Meat Goat Farming Business Information

Meat Goat Farming Business.
Meat Goat Farming Business.

Meat Goat Farming Business:

Introduction to Meat Goat Farming Business:- Goat farming is one of the best profitable businesses if there is a proper goat farming business plan in place. Most of the young generation is showing interest in goat farming. Stall fed goat farming which includes semi-intensive and intensive methods gaining popularity among the people as it has more control on running the goat business. As we know open grazing lands are decreasing every year, this also made people adopt stall fed goat farming. Commercial meat goat farming business is the best bet when compared to raising goats for dairy and skin. Goat meat (Chevon) has excellent demand both in local and export markets. It does not require marketing skills as people can buy at your farm gate itself. However, Instead of approaching middle man, it is better to deal directly with consumers/other business to get more profit. It may require little research to find out the best price of your goats. You can make additional income by selling goat manure or you can use this manure to grow green fodder crops such as maize, sorghum,  and other hybrid goat feed grasses. This can drastically reduce goat feed cost and directly reflect in final profits. There are certain things you should be aware of before starting a meat goat farming business. Let us discuss about the main stages of meat goat farming business as part of this article.

Advantages and Benefits of Meat Goat Farming Business:- The following are main benefits and advantages of meat goat farming business.

Goats Browsing on Open Fields.
Goats Browsing on Open Fields.
  • It requires low investment and commercial goat farmers can avail government subsidies and loans.
  • Setting up a goat farm is easy when compared to dairy and chicken farm
  • Easy to manage the farm, even women can work in the farm
  • Even you can start with minimal numbers and can gradually increase numbers as you get more experience
  • Easy to market, there is no need of worrying about selling your goats
  • Can make additional income by selling goat manure your farm
  • Can use the goat manure in growing green fodder crops as part of goat feed management practices
  • Can run the goat batches and sell them off at the time festivals to get more profits
  • Meat goat breeds can gain good weight in short period of time under ideal feed conditions
  • Care required in meat goat farming business is less when compared to other livestock farming such as dairy and poultry
  • As we all know goats are hardy animals and they can survive in most of the climatic conditions. They also have excellent resistance power for the diseases when compared to other livestock. You can expect low mortality rate of meat goats.
  • Maintenance and care of meat goats is less when compared to dairy goats

How to Start Meat Goat Farming Business:- First and foremost, you must gain some knowledge on basics of goat farming. For this, you can watch any YouTube vide or read goat farming articles and visit nearest commercial goat breeding farms. This can give you a complete picture of setting up goat farm, problems in goat farming and right and suitable breeds for meat goats. You must prepare a goat farming business plan which contains detailed project report of goats in your farm. As a beginner, you should not venture into large scale commercial meat goat farming business. Start with 5 to 10 goats and gain the experience and slowly producing goats in your own farm. Remember, goats born in your farm are more resistant to any diseases and yield more when compared to other goats brought from other breeding stations.

Selection and Buying Goat Breeds in Meat Goat Farming Business:- Meat goat selection is very important for your farm. You need to concentrate on breeds which gains maximum weight in short period of time. Some goat breeds are d in both meat and milk. There are international breeds and domestic breeds available for meat goat farming business. Boer goat occupies the number one place in high body growth rate, superior body shape and fertility. If you are planning for meat goat farming only, consider mixed breed female goats (does) and a full breed  male goat (buck). You can have crossed meat breeds like Boers with dairy goat breeds like Nubians goats to improve certain qualities in their herd.

The other factor of selection of breed is to find the suitability for your region. For stall-fed intensive farming, Boer goats are excellent for meat production. Buy these meat goat breeds only from certified and reputable breeders for production of healthy and quality meat.

Examine your goat and look for these.

  • The selected goats should have a solid walk with no limp
  • The selected goat hooves should be healthy and not smell bad (this may be due some disease)
  • Selected goat eyes should be alert, bright, and clear. When you try to gently pull down her lower eyelid, make sure it looks pink or red
  • Selected goat coat should be healthy and smooth ( not rough or dull)
  • Selected goats should have teeth sound with a solid bite. In case of mature female goats, make sure the udder is smooth and well-formed
  • Avoid the goats with big knees, rough coat, thin body, and limp or unusual gait
  • Once you have selected the breed for your farm, transport the animals with proper care
  • After getting the goats to your farm, make sure to keep them separate from the existing goats at least for a month in your shed to ensure that they aren’t going to bring any parasites or diseases into your farm
  • Get the all required vaccination done on arrival of new goats into your farm
  • Avoid old and unhealthy goats.

Meat Goat Breeds in India:- The following are meat goat breeds in India.

  • Boer
  • Beetal
  • Kashmiri
  • Matout
  • Angora
  • Chegu
  • Black Bengal
  • Kiko

Shed Construction for Meat Goat Farming Business:- To provide the night shelter or stall-fed environment, you must consider building goat house. This is also required to protect the animals from predators and extreme climates (hot and cold). This goat barn can be built based on number of goats and your budget. Fencing around the goat house is also useful in preventing goats jumping from your farm to other fields. you can make small divisions within your shed for separating goat kids and sick animals. Build a feed room as part of the shed so that access to the feed would be easy. you can build  permanent cement feeders or can buy movable rack/plastic feeders and drinkers. The goat house should have good ventilation and air flow. Meat goats require dry and clean floor. Clean the floor regularly and collect the goat manure and place it little far from the shed. Provide clean and fresh water daily in your farm.

Goat Care in Meat Goat Farming Business:- Caring your goats is utmost priority in your farm. Routine checks with your veterinary doctor is essential. Pregnant goats and goat kids need more care and attention. Increase the feed as in the final months of pregnancy. Newly born goat kids should have access to mothers milk at least for 3 months. Vaccinate goats regularly for common diseases. You need to closely observe the goats daily for any abnormal behavior. Any sick goats should be isolated and treated separately.

Goat Kids Drinking Fresh and Clean Water.

Feed Considerations and Management in Meat Goat Farming Business:- Feed ration and regular feed management is essential to become successful in meat goat farming. Usually, meat goats are raised on forage, shrubs, grasses, and small trees. However, they need more supplemental food and mineral for weight gain. In intensive goat farming, you should follow the feed management chart for feeding your goats. Never make the  goats to eat and drink leftovers from other goats feeders and drinkers. Maintain the hygiene of feeders and drinkers in goat house.

The following feeding equipment you may need in your farm.

  • Feed storage containers
  • Food /feed buckets
  • Water buckets
  • Hay manger
  • Mineral feeder

Hay, Chaffhaye (grass or alfalfa cuttings), green pastures, small trees, silage (made from green fodders), minerals, grains (maize, sorghum etc..) are main parts of goat feed.  To make life easy and simple, make a feed chart and supply the feed according to it.

Marketing of Goat Meat :- Finding a buyer, preferably a distributor or middle agent, for your goat meat is key to your success in this line of business. Most of the time, your goats are sold at your farm gate. However, find out the prices in other places and make a proper marketing channel. You can make goat batches where some goats come in and some go out. This cycle is best practices to get more profits. You can prepare a marketing or goat farm business plan in such a way that goats will be sold at the time main festivals in India.

Bottom Line of Meat Goat Farming Business:- One of the best profitable business.

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