Goat Farming in Kerala For Beginners

Goat Farming in Kerala.
Goat Farming in Kerala.

Goat Farming in Kerala:

Introduction to Goat Farming in Kerala:- Among various livestock businesses, goat farming business is one of the important enterprises, which supports the rural employment and steady income for individuals. Commercial goat farming in Kerala is a profitable business, especially among the youth. Goat meat demand in Kerala is very high when compared to other states. With a perfect goat farming business plan and market study, you can obtain excellent profits in goat farming business. As we all know Kerala is one of the wonderful states in India with lots of nature and fertile lands, farmers can grow a wide variety of green fodder crops which are basic input to goat farming business. Goat farming in Kerala can be applied to Goat Farming in Trivandrum, Goat Farming in Kochi, Goat Farming in Kozhikode, Goat Farming in Kollam, Goat Farming in Thrissur, Goat Farming in Kannur, Goat Farming in Alappuzha, Goat Farming in Kollam, Goat Farming in Ernakulam,  Goat Farming in Idukki, Goat Farming in Kannur, Goat Farming in Kasaragod, Goat Farming in Kottayam,  Goat Farming in Kozhikode,  Goat Farming in Malappuram, Goat arming in Palakkad, Goat Farming in Pathanamthitta, Goat Farming in Thiruvananthapuram, Goat Farming in Thrissur, Goat Farming in Wayanad.

Why Should We Go for Goat Farming in Kerala:- There are many advantages of starting a goat farming in Kerala.

  • First and Foremost, It is very easy to set up a farm for goat raising when compared to other livestock farms such as poultry, dairy etc.. The best part of goat farming is even women, children and old people can manage the goat farm.
  • You can start a goat farm with low investment and gradually can increase the farm size as you gain the experience in goat farming business. It does not require much capital to start whereas you have to spend a good amount of money in poultry and dairy business.
  • If you are planning for a dairy goat farming, goat milk is very nutritious when compared to cow milk. If you find the proper marketing channel for goat milk, you earn good benefits in dairy goat farming in Kerala. Goat milk is used in many ayurvedic medicines as well. Goat milk has easily digestible property, hence goat milk is chosen over the cow milk.
  • If you are planning for a meat goat farming in Kerala, goat meat has always excellent demand in the local market. You can sell live goats at your farm gate or middle agents or directly to hotels. Goat farming does not require many efforts in marketing especially when goats are raised for meat purpose.
  • Apart from making money with goat meat and milk, one can get decent profits in selling goat manure and skin as well. You can utilize manure for growing crops as well. This can drastically reduce fodder cost.
  • Kerala is an excellent place to set up a goat farm, as the state is completely occupied by trees and green fodder.
  • As we all know goats can adapt to any climatic conditions and are hardy with an excellent disease resistance properties. Because of this fact, they have less mortality rate when compared to other livestock such as chicken.
  • Goats are social animals can be raised with other livestock without any problem.
  • Goats are fit for both open grazing and stall-fed farming/intensive goat farming.
  • Intensive Goat Farming is another advantage of this model. In this, you can get excellent profits with proper farm management skills.
  • A goat can give a birth to multiple kids, hence, in no matter of time, farm animals can be multiplied.
  • Lots of people buy baby goats, so if you start goat breeding in Kerala, you can make good returns in this business.

How To Start a Goat Farming in Kerala:- Well, you should have basic knowledge about goats. This requires learning goat basics to be successful and to ensure profitable goat farming business. How do you learn about goat farming? It’s easy, read about the goat business on multiple websites, watch YouTube videos, and the best advice is to visit local goat farms. you can also inquire about animal husbandry in Kerala. Talk to goat farmers and find out issues/problems in particular goat breed farming business. After gathering all the information,  prepare an estimate along with goat farming business plan based on the factors such as breed, number of goats, and type of goat business.( meat goat or dairy goat). There is no minimum to start with, we advise you to start with minimal and increase as you go.

How To Start a Goat Farm.
How To Start a Goat Farm.

Commercial goat farming in Kerala requires good goat housing (shed), feed and health care. Make sure to construct a shed with good fencing to prevent external troubles.  When you build the shed, make sure the shed is exposed to good sunlight and ventilation (air flow). In commercial goat farming, feed cost is a major factor to be considered. If you manage feed for your goats in the farm, you are almost there to pocket the profits. You can buy feed or grow green fodder crops or trees. If you have at least 1-acre land to grow hybrid perennial grass, you can fulfill the feed requirement for 50 to 75 goats. High yielding hybrid fodder and legume crops along with trees like Subabul can be grown. You can utilize manure produced in your goat farm to grow these fodders.

You can get a goat farming training in Kerala for better management of your farm.

Selection of Goat Breeds for Goat Farming in Kerala:- Selection of best breeds is one of the success factors in any goat farming business. Selection of multi kidding along with high milk yielding goats is very important in commercial goat farming business. Have your veterinary doctor with you while you select the breed. Disease-free, healthy goats need to be selected for your farm. Don’t select very young or very old goats. You should select at least 6 months old goats for your farm. You may have a question about what kind of goats are suitable for goat farming in Kerala.

