Goat Farming In Punjab Information

Goat Farming In Punjab.

Introduction to Goat Farming in Punjab: The following information is about Goat Farming In Punjab. The goat farming is one of the sub-sectors of the agriculture in India. Small farmers can improve their income by rearing goats. The investment is very low at the initial stages, but most importantly, we need to set up a farm for the goats with …

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Verata Goat Characteristics, Facts, Profile Information

Verata Goat.

Introduction to Verata Goat Breed: This breed is one among the domestic goat breeds and is a native Spanish breed. It is a dual purpose breed found in Caceres, Vera and Spain, producing both milk and meat. The breed is named after its place of origin, Verata. It is also considered as one of the traditional goat breeds in Extremadura. …

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Goat Farming In Odisha Information For Beginners

Goat Farming In Odisha.

Introduction to Goat Farming in Odisha: The following information is about Goat Raising or Goat Farming In Odisha. In the state of Odisha 25 % of the rural population’s livelihood are completely dependent on goat farming. Predominantly goats are reared by marginal farmers, lesser extent farmers and landless people for their livelihood. Different germplasm famous and native to Odisha are …

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Goat Farming In Chhattisgarh Information

Goat Farming in Chhattisgarh.

Introduction to goat farming in Chhattisgarh: The following information is about Goat Farming in Chhattisgarh. Goat farming is important as it provides nutritive food and good income to the famers. Chhattisgarh has three agro – climatic regions they are Chhattisgarh plains, Bastar Plateau and Northern Hill Regions. In rural areas the employment would be easy and would generate good income to …

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Somali Goat Characteristics, Profile, and Facts

Somali Goat.

Introduction to Somali Goat Breed: The Somali Goat Breed belongs to the Somalia, Djibouti and Northeast regions of Kenya. This breed is exclusively famous for its meat. Somali Goat is considered as a domestic goat breed. There are some sub-breeds of the Somali Goat Breed, they are Degeun and Degyir. The Somali Goat is also known as Galla, Abgal, Boran, …

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