From Start to Finish: A Beginners Guide to Starting a Goat Farming in Maharashtra

Goat farming is the practice of raising and breeding goats for meat, milk, wool, or fiber. In Maharashtra, goat farming is becoming increasingly popular due to its low start-up costs and high-profit margins. Goats are relatively easier to care for than other livestock animals and do not require extensive land or resources to thrive. Let’s check out more information on goat farming in Maharashtra below.

Goat Farming in Maharashtra

Goat Farming Benefits in Maharashtra

  • Maharashtra is ideal for goat farming due to its diverse climate, terrain, and vegetation. The abundance of natural resources in Maharashtra provides an excellent opportunity for farmers to raise goats. 
  • Additionally, there is a high demand for goat meat in Maharashtra as it is a popular delicacy among locals.
  • Goat farming requires minimal investment and has low operational costs compared to other livestock businesses.
  • Moreover, the government of Maharashtra offers subsidies and financial assistance under various schemes to encourage farmers to venture into goat rearing.

Different Types of Goat Breeds in Maharashtra

One such breed is the Osmanabad goat, which originated from the state and can be found in various areas, including Ahmedabad, Latur, and Sholapur. Other predominant breeds of goats in Maharashtra include Sangamneri, Kokan Kanyal, and Berari. These goat breeds are known for their hardiness and adaptability to the local climate.

Housing Requirement for Goat Framing in Maharashtra

  • Proper housing is crucial for successful goat farming in Maharashtra. Goats need a comfortable and clean environment to live, grow and reproduce healthily.
  • The first point to consider when building your goat house is the size. It must be spacious for all your goats to move freely without overcrowding. 
  • Good ventilation will help keep the air fresh inside the house, prevent respiratory problems, and reduce bad odors. 
  • Regularly cleaning the house will help prevent diseases and ensure your goats are healthy. 
  • Fencing is essential in securing your goats within their designated living space while preventing predators from attacking them outside.

What is the Goat Farm Scheme in Maharashtra?

The government of Maharashtra has implemented a goat farming scheme to encourage entrepreneurs and farmers to invest in the livestock industry. This initiative aims to provide financial assistance for establishing, expanding, and upgrading goat farms in the state. Under this scheme, borrowers receive 25-35% of money spent on purchasing goats as a subsidy.

People belonging to SC/ST community and BPL category can get a subsidy of up to 33%, while others belonging to OBCs are liable for a 25% subsidy with a maximum amount of Rs. 2.5 lakh. This program helps them learn about different aspects of goat farming, such as breeding, feeding, housing, and health management.

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Goats Eat Hay

Moreover, this scheme has created employment opportunities, especially for rural areas where most people rely on agriculture as their main source of income. The implementation of goat farming schemes in Maharashtra has been beneficial not only for farmers but also for other stakeholders involved in the livestock industry.

Requirements to Start Goat Farming in Maharashtra

  • Land availability is crucial as goats need ample space to graze and roam around. A minimum of half an acre per ten goats is necessary for grazing.
  • Proper housing arrangements should be made with adequate ventilation and lighting. The housing should also have a separate area for feeding and milking.
  • Investing in high-quality feed is necessary for the health of your goats. Nutritious fodder like green grass, legumes, or hay must be provided regularly, along with supplements containing minerals and vitamins.
  • Veterinary care plays a significant role in ensuring healthy livestock on your farm. An experienced veterinarian should be consulted immediately if any health issues arise.
  • Water availability at all times is critical, as dehydration can lead to various illnesses among goats. Adequate water supply must be ensured throughout the day.
  • Purchase good quality goats from reliable sources ensuring they are free from diseases or infections. And last but not least, hire skilled laborers who will help manage your farm effectively while keeping hygiene standards in check.

Feeding Tips for Goat Farming in Maharashtra

  • Feeding is a crucial aspect of goat farming in Maharashtra. The type and quality of feed the goats provide determine their productivity and health. 
  • Goats can graze on natural pasturelands or feed with hay during dry seasons when little or no grass is available for grazing. Farmers must ensure that the pasturelands do not contain toxic plants that can harm goats.
  • Additionally, farmers should provide clean water for their goats at all times. Water helps regulate body temperature and aids digestion; therefore, keeping it readily available throughout the day is essential.
  • To maintain optimal health conditions for your herd, consult veterinarians regarding any dietary requirements specific to your herd’s breed or age group.

Steps to Start Goat Farming in Maharashtra

  1. Research: Before starting goat farming, it’s important to do thorough research. Conduct market analysis and study the demand for different types of goats in Maharashtra.
  2. Choose Your Goat Breed: Osmanabad, Kokan Kanyal, Sangamneri, and Berari are some of the popular breeds in Maharashtra that you can choose from, depending on your target market.
  3. Purchase Good Quality Goats: Ensure you purchase healthy animals without visible signs of illness or distress.
  4. Set Up Housing Facilities: Provide adequate housing facilities for your goats that offer protection from extreme weather conditions and predators.
  5. Feeding Tips: Proper nutrition is key to keeping the goats healthy and productive; ensure they can access clean water and nutritious feed options such as hay or grains.
  6. Get Necessary Permits & Licenses: Obtain necessary permits and licenses required by local authorities before embarking on commercial goat farming activities.

Goat Farming Challenges in Maharashtra

  • One major problem goat farmers face is a lack of knowledge in the field. Many farmers are not aware of proper breeding techniques, feeding habits, and disease management.
  • Another challenge goat farmers face in Maharashtra is the scarcity of good quality food and fodder, especially during the dry season. This leads to malnutrition among the goats, which can lead to health problems.
  • Diseases such as foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) and Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) pose another challenge for goat farming in Maharashtra. Farmers must take preventative measures such as vaccination and regular check-ups to ensure the health and well-being of their animals.

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Boer Goats


In Maharashtra, goat farming has gained popularity due to its low initial investment cost and high profitability. Goats require less space and investment than farm animals like cows or buffaloes. They can be easily raised on small farms and even in backyards, making them an ideal choice for people living in urban areas. They are hardy animals that can withstand extreme weather conditions.


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