has a dedicated veterinary team that provides timely medical care to sick or injured goats. Their commitment to providing excellent care makes them stand out as leaders within India and globally.

Al-Noor Goat Farm

Al-Noor Goat Farm in Hyderabad has also gained huge popularity due to its several goats breeds available. Farmers who have purchased goats from Al-Noor Goat Farm have seen remarkable growth rates and high-quality meat production. The farm’s expertise in breeding Sirohi, Boer, Jamunapari, and other breeds ensures that customers get healthy and genetically superior animals for their farms. The dedication and expertise of the team at Al-Noor Goat Farm ensure that each goat is well taken care of.

From nutrition management to health check-ups and vaccinations, every aspect is meticulously handled to maintain the overall well-being of their livestock. Apart from its extensive collection of high-quality goats, the farm provides valuable services like breeding programs and consultancy for aspiring goat farmers. This not only helps individuals who want to start their farms but also contributes to the growth and development of the industry as a whole. Al-Noor Goat Farm’s commitment to excellence extends beyond just raising healthy goats.

Goatwala Farm

With its establishment in Sundrel town of Madhya Pradesh (MP), this farm is considered one of the oldest goat farms in India. Goatwala Farm is known for its long-standing contribution to the goat farming industry. With six major breeds, including Sirohi, Barbari, Beetal, Sojat, Totapari, and Karoli, the farm offers a diverse selection for farmers looking to start or expand their herds. Unsurprisingly, many farmers credit their ventures’ success to the quality goats acquired from this reputable establishment.

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Brown Goats

At Goatwala Farm, utmost care is taken to ensure optimal living conditions for these magnificent creatures. The facilities provided are designed with their well-being in mind, offering ample space for grazing and comfortable sheltering options. Furthermore, this renowned farm focuses on breeding superior-quality goats and offers valuable services such as consultancy for aspiring farmers and assistance with export documentation. Goatwala Farm is a testament to India’s rich agricultural heritage and commitment to preserving indigenous livestock breeds. 

Classic Goat Farm

Classic Goat Farm stands out because it is one of the largest farms with exceptional infrastructure and specialization in top-quality khassi goats. These goats are known for their robust health, excellent meat quality, and high market value. Nadeem Bhai’s expertise in goat farming ensures that each goat receives proper care and attention throughout its life.

The farm boasts spacious enclosures with ample grazing areas where the goats can roam freely. This freedom allows them to lead healthier lives, improving overall well-being. Moreover, at Classic Goat Farm, hygiene is given utmost importance. A favorite among breeders seeking premium meat production, the Classic Goat Farm has helped numerous entrepreneurs establish profitable businesses with healthy livestock.

Bismillah Goat Farm

Located in Assam, Bismillah Goat Farm is known for raising various goat breeds. With its sprawling size and advanced facilities, this farm has become popular among goat enthusiasts. The special feature of this farm is its focus on maintaining the purity of each breed through careful breeding programs.

With a focus on raising high-quality goat breeds, this farm has gained a reputation for excellence in the industry. The farm not only provides goats for meat production but also offers breeding services to other farmers. Bismillah Goat Farm’s strategic location in Assam also plays an important role in its success. Assam’s favorable climate creates ideal conditions for raising healthy goats throughout the year. This ensures that customers receive robust livestock with excellent growth potential.

Siwan Farm

Situated in Bihar, Siwan Farm specializes in raising high-quality goats well-suited for meat and milk production. This farm takes pride in its sustainable farming practices and provides excellent veterinary services to ensure the health and well-being of its goats. This farm focuses on raising high-quality goat breeds to meet the demands of meat production. The prime location of Siwan Farm ensures easy accessibility for both farmers and customers.

One of the special features of Siwan Farm is its commitment to sustainable farming practices. They strive to provide optimum care and nutrition for their goats, ensuring healthy growth and development. The farm also emphasizes maintaining a clean and hygienic environment, which prevents diseases.

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Black Goats

Siwan Farm offers various facilities and services that stand out from other farms. They have well-equipped sheds with proper ventilation systems to ensure the comfort and well-being of their goats. This farm has gained immense popularity for its dedication to raising high-quality goats and providing optimal care.

Top Goat Farms in India: Biggest and Best

Description of the farmLocationBreeds of Goats Raised
JD Goat FarmMumbaiJamunapari Goats, Barbari Goats, Sirohi Goats, Beetal Goats, Osmanabadi Goats
Al-Noor Goat FarmHyderabadSirohi, Boer, Jamunapari, and other breeds
Goatwala FarmMadhya PradeshSirohi, Barbari, Beetal, Sojat, Totapari, and Karoli
Classic Goat FarmMaharashtraBoer, Jamunapari, Beetal
Bismillah Goat FarmAssamJamunapari, Boer, Beetal, Sirohi
Siwan FarmBiharJamunapari, Beetal, Sirohi

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Goat Farm


Goat farming plays a significant role in India’s agriculture industry, contributing to the economy and providing livelihood opportunities for many. The importance of goat farming lies in its multiple benefits and adaptability to different regions. Goats are known for their ability to thrive in diverse climatic conditions, making them suitable for rural and urban areas. They require minimal space compared to other livestock animals, making it feasible even for small-scale farmers with limited resources.


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