Getting Started with Goat Farming in Kerala: A Beginner’s Guide

It is the process of raising goats for their meat, milk, and other products. It is an agricultural activity that has been around for centuries and has gained popularity recently due to its profitability.

Goat Farming in Kerala

Goat Farming Benefits in Kerala

  • Goat farming in Kerala has become a popular business venture. Kerala is a state blessed with a tropical climate and abundant natural resources. With its vast stretches of grasslands, forests, and water bodies, Kerala offers an ideal environment for goat farming. 
  • The demand for goat meat in Kerala is very high compared to other states in India. Thus, this makes it an attractive business opportunity for domestic and commercial farmers.
  • In addition to the favorable climatic conditions and high market demand, goat farming in Kerala has several advantages over other livestock businesses. Goats are hardy animals that require minimal care and maintenance compared to cows or buffaloes.
  • Moreover, goats feed on various grasses, shrubs, and leaves, unlike cattle, which mainly depend on grazing pastures alone.
  • Goats are easy to maintain and require less space compared to other livestock. Even with limited land resources, one can start goat farming as a profitable business. Goats have high reproductive rates, which makes them ideal for commercial breeding.

Different Types of Goat Breeds Available in Kerala

  • Kerala’s climate and environment are conducive to goat farming, making it profitable. The Malabari breed is known for its adaptability to hot and humid climates. They produce high-quality meat and milk, making them suitable for domestic and commercial purposes.
  • Jamunapari goats thrive well in the southern states due to their tolerance towards heat. They are ideal for dairy products because of the high yield of milk they provide.
  • Osmanabadi goats are hardy animals that can survive harsh climatic conditions like droughts. They have excellent immunity against diseases, which makes them easy to maintain with minimal veterinary care.
  • Boer goats are becoming increasingly popular among farmers across India due to their rapid growth rate and high weight gain potential. This breed has an excellent feed conversion ratio, allowing farmers maximum profit margins.
  • Saanen breed produces one of the highest quantities of milk compared to other breeds, making them ideal for dairy farming.

Factors to Consider Before Getting Started in Goat Farming in Kerala

  • Assessing your financial capability is important as goat farming requires significant investment to purchase high-quality breeds, construct a suitable housing facility, and provide proper nutrition.
  • Another factor to remember is land, water supply, veterinary services, and labor availability. It’s essential to have enough grazing land for goats that provides adequate shelter from natural elements like rain and sunshine.
  • Moreover, it’s vital to research extensively about different goat breeds that best suit your purpose – dairy or meat production. 
  • In addition to purchasing high-quality breeds, proper feeding and care are essential to successful goat farming. Goats require a balanced diet of hay, grains, and freshwater daily. It’s also important to provide adequate housing that protects them from harsh weather conditions and predators.
  • Marketing is another crucial aspect when starting a goat farming business. You’ll want to establish relationships with local wholesalers or retailers who will buy your products at competitive prices.

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Feeding a Small Herd of Goats

Housing and Feeding Management for Goat Farming in Kerala

Housing plays a crucial role, as it provides shelter from extreme weather conditions while providing enough space for them to move around freely. The shelter should be spacious enough to accommodate the goats comfortably while providing adequate ventilation and protection from harsh weather conditions.

A good goat house should protect your herd from extreme weather conditions. It should also provide enough space for the goats to move around freely. Every farmer should maintain proper feeding habits and regular health check-ups to ensure goats’ healthy growth. Providing goats with a well-balanced diet that meets their nutritional needs for optimal growth and health is essential.

Goats require a diet that contains roughage, such as hay or pasture grass, along with grains or pellets to supplement their nutrition. You should always ensure access to clean water, especially during hot weather conditions. In addition to proper feeding practices, it’s also important to maintain good hygiene standards in your goat farm. Regular cleaning of the housing area can prevent the spread of diseases among the animals.

Is Goat Farming Profitable in Kerala?

Goat farming in Kerala can be profitable for those willing to invest time and effort. One of the main reasons goat farming is so lucrative in Kerala is the high demand for goat meat. Kerala has a rich tradition of utilizing goat meat as a primary source of protein, which has only increased with time. Moreover, commercial goat farming offers excellent opportunities for young entrepreneurs looking to start their businesses.

Key Rules to Start Goat Farming in Kerala

  • Conduct thorough research on the different breeds of goats suitable for Kerala’s climate and terrain. Make sure to choose high-quality breeds that have good immunity against diseases.
  • Plan your business budget based on the number of goats you want to start with. You must factor in expenses such as buying land or renting space, building housing structures for the goats, purchasing feed and equipment, and hiring labor if needed.
  • Ensure you have obtained the necessary licenses and permits from local authorities before setting up your farm. This includes registering your business with relevant government bodies.
  • Invest in proper feeding practices for your goats by providing them with fresh water daily and nutritious food like hay or grasses supplemented with grains or protein sources like soybean meal.
  • Ensure you understand basic management techniques such as regular health checks for the animals’ well-being and ensuring proper sanitation practices are maintained within the living areas.

Goat Farming Challenges in Kerala

  • One of the primary issues is disease control, as goats are susceptible to various health problems. It’s crucial to have a good veterinary doctor who can provide proper guidance on vaccinations and treatments.
  • Another challenge is ensuring adequate space for housing, feed storage, and grazing areas. Finding suitable land for such purposes can be challenging in densely populated Kerala.
  • Dealing with market fluctuations and competition from other goat farmers can also challenge this business venture. However, as long as you can access reliable information about market trends and demand patterns coupled with good management practices.

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Goat Herd


Goats are known for their adaptability to various climates and terrains, making them a suitable livestock option across different regions. Goats require basic care such as feeding, housing, and vaccination against diseases. Proper management practices should be put in place at all times to ensure optimal productivity for the animals.


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