Goat Farming in Rajasthan Information

Boer Buck (Source Wikimedia Commons).
Boer Buck (Source Wikimedia Commons).

Goat Farming in Rajasthan:

Introduction to Goat Farming in Rajasthan

Goat is popularly called poor man’s cow. But, so many men and women are demonstrating an interest in raising goats in Rajasthan since goat meat has an excellent need. Aside from this, people of neighboring regions of Rajasthan also make lots goat trade. Goats can be raised for different purposes like meat, milk, and skin. Rajasthan has good goat coaching facilities for novice people. In rural areas of Rajasthan, goats are largely increased in open grazing system where there is lots of fodder available. But most commercial goat raising in Rajasthan is performed from the intensive, semi-intensive or stall-fed environment. Rajasthan topography and climate is very well suited for goat farming business. Profits in goat farming are infinite under ideal goat farming business practices. However, there are many risks associated with goat farming just as with any other livestock business enterprise. If you’re a beginner and new to goat farming business in Rajasthan, you need to learn fundamentals of goat farming and their management. For this, there are lots of goat breeding and training centers in the state of Rajasthan where it is possible to find some kind of goat business information. Never start goat farming with high amounts, start with a minimum number of 5 or 6 initially and gradually increase the number of goats in the farm as you get more experience and confidence. The price of goat meat is being increased due to growing consumption every year, therefore it is far better to establish a direct contact with consumers to earn more money rather selling to middle agents. The following information is also employed for Goat Farming in Kota, Goat Farming in Jaipur, Goat Farming in Bikaner, Goat Farming in Jodhpur, Goat Farming in Jaisalmer, Goat Farming in Sirohi, Goat Farming in Udaipur, Goat Farming in Ajmer, Goat Farming in Bhilwara, Goat Farming in Alwar, Goat Farming in Raipur, Goat Farming in Baori, Goat Farming in Kuchaman City, Goat Farming in Fatehpur, and Goat Farming in Bharatpur. Prepare a proper goat business plan in Rajasthan before setting up a farm.

Goat Farming in Rajasthan (Source Wikimedia Commons).
Goat Farming in Rajasthan (Source Wikimedia Commons).

Goat Farming Advantages and Benefits in Rajasthan:

  • Goat farming has now become a key part of Rajasthan rural development programme.
  • One may benefit from goat manure since it’s a superb source of N:P:K. You are able to use this manure for growing fodder crops and farming plants. You can market goat manure for good profits too.
  • Goat meat has an exceptional requirement in Rajasthan.
  • You can start goat farming in Rajasthan using a low cost and you always have the option to grow the flock size as you get experience.
  • Multiplication of goats is easy when compared with cattle.
  • Goat Meat has low saturated fat than pork, poultry, and beef, low in cholesterol, but high in protein.
  • Goats are hardy in nature and have fewer business risks when compared to poultry, fish, and dairy.
  • Goats Are multipurpose creatures and used in milk, meat, skin and fiber manufacturing. Management of goats is simple as women can also take good care of goat farm. You don’t have to invest for different labors like in poultry and milk.
  • Goat training is very easy and you can handle increasing goats along with other livestock.
  • In open grazing system, goats can reduce garbage by eating food bits.
  • Goats can easily be adapted to many sections of climatic states of Rajasthan.
  • The mortality rate is less in goat farming, as goats are hardy and disease resistant animals. You may expect fewer ailments and fewer losses in goat farming industry when compared to chicken farming.
  • Goats can be raised as pets and show goats.
  • Space and fodder requirement in goat farming significantly less than the dairy farm business. Goats can feed on a wide selection of forage crops.
  • You can earn money by promoting goat milk, and goatskin along with the meat.
  • In agriculture plants, weeds are the main problem, goats may clear these weed trees and grasses.
  • In Rajasthan, there are many goat coaching facilities and breeding centers for fast learning.
  • Rural regions of Rajasthan now largely depending on goat farming since it brings good profits in short time and as cultivated land is diminishing.
  • Goat farming in the state of Rajasthan defiantly solving the unemployment problem in rural areas.
  • The government of Rajasthan is promoting goat farming company by providing subsidies and loans.
  • The biggest advantage of goat farming in Rajasthan is that goat doesn’t require any marketing if you are merely selling them for meat or using goat breeding facility. People can go to your farm and purchase right at your own farm gate.
  • The state of Rajasthan is your best place for goat farming because there are many barren, uncultivated lands.

