Goat Farming In Maharashtra Information

Goat Farming in Maharashtra.
Goat Farming in Maharashtra.

Goat Farming In Maharashtra:

Introduction to Goat Farming in Maharashtra:- Goat is popularly known as poor man’s cow. However, so many people are showing interest in raising goats in Maharashtra since goat chevon (meat) has excellent demand. Apart from this, people of neighboring states of Maharashtra also make lots goat trade. Goats can be raised for different purposes such as meat, milk, and skin. In India, most they are meant for meat. Maharashtra has good goat training centers for novice people. In rural areas of Maharashtra, goats are mostly raised in open grazing system where there is plenty of fodder available. However, most commercial goat farming in Maharashtra is done in an intensive, semi-intensive or stall-fed environment. Maharashtra topography and climate is very well suited for goat farming. Profits in goat farming are limitless under ideal livestock management practices. However, there are many risks associated with goat farming just like any other business. If you are a beginner and new to goat farming business in Maharashtra, you must learn basics of goat farming and their management. For this, there are many goat breeding centers in Maharashtra where you can get some kind of training. Never start goat farming with high numbers, start with a minimal number like 4 or 5 initially and gradually increase the numbers as you get more experience and confidence. Goat meat price in India increasing every year, so it is better to establish a direct contact with consumers to earn more money rather selling to middle agents. The following article can also be applied to Goat Farming in Mumbai, Goat Farming in Pune, Goat Farming in Nagpur, Goat Farming in Nashik, Goat Farming in Vasai-Virar, Goat Farming in Aurangabad, Goat Farming in Solapur, Goat Farming in Bhiwandi, Goat Farming in Amravati, Goat Farming in Malegaon, Goat Farming in Kolhapur, Goat Farming in Sangli, Goat Farming in Jalgaon, Goat Farming in Akola, Goat Farming in Latur, Goat Farming in Ahmadnagar, Goat Farming in Dhule, Goat Farming in Ichalkaranji, Goat Farming in Chandrapur, Goat Farming in Parbhani, Goat Farming in Navi Mumbai, Goat Farming in Panvel, Goat Farming in Bhusawal.

Goat Farming Advantages in Maharashtra:

  1. Goat farming has now become a key part of Maharashtra rural development programme.
  2. One can benefit from goat manure as it is an excellent source of N:P:K. You can utilize this manure for growing fodder crops and agriculture crops. You can sell for good profits as well.
  3. Goat meat has excellent demand in Maharashtra.
  4. You can start goat farming in Maharashtra with a low investment and you always have the option to increase the flock size as you gain experience.
  5. Multiplication of goats is easy when compared with cattle.
  6. Goat Meat has low saturated fat than pork, poultry, and beef, low in cholesterol, but higher in protein.
  7. Goat farming has fewer risks when compared to poultry farming and dairy farming.
  8. Goats Are multi-purpose animals and utilized in meat, milk, skin and fiber production. Management of goats is easy as women can also take care of goat farm. You no need to spend for other labors like in dairy and poultry.
  9. Goat training is very easy and you can handle raising goats with other livestock.
  10. In Open grazing system, goats can cut down garbage by eating food bits.
  11. Goats can easily be adapted to most parts of climatic conditions of Maharashtra.
  12. The mortality rate is less in goat farming, as goats are hardy and disease resistant animals. You can expect fewer diseases and fewer losses in goat farming business when compared to chicken farming.
  13. Goats can be raised as pets and show goats.
  14. Space and fodder requirement in goat farming less when compared to the dairy farm business. Goats can feed on a wide range of forage crops.
  15. You can make money by selling goat milk (which is better than cow milk) and goatskin along with the meat.
  16. In agriculture crops, weeds are the main problem, goats can clear these weed grasses and trees.
  17. In Maharashtra, there are many goat training centers and breeding centers for quick learning.
  18. Rural areas of Maharashtra now mostly depending on goat farming as it fetches good profits in short time and as cultivated land is decreasing.
  19. Goat farming in the state of Maharashtra defiantly solving the unemployment problem in rural regions.
  20. The government of Maharashtra is encouraging goat farming business by providing subsidies and loans.
  21. The biggest advantage of goat farming in Maharashtra is that goat doesn’t require any marketing whether you are just selling them for meat or having goat breeding facility. People can visit your farm and purchase right at your farm gate.
  22. The State of Maharashtra is the best bet for goat farming because there are many barren, uncultivated lands.

Commercial Goat Farming in Maharashtra: As open lands are decreasing trend in most parts of India, Commercial goat farming in smaller spaces like stall-fed sheds are increasing mode For commercial goat farming in Maharashtra, the production inputs required are.

  • The fixed investments include; land, shed/shelter, storage Items, pasture area for open grazing, water heaters, feeding trough, drinkers, electric equipment, waste management, feed cutting machines, feed storage room, and milking equipment for dairy goats.
  • The other requirement is about purchasing male and female goats. You may also need some seasonal labor for fodder preparation like silage making.

Breeds Suitable for Goat Farming in Maharashtra:

The state of Maharashtra adapts many goat breeds. Surrounding state breeds such as Telangana Goat Breeds, Chhattisgarh goat breeds, Karnataka goat breeds, Tamil Nadu goat breeds and Andhra Pradesh goat breeds can easily adapt the climatic conditions of Maharashtra. Apart from those breeds, exotic goats like Boer, Nubian goats, Toggenburg goats, Saanen goats, French Alpine goats and Damascus can be raised on a commercial scale with stall-fed goat farming practices. There are many goats cross-breeds and local breeds are also available in Maharashtra.

