Verata Goat Characteristics, Facts, Profile Information

Verata Goat.
Verata Goat (Pic source Wikimedia Commons).

Introduction to Verata Goat Breed:

This breed is one among the domestic goat breeds and is a native Spanish breed. It is a dual purpose breed found in Caceres, Vera and Spain, producing both milk and meat. The breed is named after its place of origin, Verata. It is also considered as one of the traditional goat breeds in Extremadura. The Verata goat breed is a unique goat breed. Today in Spain there are 17,000 goats.

Advantages of Verata Goat Breed:

  • They get adapted to different conditions easily and can also be cared easily.
  • This goat breed can survive with low quality feed as well.
  • Verata goats thrive well by consuming concentrated feed.
  • A stable environment is well suited for Verata Goat breed.
  • They have already spread everywhere in the world besides their native place.

Characteristics of Verata Goat Breed:

  • Verata goat’s body is small – medium in size.
  • The hair of the Verata Goat is glossy, short in size and they are mainly black – grey in colour.
  • The horns of the goat are twisted to the outside direction.
  • When Verata goat attains complete maturity, then they reach up to a height 70 cm.
  • The doe is shorter and lighter than the buck.
  • The weight of the buck is around 70 kg (average).
  • Bucks have prominent beard and 40 % of does also have prominent beard.
  • The tail of the Verata Goat is erect.
  • The Legs of the Verata Goat are small in size.
  • Hooves are hard and dark in colour.

Feed for Verata Goat Breed:

The growth and development of the goat completely depend on the feed that is provided to them. Feed should be provided in appropriate ratio and at the proper time. Some minerals and vitamins are supplied to the goats in proper proportions apart from forage. For goats a balanced diet should be provided with proteins, minerals, calcium and vitamins for ensuring good production. They also sometimes feed on the mountain pastures. They are capable of surviving on poor and scarce feed.

  • Every day goats should be fed with 450 – 680 grams of feed.
  • After birth, the baby goat should be fed with colostrums.
  • Till the age of 2 months they should be fed with milk @ 1/10 of their body weight.
  • 2 – 4 months old kids should be fed with creep feed @ 450 g along with water and green grass.
  • Goats that are 4 months old and pregnant goats should be fed with the concentrate mixture (Maize, Broken Rice, Jowar, Soya bean and Sorghum and Groundnut cake)
  • The milking does should also be provided with 400 g of concentrated mixture.
  • The buck should be fed with the concentrate mixture of 400 grams during the breeding season.

Health of Verata Goat Breed:

In general, Verata Goats and the other breeds of goats are disease tolerant, but a prior vaccination is definitely needed to maintain a proper healthy farm.


When to give


Sore mouth


All goats should be vaccinated with these vaccines annually.




The rabies vaccine should also be given to all the goats in the farm on an annual basis.





It should be vaccinated to the does 1 month before kidding.

Kids when they are 1 month old.

Protects from Tetanus and Enterotoxaemia




With 2 – 4 weeks interval, two doses should be given to all the goats, to protect them from diseases like Mannheimia Haemolytica pneumonia.




To the kids that are 6 months and 3 weeks old should be vaccinated annually with a booster dose.




The does that are pregnant for 28 – 45 days should be vaccinated to protect them from Chlamydia abortion.


Housing for Verata Goat Breed:

The Verata Goats like all other breeds can be raised in large or small housing areas. The goats should be provided with good comfort and facilities in the house like feed troughs, water troughs, drainage, air inlet, outlet, ventilation and proper flooring. The floor should be dry always or else it may lead to injuries to the goat due to slips. The house should be cleaned and disinfected properly every week. The house can be constructed by using either the bamboo sticks or with concrete.

Breeding of Verata Goat Breed:

Verata Goats are good breeders, the breeding can be done throughout the year. Mostly farmers prefer to breed the goats in March, October and November; sometimes in spring season also due to the high fertility rate during these periods. In every two years, on an average it can produce 3 kids. For meat they can be slaughtered at the age of 45 days because they grow fast.

During the lactation period, i.e. 175 days, the does can produce 150 litres of milk.

Tips for Farming Verata Goat Breed:

  • The farmer should have the basic knowledge of the breed characteristics before farming these goats.
  • While purchasing the breed one should check the health and breeding capability of the goats.
  • The house should be neat, so as to keep the goats free from diseases and injury.
  • The equipment needed for the farm should be properly set up in the farm.
  • For storing the feed there should be a separate feed store room (dry and clean).
  • By – products of the goats like meat, milk and fleece should be stored in the store room.
  • The farm should be maintained hygienically.
  • Extreme care is needed for the young goats and does.

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