Winter Care of Goats – A Complete Guide

Winter Care of Goats.
Winter Care of Goats.

Winter Care of Goats

If you are into commercial goat farming, you must be aware of “How To Care Goats In Wionter”.  Let us discuss today about Winter Care of Goats.

Introduction to Goat Farming:

All over the world the goat farming is being an important employment. The farmer who are landless, labours and also for the unemployed people the goat farming will be a good employment. The initial investment of the goat farming is very less.  But the returns from the goat farming will be high. All over the world the goats have high demand along with the goats; the demand is also high for the goat products like milk, meat, fleece and also the manure. When compared to other livestock farming the goat farming is very easy.

The only thing is we need to care the goats properly. When it comes to India in rural and urban areas the goat farming is one of the best and also the most popular business. In India, the states like Kerala, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal the profitable business of goat farming can be found. Even though in other states also the goat farming is done the success rate is very less. There are many breeds which are native to some states. But in some states the goat breeds are being taken from the neighbouring states and farming them in other states.

Advantages of Goat Farming:

Goat Farming Advanatges.
Goat Farming Advanatges.

These are some advantages of goat farming in India.

  1. The initial stages of investment on the goat farming is very low when compared to other livestock farming.
  2. There is no religious taboo over the goat meat, as all sections of society will consume the meat.
  3. For starting milking in goats they should reach the age of 16 – 17 months.
  4. The goat meat contains a very less amount of cholesterol.
  5. The goat is a lean meat.
  6. If there is a large flock of goats then we need a goat farm or else in case of less number of goats there is no requirement of goat housing.
  7. The housing requirement of the goat is very less.
  8. They can tolerate the better taste more than the other livestock animals.
  9. The manure of the goat has also high demand in the market.
  10. As this manure is used as organic manure in agricultural farmers as it contains Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus.

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Importance of Goat Farming:

There more importance of goat farming in rural ec0omony, more specifically in arid, semi – arid and mountains of India. In all countries among livestock’s there are 25 % of goats which are reared.

Winter care for Goat Farming:

The goats cared a little more in winter seasons, due to the cold climates, they might cause aliments in the winter season so we need to care them more. Goats can’t tolerate moist weather and also the cold climate.  The first thing which we should do for them in winter season is to provide them comfortable and warm housing. Then we should focus on feed and water. This will also ensure good growth and high returns even in a snowy climate. As this will as lead to bad results in more adult goats. They get fat in this season due to the facilities and also which resulting in lazy bulks and low bathing rate.

Goat Housing in the winter season for Goat Farming:

  • The house which is provided to the goats should be strong, warm and also should have a comfortable place on the farm.
  • For each goat we need to facilitate 3 – 6 meters of space.
  • They should receive at least 4 hours of sunlight in daytime.
  • We need to construct the farm by providing them enough space of 7 – 10 feet for each goat.
  • The floor of the housing should always be warm and we should never permit the cold breeze to allow the goat housing.
  • In the day time we need to open the window so that some fresh air enters the housing and the goats will not feel suffocating.
  • The floor, which is in goat farm, should be easy for cleaning it.
  • The floor should not be slipper as it can also cause accident and injuries to the goats.
  • The floor should also be covered with ha as this will not cause any injuries or accident in the farm.

Goat Feed in the winter season for Goat Farming:

For goats the Hay is one the best and suitable feed for the goats. You can also feed them by supplying them the grain foods. In winter season, the green food should not be given. And also the feed which is a lack of minerals and vitamins should not be given to the goats. It is better to provide the supplements in small and appropriate ratio.

  • The feed for the goats in the winter season will start with warm water.
  • The water should be Luke warm water as it should be drinkable by the goats.
  • If we observe that the goats are not drinking the water we should provide them hot water. In general, in other seasons also the goats are the affair of cold, so they should be provided with warm water.
  • As the grainy food should not be given to the kids as they don’t have that ability to digest the grains.
  • For the adult goats we can provide the grainy feed.
  • Along with these all the Hay is an important feed for the goats in winter.
  • The hay which is fed to the goats should be about 3 – 4 pounds in a day.
  • And we should also make sure that the fiber, which is contained in the feed should less than 18%.
  • The mineral can be provided to the goats by the salt block.
  • Along with all these we should provide them the additional proteins.
  • But we should consult the doctors either we should provide the proteins to the goats or not.
  • In that case, to ensure good health to the goats we should provide the proteins to the goats.

Care of goats in winter season:

  • Bed for the goats:

The goats should be provided with the beds, which are warm. The arrangement of the beds is very easy, as we must only create the goats some sort of comfortable resting and sleeping as we need to place thick cloths and straw as bedding for them. We can also use the hay, but there are some advantages and also the disadvantages of hay beds. As the straw bed is much less efficient in cost and they are a very quick lost quality of straw. But the linen bed is a bit expensive. After drying it in the sun, we can use it again and again.

  • Precautions:
  1. We should sure that the cool breezes don’t enter the farm, we should allow the sunlight to enter the farm.
  2. The kids should be kept away from the fire.
  3. The floor should not be dry as it can lead to injuries by causing accidents.
  4. In a week, the floor should be cleaned at least for the 2 times.
  5. We should always keep an eye on the health of the goats; the farm should have an observation of the goat very time.

Tips for Goat Farming Business

Goat Farming Tips.
Goat Farming Tips.
  • The one who is getting into the goat farm business should have a basic knowledge regarding the goats and also the goat management.
  • While purchasing the breeds we should select them by observing their health and also the breeding ability.
  • While trading, either it is buying or selling we need to do it in a market where the demand in high.
  • They should also know the benefits and also the disadvantages of goat farming.
  • The one who is farming the goats should know do’s and Don’ts in the goat farm.
  • Always there should be a first aid kit the goat farm.
  • The goats should be observed as per their physical appearance and also by the physical behavior.
  • If there is any cause of aliments we should consult the vet.
  • We should never treat the goat without the interaction of vet.

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