Goat Farming in Telangana Information

Goat Farming in Telangana.
Goat Farming in Telangana.

Goat Farming in Telangana:

Introduction to Goat Farming in Telangana: Goat meat is one of the choicest meats and contains enormous domestic demand. Goats can efficiently survive on available trees & shrubs, in a negative unpleasant environment, in reduced fertility properties where no other crop can be grown. High need for goat and its products with a potential for great economic returns are driving many progressive farmers, businessmen, and educated youths to maintain the goat enterprise on a commercial scale.

Setting up goat farm on a commercial scale is significantly different from what villagers do traditionally.  Goat farming in Telangana can be a stall-fed method or open grazing method.  Most of the commercial goat farming business project model runs in the stall-fed environment. If you are planning for large-scale goat farming, and if you don’t have goat business knowledge, ensure to get a goat farming proposals from professional goat consultants based on breed, number of animals, area, and your affordable budget. There are goat farming training centers in Telangana, where you get training and proposals to set up goat farm within your budget based on your requirement. The following goat farming article can also be applied all the places like Goat Farming In Nalgonda, Goat Farming In Medak, Goat Farming In Nizamabad, Goat Farming In Adilabad, Goat Farming In Warangal, Goat Farming In Karimnagar, Goat Farming In Hyderabad, Goat Farming In Mahabubnagar, Goat Farming In Khammam, Goat Farming In Ranga Reddy in Telangana.

Goat Farming Advantages in Telangana:

  1. Aside From providing a steady income in the milk and earnings of breeding stocks, goat manure is a fantastic input for growing plants called organic fertilizer.
  2. Goat Farming in the Telangana requires just a small starting capital to start with.
  3. More Goats may be raised per hectare than cattle; they also multiply quicker than cattle.
  4. Goat Meat is demonstrated to be reduced in saturated fat than chicken, pork, poultry, and beef, low in cholesterol, but higher in protein.
  5. As Goat production requires low initial investment and small risks in comparison to other livestock.
  6. Goats Are multi-purpose animals and utilized in meat, milk, skin and fiber production.
  7. Goats Are easy to train and handle and may be raised together with other livestock.
  8. Goats Can cut down garbage by eating foods bits.
  9. Goats Are sturdy and will accommodate the majority of the climatic conditions.
  10. Goats Get fewer diseases when compared to other livestock such as poultry, sheep, etc..
  11. Some Goats could be raised as pets and show goats as well.
  12. In Comparison to cows, goats require little soil, replicate quickly, and have the ability to feed on a wide range of forages.
  13. Goat Farmers can benefit from selling milk and manure.
  14. Goats Could consume weeds in the field so that the land would be apparent from all plants and trees for crop growing.
  15. Women And children may raise the goats, making it a sensible option to fortify the country’s programs on livelihood.
  16. Goat Farming in the Telangana could reduce the unemployment in rural locations.
  17. Goats Do not require any marketing, and people can purchase goats at your farm gate.
  18. Telangana is the best bet for goat farming because there are many barren lands with lots of trees.
Goat Farm in Hyderabad.
Goat Farm in Hyderabad.

Commercial Goat Farming in Telangana: Commercial goat farming is slowly gaining popularity due to its high demand and good economic prospects. For commercial or large-scale operation, the production inputs required are.

  • The initial fixed investment includes land, shed, storage Items, pasture area, water heaters, feeding trough, drinkers, electric equipment, waste management, feed room, fodder trees and milking equipment (in case of dairy goats).
  • Buying breeding does (female goats) and breeding bucks (male goats). Fixed and seasonal labour is also required to take care of daily operations on your farm.

Breeds Suitable for Goat Farming in Telangana:

Well, there are many goat breeds suitable to Telangana State. Surrounding state breeds such as Maharashtra goat breeds, Chhattisgarh goat breeds, Karnataka goat breeds, Tamil Nadu goat breeds and Andhra Pradesh goat breeds can easily adapt the climate of Telangana. Apart from those breeds such as Boer, Nubian goats, Toggenburg goats, Saanen goats, French Alpine goats and Damascus goat breeds can also be raised on a commercial scale.

The following list of goat breeds can be reared and raised in Telangana state.