Goat Breeds Suitable for Kerala Environment:

  • Jamunapari.
  • Malabari .
  • Osmanabadi.
  • Boer.
  • Saanen.

Goat Shed Construction in Goat Farming in Kerala:- Commercial goat farming business needs a secured shed in safe location. You must ensure certain things while constructing a goat house in Kerala.

  • Goathouse should be built based on the number of animals in your farm. Consider building a well ventilated with good aeration. Build necessary feeders (with cement) or buy plastic/rake feeders. Especially in case of stall-fed farming, the goat waste should be drained out from the shed. You can make this to flow into your field. There is no need of going for an expensive shed. Once you taste the profits and get an idea of goat management, you can build goat shed and other infrastructure on a big scale.
  • Goathouse should be built on elevated area to avoid any waterlogging.
  • For easy maintenance, you can build a shed floor with brick-wood-cement or mud. You can have paddy husk covered on the floor to extract the goat wastage.
  • Disinfect the floor frequently and make sure it is always dry.
  • Maintain good moveable space in the farm especially in case of stall-fed goat farming or intensive goat farming.
  • You may need to provide cooling system in hot dry summer and heating systems in extremely cold winters
  • Goat shed should be secured enough from entering any predators. It is always recommended to provide strong fencing around the goat house. This can also ensure that goats will not jump from your farm.
  • Except in breeding time, keep male goats and female goats separately all the time.
  • Your goat house should have attached feed room for easy access.
  • Keep a refrigerator for storing any medicine or vaccinations needed.
  • Freshwater should be available round the clock.

Goat Care Management in for Goat Farming in Kerala:- Goat care is the primary task of any farmer. You must ensure timely vaccinations and de-worming of the flock in your farm. Spend a good amount of time and along with care especially with pregnant goats and newly born goat kids. Daily monitoring of goats is needed to find out any abnormality in the farm. If you find the goat is not in healthy conditions or sick or not taking any feed, you must isolate the goat from the flock and get the veterinary attention. Never mix the newly bought goat kids in the existing farm. You must also ensure all the newly bought goats are vaccinated before entering into your farm.

Pregnant Goat Grazing.
Pregnant Goat Grazing.

Feed Management for Goat Farming in Kerala:- For quick growth and goat fattening, your farm animals require a good nutritious food along with regular grazing. The daily feed of goats should include Corn/Maize, Sugarcane waste, Wheat, Nut Cakes, Sorghum, and Broken Rice, Dry Hay, Grains, Subabul trees, and any type of green grasses. To escape from dry periods, commercial goat farming needs a preparation of silage from homegrown green fodders. Goats require supplemental mineral feed along with regular feed for better growth. You can get vitamin and mineral/salt blocks in the market. These can be kept in the shed.

  • Suitable Crops for Goat Farming in Kerala:- The following fodder crops should be grown for commercial goat farming in Kerala. The amount of land required for green fodder depends on the number of goats in your shed. Generally, 75 to 100 goats require a cultivation land of 1 acre for perennial hybrid grass cultivation.

The best fodder, legume and tree crops for Goat Farming in Kerala are:

  • Cowpea / Lobia.
  • Desmanthus.
  • Lucerne.
  • Stylo.
  • Maize.
  • Sorghum.
  • Hybrid Napier.
  • Guinea Grass.
  • Para Grass.
  • Blue Buffel Grass.
  • Subabul.
  • Glyricidia.
  • Sesbania – Agathi.

Breeding Goat Care in for Goat Farming in Kerala:- There are two options for you if you want to start a goat breeding business. You can go for natural breeding or an artificial insemination process. Most of the commercial goat farmers prefer artificial insemination as this process can improve the genetics and production of goats. Never keep the male goats more than needed in breeding. You can maintain a male and female ratio of 1:25 (1 male goat for 25 females). You should understand that breeding goats require more feeding inputs. You should Increase their feed intake at the time of breeding. Newly born kids require a special attention and care. In case of dairy goat farming, sell male goats after 4 to 5 months of age and keep all female goat kids for next batch.

Newly Born Goat Kid.
Newly Born Goat Kid.

Vaccination and Health Care in for Goat Farming in Kerala:- You must prepare a vaccination schedule for all the animals in the farm. Follow up with your veterinary doctor for required medication. De-worming should be done once 2 to 3 months along with providing regular vaccinations. Any disease outbreaks should be taken care immediately to prevent any death rate.    

Loans and Subsidies for Goat Farming in Kerala:- Loans and subsidies are available for setting up a goat farm in Kerala. Contact Kerala animal husbandry or NARBAD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development) for more information regarding this.

Marketing in for Goat Farming in Kerala:- Marketing is very easy in goat farming business due to heavy demand. However, in case of dairy goat farming, you should have a proper marketing plan before starting a commercial dairy goat farming. To get more profits, sell your goats directly to goat buyers rather than selling to middle agents. Most of the time, you can sell your goats at your farm gate itself.

Bottom Line of Goat Farming in Kerala:- Goat breed selection, Location, Feed management, and other goat farming business practices are the main factors influences your success rate.

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