Goat Farming in Manipur: A Booming Industry with Huge Potential

Goat farming is the practice of raising goats for their meat, milk, and other byproducts. Goats are known to be hardy animals that can adapt to different climates and environments. With its high demand for meat and milk, goat farming has become a lucrative venture for many regional farmers.

Goat Farming in Manipur

Reasons for Starting Goat Farming in Manipur

  • Goats are hardy animals that can thrive even in difficult conditions, making them well-suited for the climate and terrain of Manipur.
  • Additionally, goat meat is an important protein source in many diets around the world, and demand for it is growing rapidly. Farmers in Manipur can tap into this market by raising goats for meat production and potentially earn significant profits.
  • Moreover, goats also produce milk which can be used to make cheese and dairy products. 
  • Goat manure is an excellent natural fertilizer used to enrich farm soil or sold as a valuable commodity to other agricultural businesses.

Housing Requirements for Goat Farming in Manipur

  • Housing requirements are essential for the success of goat farming in Manipur. Goats need a comfortable and safe place to live, rest, and sleep. The housing should be spacious enough so that they can move around freely.
  • The type of shelter required depends on the number of goats you have. Building individual stalls with proper ventilation is better if you have a few goats. For larger herds, a barn or shed would be more appropriate.
  • Keeping the housing clean and dry is important as goats are susceptible to respiratory diseases if exposed to damp environments. Regular cleaning and disinfecting will help prevent disease outbreaks.
  • Goat houses must also protect from extreme weather conditions such as wind, rain, snowfall, or hot sun during summer months. The roof should be made of durable materials that withstand harsh weather conditions.

Understanding the Importance of Breed Selection in Goat Farming in Manipur

  • Goat farming is a lucrative business in Manipur, but the success of your business largely depends on selecting the right breed for your farm.
  • Goats are easy to manage and require minimal investment. They require low maintenance costs and have high reproduction rates, which makes them a profitable business venture.
  • The Manipuri goat breed is one of the most popular choices for farmers in Manipur. This is known for its hardiness and adaptability to harsh weather conditions. They also have excellent meat quality, making them a great choice for meat production.
  • Another popular option is the Bengal goat breed, which has good milk-producing capabilities. These goats are also resistant to many common diseases and parasites.
  • The Assam hill goat breed is another hardy variety that can survive in tough terrain and extreme temperatures. They require minimal care and maintenance while providing high-quality meat.
  • Ganjam goat breeds are highly valued because of their fast growth rates and resistance to foot-and-mouth disease (FMD).

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Goat Farming

Basic Requirements for Goat Farming in Manipur

  • You must always ensure that your goats have access to clean water. This means providing them with a reliable source of fresh drinking water free from contaminants.
  • In addition to water, your goats will need a balanced diet of hay, grain, minerals, and other supplements. It’s important to consult with an expert or veterinarian on the specific nutritional needs of your goats based on their breed and age.
  • Housing is another important aspect of goat farming in Manipur. Your goats should be housed in a dry and well-ventilated area that protects them from extreme weather conditions such as rain or heat.
  • You’ll also need adequate fencing around your goat farm to keep predators out and prevent escapees. Using sturdy wire mesh fencing that can withstand the weight and force of adult goats.
  • Regular care such as hoof trimming, vaccination against common diseases like pneumonia or tetanus, and deworming treatments are essential for maintaining healthy goats on your farm in Manipur.

Feeding and Care of Goats

  • As goats have a keen sense of taste, they require high-quality food to remain healthy and productive. The type of feed provided will depend on the age and breed of the goats.
  • Acquiring the proper feed and supplies is crucial for goat farming in Manipur. Providing your goats with high-quality hay, grain, and mineral supplements will ensure they stay healthy and produce quality milk or meat.
  • For young kids, milk replacer is an excellent source of nutrition until weaning, while adult goats primarily consume hay or pasture grasses. In addition, supplemental grain can be given in small amounts depending on their activity level.
  • Aside from feeding, goat farmers must also ensure their animals receive proper care. This includes providing clean water daily, grooming them regularly for optimum health, and monitoring their overall well-being.
  • Moreover, proper vaccination against common diseases such as tetanus is crucial to maintain good health among your herd. R

Vaccination and Disease Prevention Measures

  • Vaccination and disease prevention measures play a crucial role in maintaining the health of your goat farm in Manipur. A comprehensive vaccination program ensures that your goats remain protected from common diseases, which can significantly affect their productivity and longevity.
  • Regular vaccinations are essential to keep your herd healthy and thriving. Some vaccines commonly administered include those for Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR), Enterotoxaemia (ET), Goat Pox, and Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD), among others. Consult with a veterinarian specializing in goat farming to establish an appropriate vaccination schedule tailored to the specific needs of your farm.
  • It is vital to maintain proper hygiene practices within your farm premises. Regular cleaning and disinfection of housing units reduce the chances of disease transmission between animals through contact with contaminated surfaces or equipment.

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Black Goat Farming


Goats were primarily kept for meat and milk production and were only raised on a small scale by rural households. As the demand for goat products increased over time, commercialization of goat farming started to take place. Goat farming has become an important source of livelihood for many people in Manipur as it provides employment opportunities while meeting the increasing demand for meat and milk products across the state.


  1. I want to start a goat farming and need to buy some goat. My location in Imphal Manipur. which will be to nearest place for buying the goat. I want to start for milk and also for meat.
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