Sojat Goat Breed Information Guide

Stall Fed Sojat Goat Farming.
Stall Fed Sojat Goat Farming.

Sojat Goat Information:

Sojat Goat.
Sojat Goat.

Introduction of Sojat Goat:- Sojat goat is one of the famous meat goats originated from the state of Rajasthan in India. Basically, Sojat goat is cross bred from other Indian domestic goat breed called the “Jamunapari goat”. This goat breed is distributed mainly Sojat, Aau (Phalodi), Pipar, Jodhpur and other small regions of Rajasthan, India. However, this meat goat breed is spread everywhere in India. More people are showing interest in this breed due to its tasty meat and adaptability to any area in India. As meat goat farming growing tremendously and demand for goat meat increasing every year, there is huge potential of getting good profits in Sojat goat farming. Usually, goat growers sacrifice this goat during the Bakri-Eid festival. Sojat goats are poor in yielding of milk having only 2 months of lactation period; hence farmers choose this breed for production of “meat”. The best part of this goat breed is they can be raised in stall feeding system.

Sojat Goat Description:- Sojat goats are heavy in size and tall in height and very well suited for semi-stall feeding and stall feeding systems.

Sojat goats can be identified with their long, flat and dropping ears along with short tail. Mostly Sojat male (Buck) and female (Doe) will not have horns. Female Sojat goats develop round shaped udder with conical teats. Male Sojat goats weigh more when compared to female Sojat goat. Most of the Sojat goat breed is found in white colour with spots on them.

Purpose of Sojat Goat Farming:- Commercial goat growers choose this breed for meat production rather going for milk production. These goats have ability to achieve good weight in shorter period, when they are raised in stall feeding system. These goats can easily adopt any kind of conditions and very well suited for open grazing. Due to population increase in India, meat consumption is growing at very high rate, so the commercial farming of meat goat is becoming more popular day by day. 

Performance of Sojat Breed:- The following describes the Sojat goat performance in terms of milk yield and kidding.

  • Sojat Kidding: Female (Doe) Sojat goats kid twice in 13 to 14 months and give birth to singles and twins. The percentage of single kidding is about 55 to 60% whereas twin kidding is 40 to 45%.
  • Sojat Goat Milk Yield: As we said earlier, these goats are meant for meat production and not for milk production. On an average, daily yield of milk varies from 1.25 to 1.5 kg per day with a total lactation yield of about 170 to 175 kg.

Sojat Breed Features:- The following are the Sojat goat breed characteristics / features.

Goat Size (Avg) Male Goat (Buck)Female Goat (Buck)
Body weight (kg)50 to 6540 to 55
Body Length (cm)8077
Chest girth (cm)8580

Special Considerations in Sojat Goat Farming:- Well, if you are planning for Sojat goat farming consider the following.

  • Put a proper goat business plan which may include initial investment, cost of shed/house, medical expenses and marketing strategy.
  • Select disease free and quality male and female Sojat goats for better production.
  • If you are planning to buy in bulk, negotiate well, so that initial investment would be less.
  • While buying the goats, take veterinary doctor with you so that healthy goats can be bought.
  • Decide whether the goats are raised in stall fed /semi-stall fed or open grazing system.
  • It is advised to grow green fodder crops like subabul / lucerne/ maize to reduce the feed cost. Even goats can eat silage, so prefer to make silage using green fodder crops. Buy a fodder cutting machine on subsidy (There is a subsidy on fodder cutting machine) for cutting the green crops.
  • Make sure to market the goats in batch wise rather selling once at a time.
  • Timely vaccinations and examination play major role in successful goat farming.
  • Separate any sick animals from the flock.
  • Balanced nutrition/feed makes the goats to gain good weight in shorter period.
  • More care should be considered for pregnant female goats and newly born kids until they attain disease resistant stage.
Stall Fed Sojat Goat Farming.
Stall Fed Sojat Goat Farming.

Price of Sojat Goat:- Generally, meat goat price varies from region to region. On an average, live weight of 1 kg cost 200 to 250 rupees for males (bucks), 180 to 200 for females (does). 

Bottom Line:- One can get decent profits in Sojat goat farming. Selection of pure breed and having proper goat business plan will result in successful goat farming business.

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