Murcia Granada Goat Breed Information

Murcia Granada Dairy Goats.
Murcia Granada Dairy Goats.

Murcia Granada Goat Breed Profile Information:

The following is all about a Murcia Granada Goat Breed.

Introduction to Murcia Granada goat breed

The Murcia Granada goat has also known as “Murciano Granadina” a breed of goat originated in the semi-arid regions of southeastern Spain especially in Murcia, Almería, Granada, and Alicante. The name of this goat breed was derived from the same name of regions in which the farmers were engaged in the rearing of these goats. Eventually, these goat breeds are introduced in parts of northern Africa and Latin America including Mexico. The Murcia Granada goats are relatively calm n temperament hence they became excellent pet goats. Murcia Granada goat breed is mainly bred for milk production and to increase the productivity rate in drought and nutrient-poor areas. However, these goat breeds can also be raised for meat production. These goats can graze in open fields usually in cultivation fields where the crop is already harvested. You can find the population of purebred Murcia Granada goats more than 5,00,000 in Spain.

You can find Murcia Granada goats even in European countries such as Argentina, Venezuela, and Brazil. These goats are excellent dairy goats and reared for their high milk production capabilities.

Murcia goat breed varieties

Usually, there are two varieties of Murcia Granada goats found in Spain region.

  • Montana: This variety of goat is usually found in mountain regions.
  • Veguesi: This variety of goat usually found in cultivated field areas.

The above-mentioned varieties are similar in color and other characteristics.

Characteristics of to Murcia goat breed

Murcia Granada Goat Breed (Pic Source
Murcia Granada Goat Breed (Pic Source
  • The Murcia Granada goats are medium sized and hardy in nature.
  • The Murcia Granada buck (male) can reach a weight up to 50 to 60 kg.
  • The Murcia Granada doe (female) can reach a weight up to 40 to 50 kg.
  • The lactation period Murcia Granada goat is around 210 days.
  • They can produce 500 liters of milk annually. Some goats even produce more than that.
  • The Murcia Granada goat goats usually exist in black or mahogany colors.
  • The bucks (male goats) have longer and stronger hair with a beard and are horned.
  • The female goats have short and thin hair compared to male goats.
  • When it comes to ear description, the ears of the Murcia Granada are of medium size and erect.
  • The tail of the Murcia Granada goat breed is of medium size and erect.
  • Both male and female Murcia Granada goat have sturdy feet.
  • The female Murcia Granada goats have well-shaped, large udders with well-placed teats.
  • These goats can be raised mainly for milk and they are not bad at meat production as well. Some people raise these as pet goats.
  • The female (does) Murcia Granada goats can produce 2 kids in a single birth. These goat kids become mature with 6 to 8 months.

Some facts about Murcia goat breed

  • These goats have excellent feed conversion ratio. They can even feed on the agricultural by-products.
  • The milk of Murcia Granada goat is better than other dairy goats in terms of taste, fat, and proteins. The milk contains 5.5 to 5.7 % of fat and 3.6 to 3.7 % of protein.
  • Murcia Granada goats get into reproduction very quickly as they don’t have any particular breeding season. They can come into heat at any time of the year.
  • If you are planning for meat purpose, the growth of goat kids can be improved by crossing female goats of Murcia Granada breed with any meat breed such as Boer goat breed.
  • Murcia Granada goat can be easily adapted to all kinds of climates.

Advantages of Murcia goat farming

  • Goat milk is easily digestible better than cow milk and goat meat has excellent demand in local as well as international markets.
  • Goats help in weed control in cultivation fields as they happily eat weeds, thorny bushes, crop residues and tree leaves.
  • Goat meat is lean and tasty than other red meats.
  • One can make easy money with Murcia-Granada goat milk sale along with goat manure.
  • Goat manure can be used as organic compost in organic agriculture.
  • Setting up and managing Murcia Granada goat farming is very easy and profitable.
  • They can easily fit into stall-fed and intensive goat rearing system.
  • With small body size and docile nature, housing requirements and management problems with goats are fewer compared to other livestock.
  • Goats are social and friendly animals can be raised along with other livestock without any issues.
  • Due to the fact that these goats can kid 2 per single birth, your farm animals would be doubled in a shorter period of time.
  • Goats do not require any marketing as they can be sold easily at your farm gate.
  • Commercial goat farming is viable and profitable business.
  • Investment for goat farming is less than other livestock such as dairy and poultry.
  • Goats are hardy and can survive in any adverse conditions and easily adapted to any regions.
  • Goat is prolific in nature and they achieve maturity at the age of 8 to 9 months. The gestation period of these goats is short and usually at the age of 15 to 16 months.
  • People who live in drought-prone areas, they can benefit from goat farming.
  • Usually, goat farming is 3 times more economical than sheep farming on free range grazing under semi-arid conditions.
  • Goat farming creates employment to the people and improves and poor people lives.
  • Murcia Granada goats can be milked a number of times a day.
  • In the commercial farming sector, male goats and female goats have same value unlike in large animals.
  • Goats do not need expensive housing, and you can start with fewer goats.
  • No special skills required to start a goat farm, you can easily learn about goat facts and their management by taking a couple of goat training courses.
  • Goats are an excellent option for landless, marginal landowners.

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