Goat Farming in Bangladesh For Beginners

Goat Farming in Bangladesh.
Goat Farming in Bangladesh.

Goat Farming in Bangladesh:

Introduction To Goat Farming in Bangladesh:- Commercial goat farming in Bangladesh is becoming very popular day by day. As goat farming is an established highly profitable business idea thus that the popularity of this business is increasing rapidly in Bangladesh. Human populations are growing and creating a significant and increasing need for additional animal protein foods. The goat could play an important part in meeting these requirements. It is also one of the finest and established livestock control division in the country. Enormous market need and suitable spread guarantee rapid profitability and sustainability of this business for long term. Nevertheless, the commercial goat farming, as well as its economy in Bangladesh, are embraced by some big and progressive manufacturers, industrialists, businessman and huge companies. This kind producer or massive companies command a citable portion of the total sector. The majority of the people today prefer goat meat and also have a massive domestic demand. Together with beef production, goats are also quite suitable for milk, fiber and skin production. They also create high-quality compost which helps to increase the harvest production. Goat has a fantastic and important contribution to the rural market. You will find over 25% goats one of the total livestock in the country.

Advantages of Goat Farming in Bangladesh:- There are many advantages of goats.

Advantages of goats.
Advantages of goats.
  • Goats are popularly known as poor man’s cows. Setting up a goat farm is very easy when compared to a dairy farm or poultry farm. These farms can be maintained even by children and women in villages especially countries like Bangladesh.
  • Goat farming set up cost or initial investment is low when compared to other farming such a dairy or poultry.
  • Goat meat has always an excellent demand and there is no need of doing hard work to market your goats.
  • Goats produce excellent manure, which can be sold for additional income or use it to grow own crops.
  • Goats are hardy animals and have an excellent disease resistance power compared to other livestock. They can habituate to any weather conditions.
  • In contrast to a cow as well as other livestock farming, goat farming requires less distance and additional facilities.
  • They have a less need for housing and alternative direction.
  • In small production, they’re also able to talk about their homes with their owners and his/her additional livestock.
  • Production prices like infrastructure, feeding, and therapy are significantly less.
  • You do not need to think about marketing your farm solutions. Markets become created at your own pace as you get started breeding goats.
  • It is actually quite simple to maintain a goat farm in contrast to other farm animals.
  • Goats can embrace themselves with nearly all sorts of agro-climatic conditions. And diseases are somewhat less in goats when they’re vaccinated periodically.
  • They’re somewhat smaller in size but attain slaughter age quicker.
  • Goat products like meat and milk don’t have any religious taboo. And highly approved for consumption around the world.

How To Start a Goat Farming in Bangladesh:- Well, to start a goat farming anywhere in the world you must have some basic knowledge and skills to manage your farm. It is advised to take and goat farming training in Bangladesh. Here are some of the steps need to be followed while starting a goat farming in Bangladesh.

  • Selecting a Location for Goat Farming in Bangladesh:- Virtually all regions of Bangladesh are extremely suitable for goat farming. It’s possible to pick a property for goat farming around your home or pick a property which has all kinds of facilities for effective goat farming business like availability of water during the entire year, fertile land for cultivation of fodder, easily approachable by road or transport. Ensure availability of all sorts of veterinary service in the region. If not available, stock all kinds of necessary vaccines and medicines at your farm. Goats must be bought from certified goat breeders and goat price may depend on the live weight, gender, size, and breed of the goat.
  • Breed Selection for Goat Farming in Bangladesh:- Proper goat breed selection is vital in successful and profitable goat farming in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh currently you will find 20 to 22 Bangladesh goat strains (breeds) available for goat farming a few of these are;
    • Black bengal
    • Osmanababadi,
    • Jamunapari,
    • Beetel,
    • Sirohi,
    • Sojat,
    • Totapari,
    • Malbari,
    • Sangamneri,
    • Berari,
    • Talacherry

Suitable other breeds include Boer, Sannen, and Damascus. Choose a strain (breed) which provides you high yields in lesser time, if have high resistant power against diseases, gets easily promoted, attains desirable weight gain in a shorter time period, generates multiple kids.

Shed or Housing For Goat Farming in Bangladesh:- Housing is quite important for commercial goat farming in Bangladesh. However, the majority of the goat farmers in Bangladesh used to raise cows in small scale and maintain them with their other livestock animals like cows or cows. This sort of goat rearing system cannot create a maximum production. So, for setting up commercial goat farm, then you should have to build a dedicated goat housing system. Nowadays, goat housing design with stall feeding system is extremely popular and this method guarantees high production and profit than other traditional methods. But, consider the followings while making a home for commercial goat farming in Bangladesh.

Boer Goat Farming in Bangladesh.
Boer Goat Farming in Bangladesh.
  • For profitable commercial production, you should have to maintain your goats in fresh pens which is free of dampness, drafts, and insects like flies and rodents.
  • Make appropriate ventilation system and make sure the circulation of sufficient fresh air and light.
  • So that, it is possible to easily wash out the home.
  • Attempt to create the home in a higher location to maintain the home always dry.
  • The home has to need to be liberated from entrancing flooding water and rainwater directly inside the home.
  • Make appropriate temperature control method so that you can easily maintain your goats warm in winter season and moderate temperatures in the summer time.
  • Maintain all of the feeding and watering equipment clean and neat.
  • Make effective goat housing design according to your own desired production and strains (breeds).

Feed Management for Goat Farming in Bangladesh:- Feeding your goats with balanced nutritious food in the farm is essential for proper animal growth. Homegrown crops such as bajra, hybrid grasses, Subabul or Lucerne any other cereal crops are best for goat feed if you have enough land to grow these green fodder crops. Never buy goat feed outside as it is very costly. Apart from the regular feed, you may need to supplement with vitamins and minerals. You can get these mineral blocks in any livestock / veterinary shop. Feed intake may depend on goat age, stage (whether the goats are pregnant). Newly born goat kids should have special attention and care in feeding.

Health Management for Goat Farming in Bangladesh:- Make sure your veterinary doctors visits your farm on regular basis to provide required vaccinations along with other special medical care. Identify any sick goats and isolate them until they got treated. Prepare a vaccination chart and follow these with your veterinary doctor.

Management and Special Care for Goat Farming in Bangladesh:-  You must always have a good goat farming project plan. Always take decent care of your own goats. Monitor all their activities. Separate the feeble (unhealthy) goats out of a healthy one and provide required treatment. Vaccinate them timely to stop undesirable issues and also for keeping your goats healthy and productive. Never let them move outside the farm place or shed boundaries. In a stall-feeding system, constantly feed them fresh and nutritious food with a sufficient number of green components and fresh water. Never attempt to mix contaminated or polluted meals components with their normal food. Always maintain a record of all of your income and expenditures. And finally, begin raising goats and you will learn the remainder special care and direction which will make you very successful in commercial goat farming business in Bangladesh.

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