  • Osmanabadi goat breed or deccani goat breed.
  • Jamunapari goat breed.
  • Beetal goat breed.
  • Boer Goat breed.
  • Damascus goat breed.
  • Anglo Nubian goats.
  • Toggenburg goats.
  • Saanen goats.
  • French Alpine goats.

You always select a breed that can produce multiple kids, so that your farm can flood with many goats in a very short period of time.

Selection of Location for Goat Farming in Telangana:

Well, a location of commercial goat farming in Telangana plays a major role in a success rate of goat farming business. You must choose a location in such a way that, it should have good road and transportation facility along with little bit closer to urban areas. This may help you to market your goats very easily. The location should be free from all floods and predators. Avoid any forest areas and remote areas. Make sure veterinary facilities are close to the location goat farm. If you are from urban/city region, you should consult your   Telangana animal husbandry to find out whether they allow goat raising in that specific area along with finding any licensing requirement.

Do the proper fencing of the land with the border wall or bamboo fencing but I would suggest for brick and cemented boundary provide more security to this place or it could be your choice mainly it is dependent upon the surrounding as well as the security concern of this farm.

Goat Breed Selection.
Goat Breed Selection.

Goat Buying Tips for Goat Farming in Telangana:

You should keep in mind these 2 important points before you select goats for your farm.

  • Number of animals: Like cows, goats are social animals and want to live in herds. By means of instance, male turtles, or even bucks, if castrated, cannot be maintained with all the female goats (does). Thus, this will indicate that one needs to buy more than two goats. As a start-up entrepreneur, buy two does and pay for breeding of your does to dollars in a different temple farm.
  • Goat age matters: Younger Bucklings are somewhat more economical in comparison to older ones. Eight months old kid requires one to two years until it may be consumed, produce milk, or be sold as beef. A grownup goat is the most inexpensive option, but you should be confident that farmers are selling milk from their quality of goat you desire.

Care for Goat Farming in Telangana:

Keeping track of goats health and assigning a veterinary doctor is extremely important and this results in a fantastic reduction of mortality. Timely vaccination schedule needs to be followed closely. Newly born goat kids and pregnant goats should be provided with additional feed and care. All sick goats must be isolated in the flock and handled.

Goat House Management for Goat Farming in Telangana:

Goat shed ought to be procured from all of the predators and wants to keep the floor clean and dry. Appropriate ventilation and air flow ought to be guaranteed while constructing a goat home. Feeders and drinkers must be provided according to requirement. Make sure clean water source through the day. All milking equipment, as well as other any materials, must be washed daily basis to avoid any contamination.

Goat Fodder Management for Goat Farming in Telangana:

Aside from providing routine goat feed, they need to be supplied with minerals and nutrients for rapid growth and weight gain. Goat Feeding depends on several factors like age, an age of the goat and business purpose.

You can provide goat feed by growing green fodder crops, trees (like Subabul) utilizing farmland available. If there is not enough land available, you can adapt hydroponic fodder growing or vertical fodder growing. You can make silage from green fodder crops to use it in a dry period.

Tips for Goat Farming in Telangana:

  1. Negotiate Goat price when you buy in bulk.
  2. Buy Goat strains just from certified animal breeding centers.
  3. Have veterinary doctor with you while buying goats. This could help you selecting healthy goats.
  4. Vaccinate All of the newly bought goats if necessary, before entering into your farm.
  5. Goat Kids and Pregnant goats require more attention.
  6. Never Allow goats to jump from the fence and farm the house with a good fence.
  7. Complete All of the required vaccinations as per your veterinary doctor.
  8. Some Plants are poisonous to plants, remove this kind of plants from the field.
  9. If You find any disease in goat, isolate immediately from the bunch until it gets treated.
  10. Never Enable male-female goats together except in breeding times.
  11. Usually, Every 25 female goats require 1 male goat, therefore, avoid keeping too many men goats.
  12. Maintain selling old and unproductive goats.
  13. Never mix the newly bought goats with existing goats.
  14. Daily Monitoring of goats is needed to find any abnormality in feeding or movement.
  15. Avoid Any middle representative to get goats or even sell goats.
  16. Build a marketing strategy for direct goat sale or goat milk.

Bottom Line of Goat Farming in Telangana:- Its one of the best business to get excellent profits as the mutton rate is going up every year.

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