Indian Goat Breeds: A Comprehensive Information Guide

Goats are one of the most versatile animals on the farm. Goat farming in India is a booming industry gaining popularity among farmers. These adorable and surprisingly low-maintenance animals have been kept as livestock for thousands of years, providing milk, meat, and fiber. 

Indian Goat Breeds

Indian Goat Breeds

Osmanabadi Goat Breed

The Osmanabadi Goat Breed is a popular Indian breed known for its hardiness and adaptability to harsh climates. Originally from Maharashtra, these goats are commonly found in central India and used for milk and meat production. Osmanabadi Goats are considered low-maintenance animals as they can thrive on minimal care. 

Sirohi Goat Breed

The Sirohi Goat Breed is a popular breed found in the western parts of India. These goats are known for their hardiness and adaptability to different climatic conditions, making them an ideal choice for goat farmers. Sirohi goats come in shades of brown with white spots on their body. They also have distinctive black stripes on their face and legs. This particular breed is highly valued for its meat and milk production.

Black Bengal Goat Breed

Black Bengal Goat is a breed that originated in the eastern part of India. It is highly valued for its meat and milk production and adaptability to various climates. The breed has a glossy black coat with short hair, and both males and females have curved horns. The Black Bengal Goat Breed is an excellent option for farmers who want a low-maintenance animal that can provide multiple benefits, including meat, milk, and increased revenue through breeding options.

Jamunapari Goat Breed

Jamunapari goat breed is a large breed of goat that originated in India. It is also known as the Etawah Goat and was first bred in Etawah, Uttar Pradesh. Since ancient times, the breed has been used for milk production and is considered one of the best breeds for producing high-quality milk. This breed requires proper care and attention regarding feeding because they need specific nutrition requirements. The Jamunapari goat breed can be an excellent addition to any farm due to its versatility in providing quality milk and meat products while being relatively easy to handle if given proper care.

Barbari Goat

Barbari goat is known for its hardiness and adaptability to different climatic conditions. This goat breed can be found in various parts of India, including Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, and Rajasthan. Barbari goats are an excellent choice for farmers who want to raise low-maintenance animals that produce high-quality meat and have a friendly disposition.

Beetal Goat

The Beetal goat is one of the most popular goat breeds in India. Originally from Punjab, this breed is now widely distributed throughout the country. They are known for their high milk yield and excellent meat quality. The Beetal goats are medium to large-sized with sleek body and short hair. Their coat color varies from red to brown, with white spots on their neck and face. These goats have long ears that hang downwards, which gives them an adorable look.

Indian Goats

Changthangi Goat

The Changthangi goat is a breed that originates from the cold and arid regions of Ladakh, located in the northernmost part of India. Due to their adaptability to harsh weather conditions, these goats can survive amidst freezing temperatures. 

Chegu Goat

Chegu goat is an indigenous breed of India that is found in the hilly regions of Jammu and Kashmir. Its long ears, curved horns, and short hair coat identify this goat breed.  The Chegu goats have a sturdy build and are well adapted to harsh mountain environments. They are primarily raised for meat production but can also be used for milk production. These hardy animals require minimal care and can survive on low-quality feed.

Kodi Adu Goat

Kodi Adu goat, also known as Tellicherry or Malabari breed, is a dual-purpose breed that originated from Kerala. This breed is well adapted to the tropical climate and is highly resistant to diseases. The Kodi Adu goat has a unique appearance as they have large ears and curved horns. They are medium-sized goats with brownish-black coats, making them stand out from other breeds. These goats are not only used for meat production but also for milk production.

Surti Goat

The Surti goat is an indigenous breed of India that has been derived from the Surti buffalo. The origin of this breed is the coastal region of Gujarat, where it was initially raised for milk and meat purposes. One unique feature of the Surti goat is its hardiness and adaptability to different climatic conditions. These goats are known for their ability to withstand high temperatures, making them ideal for farming in hot and humid regions.

Kutchi Goat

The Kutchi goat breed is native to the district of Kutch in Gujarat, India. These medium-sized goats come in various colors, including white, black, and brown. They have short ears that point upwards and curved horns. Kutchi goats are known for their adaptability to harsh climates and can survive on low-quality food sources. This makes them ideal for farmers in arid regions with limited resources. 

Mehsana Goat

Mehsana goat is a breed of goats that originated in the Mehsana district of Gujarat, India. They have been traditionally bred for their milk and meat production and are one of the most popular breeds among farmers. These goats are medium-sized, with a white or cream-colored coats. Mehsana goats are highly adaptable and well-suited for hot climates. Due to their high milk yield potential, these goats are known to produce nutritious milk, which has great demand in local markets and other parts of the country.

Malabari Goat

Malabari goats are one of the popular breeds in India, known for their adaptability to different climates. These goats have a unique appearance with long and drooping ears, curved horns, and a compact body structure. The Malabari goat breed is primarily found in the Kerala region of India and has become an essential part of the local economy. Their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions makes them ideal for rearing in tropical and subtropical regions. 

Jakharana Goat

In India, goat farming has been integral to the rural economy for centuries. The country’s diverse climate and topography have allowed for development of a wide range of goat breeds that thrive in different regions. Farmers can enjoy high-quality meat and milk products by caring for these animals properly while contributing to their local economies.

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Goat farming is an important aspect of agriculture in India. With a diverse range of goat breeds available, farmers can choose the breed that suits their needs and preferences. Owning goats provides a source of income through selling their milk or meat products. This is especially beneficial for rural communities where farming is the primary source of income. 


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