Pregnant Goat Care Information Guide

Pregnant Goat Care.
Pregnant Goat Care.

Pregnant Goat Care In Goat Farming

Let us discuss today about “Pregnant Goat Care“.

Introduction to Goat Farming:

The goat farming is one of the branches of the animal husbandry. The goats are one of the amazing animals; there is a good source of income for the landless, labour and also for the marginal farmer. The Goat is also described as “Poor man’s cow”. In India, commercial goat farming business is being popular day by day. All over the world the goat farming is one of the proven profitable businesses. There will be good employments for the farmers. At only the goat breeds have high demand, but also the goat products have high demand like meat, skin, milk, and fiber.

Advantages of Goat Farming:

Goat Farming Advanatages..
Goat Farming Advanatages..
  • The initial investment of the goat is very low.
  • For raising goats we need less space.
  • There are many breeds that are available for the raising them.
  • The utilities of the goats are also more as these animals are multi – purpose animals as they are used for many different utilities.
  • The feed for the goats are very less.
  • For goats the care process is very less.
  • Goats can adapt themselves to any time of climatic conditions.
  • The growth in goats is very fast.
  • Goats are very hardy and strong in nature.
  • The risk in goat farming business is very less.
  • The marketing of the goat products is also very easy.
  • The return on investment ratio is also best in goat farming business.
  • In poor countries, this will help in eradicating the poverty.
  • This will also help in improving the opportunities for the employment.
  • The goats can be slaughtered at a smaller age.
  • For consumption of meat there are no religious taboos from any society.

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Importance of Goat Farming:

There more importance of goat farming in rural economy, more specifically in arid, semi – arid and mountains of India. In all countries among livestock’s there are 25 % of goats which are reared.

Goat Housing for Pregnant Goat in Goat Farming:

The pregnant goat should be comfortable and so that we should facilitate the comfort for the goats. For pregnant goat housing is very important.

  • To goat housing, we should select a dry place and on the higher elevation. The goats can be safe from the floods.
  • Always the floor of the housing should be dry.
  • We should ensure good light and air in the goat house.
  • The house should always be in suitable for its temperature and also the moisture.
  • For taking rest, we should give them enough space.
  • Regularly the cleaning should be done.
  • The housing, which is given to the goat, should be strong and comfortable for the animals.
  • The house should be constructed by using the concrete and also by using the bamboo poles.
  • The rain water should not enter the farm.
  • Goats should be given hot water as in all seasons, as they are afraid of cold water.

Goat Feed for Pregnant Goat in Goat Farming:

The feed which should be provided for the goats is, they don’t need special nutrition until the last 2 months of their gestation period. When the kids attain there 70% of their growth they need additional nutrients. Throughout the pregnancy, they need additional water. A feeding program of the pregnant goat includes.

  • In early pregnancy, i.e. first 3 months, the does should be fed to maintain their body condition or to improve the body condition of the goat in case if there are thin. We can meet their nutritional requirement by feeding them good hay or pastures along with the added grain for the thin goats. Unless they are lactating, they don’t need the grain in the early pregnancy period. We should not over feed the goats as it can also lead to complications like ketosis or hypocalcaemia.
  • Throughout the pregnancy, we should monitor and compensate the pregnant does by increasing their consumption of water. In a day, pregnant goats can drink 4 gallons of water.
  • Late pregnancy is nothing but the last 2 months, at this time the goats need more nutrients as to increase, nutrients so that the unborn kids will achieve some nutrients as after coming out they will grow rapidly. Now, in this stage we should start giving the goat a handful of grains for a day. We should also give them the calcium and phosphorus as they can be gained from the alfalfa with the hay.

Pregnant Goat care in Goat Farming:

Care of Pregnant Goat: 

  • The Pregnant goat should be kept separate from the other goat in the farm.
  • Goats which are pregnant should be provided with nutrition’s feed, easily digestible feed and also by feeding them a laxative diet.
  • We shouldn’t allow them to fight with each other.
  • The Pregnant goats should not be mixed with the aborted goat.
  • Before the doe gets due to freshen, we need to clip its hair around the udder, hind quarters and they are tall for greater cleanliness.
  • Before expecting kidding still it continues for producing the milk, then we need to dry her off for 6 – 8 weeks.

Care of Newborn Kids: 

New Born Goat Kid.
New Born Goat Kid.
  • If there is any sticking membrane placental on the body, they should be removed, these can be removed by rubbing dry cotton or rags on the goat body and the nostrils of the goat should be removed. For cleaning the respiratory track which should hold the kids upside down so that it will be easier for cleaning the respiratory track. Within half an hour the kid will get up and starts walking. We should allow the doe to lick the kid dry. We should immense the umbrical cord inside the tincture lodine. This should be repeated after 12 hours. Within 30 minutes of the kid birth, we need to give the first drink of colostrums. If the kid is not capable of drinking by itself, then we should press the teats by hand and press into the kid’s mouth.
  • By providing Guard ralls, we need to take care of newborn kids.
    As soon as the navel cord is cut with the sharp knife we should treat it by tincture of iodine.
  • During the first two months, particularly we must care the goats.
  • During the first two weeks of age we should dehorn them.
  • For better meat production, we must castrate the male kids.
  • As per, the recommended schedule, we should vaccinate the kids.
  • At the age of 8 weeks, the kids should be weaned.

While selecting, the kids we need to know the basic the initial body weight and weaning weight should be initiated and also they should be maintained appropriately.

Tips for Goat Farming Beginners:

  • For the success of the goat farm we need to love the animals that we are raising then the business will be successful.
  • While farming the goats or any other animals we need to have some basic knowledge and experience or else we need to contact the nearest livestock department or animal husbandry center.
  • If there is no enough capital for setting up our farm, then we can apply loan from the banks.
  • We should facility enough facilities to the goat like clean and fresh water, green feed ad proper marketing and also good and timely medication.
  • While trading the products we need to understand the market demand and also the price for the products.
  • Spending enough time on the farm is very important for the beginners.

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