Commercial Goat Farming in Rajasthan: Most of the commercial goat farmers in Rajasthan is opting for stall-fed farming for better production and controlled environment. This system also provides the easy management of goats. To raise goats the production inputs required are.

  • Fixed Set Up: The fixed set up cost includes land, goat house, storage Items, coolers in summer, water heaters, fodder growing, feeders, drinking material, electrical equipment, refrigerator for storing medicine and milk, waste management, fodder cutting machine, storage room for feed, and required milking equipment for dairy goat farming.
  • Buying Goats: This includes onetime investment for your goat farm in case you plan for goat breeding program. Apart from this, you should hire some seasonal labor for forage and feed preparation. You can also prepare silage by using green fodder crops. This silage requires pits digging cost along with some nutrients.

Breeds Suitable for Goat Farming in Rajasthan:

Goats are naturally can able to adapt to most of the regions in Rajasthan state. There are many local breeds raised in rural areas for livelihood. adapts many goat breeds. The main goat breed of Rajasthan is Sirohi.

The following goat breeds are suitable for Rajasthan climatic conditions.

Boer Buck (Source Wikimedia Commons).
Boer Buck (Source Wikimedia Commons).
  1. Sirohi goat.
  2. Boer goat.
  3. Saanen.
  4. Beetal.
  5. Totapari goat.
  6. Sojat.
  7. Barbari.
  8. Jakhrana.
  9. Damascus goat.
  10. White Irish goat.
  11. Toggenburg goat.

Commercial goat farming requires a good selection of male goats and high production female goats. Never compromise on quality and price when you buy for breeding.   Contact Rajasthan animal husbandry for better breed information in the area where your farming is being set up.

Location Selection for Goat Farming in Rajasthan:

The Place of commercial goat raising in Rajasthan Plays a substantial role in the success rate of goat farming business. You need to choose a spot in this way that, it ought to have great road and transport facility and ought to be closer to urban areas. This may enable you to advertise your goats very readily. The location ought to be free of all flood and predators. Stay away from any forest regions and remote places. Ensure veterinary centers are near the area of a goat farm.

Do the Proper fencing of the property together with the edge of the goat house. However, brick and cemented border would provide more Safety.

Goat Buying Tips for Goat Farming in Rajasthan:

Some points to consider before buying goats in Rajasthan.

  • Number of Goats: As we all know the goats are social animals and cannot survive as singles. You must ensure to have at least 3 to 4 goats on the farm.
  • Age Matters: Buy young and healthy goats for better production. Avoid sick and old goats. Your veterinary doctor can examine the goat tell you. It is advised to buy goats age of 6 months. You may expect profits after 2 to 3 years of goat buying.

Care in Commercial Goat Farming:

You ought to keep the whole farm tidy and healthy to avert any ailment spread. Sick goats should be isolated until they have treated. Goat farmers should pick a closest veterinary doctor who will visit your farm on the frequent basis. It effortless to find an unhealthy goat. If the goat is carrying any feed and looks dull, you should see a veterinary doctor. Any other common diarrheal problems should be treated after they’re spotted. Keep track of all vaccinations and follow up with a veterinary practitioner. Newly born goats or young goat kids and pregnant goats should be offered with additional feed (fodder plus nutrients) and attention. Breeding bucks should be fed more than regular bucks.

Recently born children need colostrum over 1 hour of birth and If goats children are not taking milk from mothers, you need to adopt a jar milk.

Generally. Tetanus vaccination is provided at the time of birth. When the goat kid reaches 5 to 6 weeks, a booster vaccination should be granted and subsequently, it ought to be given once in the year.

Shed for Goat Farming in Rajasthan:

Goat shed should be secured and built in an elevated area. The goat shed direction should be in such a way that there will be plenty of light and air flow. Goat shed can be built with locally available materials or permanent structures with cement. Goat feeders and drinkers may be built along with a shed for permanent purpose or you can buy plastic feeders and drinkers available in the market. Keep the shed floor dry and neat. Use paddy husk on the floor to absorb any goat urination. You can also build a shed with multi floors with wood. Have some separators in the shed for newly born kids, pregnant goats, and sick goats

Feed Management for Goat Farming in Rajasthan:

Goats can consume many different folders that are of sour, sweet, bitter and salty in taste. They can eat leguminous feed, for example, Lobia, Berseem etc. with taste and enjoyment. Mostly they prefer to consume the fodder that gives them energy and is filled with nourishment. They frequently spoil their feed by urinating. Thus the distinctive sort of feeding place ought to be made to guard goat food against spoilage. Goats also require supplemental feed together with routine feed to get good weight and healthy growth and Goat Feeding is determined by several factors like age of the goat, goat phase (pregnant or not) and intention of goat business (milk or meat or skin).

Normally, an adult goat (female or male) can consume 5 kg to 6 kg of green fodder within 1 day. You should provide at least 1 kg of dry fodder, for example, leguminous hay.

Goat Farming Tips in Rajasthan:

  • You need to have a veterinary doctor with you once you plan to buy goats for your farm. This could assist you choosing healthy goats and preventing old goats.
  • Recently bought goats must be vaccinated prior to entering into your farm. Never blend newly bought animals with already existing goats or other livestock. Never purchase goats without building a proper shelter.
  • You want a nice and secured fence around the shed so that goats won’t jump.
  • Keep health records of All of the goats and follow up with a veterinary care doctor.
  • If some plants are poisonous from the grazing area, they need to be removed immediately.
  • The moment a sick goat is seen, it needs to be isolated until it was medicated. This could help other goats from preventing the spread of this illness.
  • Breeding time is the only time if you let the buck (male goat) and does (female goats) to maintain the herd. The rest of the times, separate the female and male goats. Recently born goat kids and mother goats ought to be separated out of the flock in the house.
  • Generally speaking, 1 male goat is enough for 25 female goats to breed.
  • Sell off older and unproductive goats and any extra male goats.
  • when you’re prepared to sell goats, have a marketing strategy or goat business plan to deal directly with customers instead of middle brokers.

Goat Price in Rajasthan:  

Well, goat price depends on the goat breed and goat age. Usually, Sirohi goat price is about 300 to 350 per kg of live weight. You may get for little less in case you are buying goats in bulk. Female goats cost less compared to bucks. In case of breeding goats, you may have to spend little more.

Goat Farming Training in Rajasthan and Goat Buying Centres in Rajasthan:- Along with goat training, you can also buy goat breeds in the following locations.

Goat Farming in Rajasthan – Qureshi Farm

Fatehpur, Sikar, Rajasthan

Phone: 01571 230 022.

Goat Farming in Rajasthan – Indian Goat Farm

Ajmer, Rajasthan

Phone: 098292 54513.

Goat Farming in Rajasthan – Rajasthan Goat Farming

Nathoothala, Rajasthan

Phone: 096100 13421.

Goat Farming in Rajasthan – Altaf goat farm

Fatehpur, Rajasthan

Phone: 098876 52849.

Goat Farming in Rajasthan – Madni goat farm

Nagaur, Rajasthan

Phone: 092216 65717.

Goat Farming in Rajasthan – Al-Falah Goat Farm

Kuchaman City, Rajasthan

Phone: 098678 99900.

Goat Farming in Rajasthan – KGN Goat Farm

Raipur, Rajasthan

Phone: 099290 64308.

Goat Farming in Rajasthan – Sirohi Goat Farm

Baori, Rajasthan

Phone: 088905 68786.

Goat Farming in Rajasthan – Kalyan Sagar Goat Farm

Raipur, Rajasthan

Phone: 094144 19514.

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