The following list of goat breeds can be reared and raised in Maharashtra state.

  • Osmanabadi goat breed.
  • Beetal goat breed.
  • Sojat goat breed.
  • Jamunapari goat breed.
  • Barbari goat breed.
  • Jakhrana goat breed.
  • Boer Goat breed.
  • Damascus goat breed.
  • Saanen goats.

In commercial goat farming, think of best male and female goat breeds as you have to make sure goats in your farm should produce multiple kids in single birth to extend the flock in short period of time. You may need to find out with Maharashtra animal husbandry for better breed information.

How To Select A Location for Goat Farming in Maharashtra:

Well, the location of commercial goat farming in Maharashtra plays a significant part in the success rate of goat farming enterprise. You have to decide on a place in such a manner that, it should have good road and transportation facility and should be nearer to urban regions. This might help you to market your goats very easily. The place should be free from all predators and floods. Steer clear of any forest areas and remote areas. Make sure veterinary centers are close to the place goat farm.

Do the Appropriate fencing of the land with the border wall or bamboo fencing. but brick and cemented boundary would provide more security.

Goat Buying Tips for Goat Farming in Maharashtra:

Perfect Size for Goat Purchase.
Perfect Size for Goat Purchase.

Keep in mind these important points before you select goats for your farm.

  1. Quantity of Goats: Goats are social animals and can survive as singles. It is mandatory to buy at least 2 to 3 goats initially.
  2. Goat Age: Younger goats are best to buy for your farm. especially age of 6 to months 9 months. Avoid buying old goats and sick ones. It takes at least 1 year for producing meat/milk/fur after purchasing the goats.

Care in Commercial Goat Farming:

You should keep the whole farm neat and healthy to avoid any disease spread. Sick goats should be isolated until they got treated. Commercial goat farmers should choose a nearest veterinary doctor who can visit your farm on the frequent basis. It easy to find an unhealthy goat. If the goat is taking any feed and looks dull, you should see a veterinary doctor. Any other common diarrheal problems should be treated as soon as they are spotted. Keep track of all vaccinations and follow up with a veterinary professional. Newly born goat kids or young goat kids and pregnant goats should be provided with additional feed and care. Breeding males should be fed more than regular bucks.

Newly born kids require colostrum within 1 hour of birth and If goats kids are not taking milk from mothers, you should adopt a bottle milk.

CDT vaccine should be given to your goats as the primary vaccination to protect them from clostridial diseases. Generally. Tetanus vaccination is given at the time of birth. When the goat kid reaches five to six weeks, a booster vaccination should be given and subsequently, it should be given once in the year.

Shed Management for Goat Farming in Maharashtra:

Goathouse should be secured from all the outside animals and other predators. Goat shed should be built in elevated areas so that ventilation and air-flow should be good. Goathouse can be built with local material or permanent structures. Goat feeders and drinkers may be built in the goat shed along with water providers. You should always ensure dry floor. You use paddy husk on the floor to absorb any goat urination.

Goat Fodder Management for Goat Farming in Maharashtra:

Goats can consume a variety of fodders which are of sweet, sour, bitter (neem leaves) and salty in flavor. They could eat leguminous feed such as Lobia, Berseem, garlic etc. with flavor and pleasure. Largely they prefer to eat the fodder that gives them energy and is full of protein. They often spoil their feed by urinating. Thus the distinctive kind of feeding place should be designed to safeguard goat food from spoilage. Goats also need supplemental feed along with regular feed for better healthy growth and weight gain. Goat Feeding depends on several factors like animal age, goat stage (pregnant or not) and purpose of goat business (meat or milk). Some of the feeds that goats prefer are Subabul, hybrid grasses, berseem, Beans, peas, guar, Corn/Maize, oats, okharu, khejri, karonda, berry, turnips, potato, radish, carrot, beetroot, cauliflower and cabbage, Chickpea, pigeon pea and groundnut, conserved fodder, hay, and silage made from Grass, leguminous and non-leguminous plants.

Usually, an adult goat can eat 5 kg of green manure in one day. You have to ensure at least 1 kg of dry matter such as pigeon peas or leguminous hay.

Tips for Goat Farming in Maharashtra:

A dairy goat.
A dairy goat.
  • Research for quality goat breeders and negotiate price.
  • You should take a veterinary doctor with you when you plant to purchase goats. This could help you selecting healthy goats and avoiding old goats.
  • Newly bought goats should be vaccinated before entering into your farm. Never mix newly bought animals with existing one. Never buy goats without constructing any shelter.
  • Goat Kids and Pregnant goats need more care and attention.
  • You need a good and secured fence around the shed so that goats will not jump.
  • Maintain health records of all the goats and follow up with a veterinary doctor.
  • If any plants are poisonous in the grazing field, they should be removed immediately.
  • As soon as a sick goat is spotted, it should be isolated until it got treated. This can help other goats from avoiding the spread of the disease.
  • Breeding time is the only time when you allow male goats and female goats to be in the herd or shed. All other times, separate male and female goats. Newly born goat kids and mothers should be separated from the flock in the shed.
  • In general, 1 male goat is required for 25 female goats. avoid having more male goats.
  • Sell off old and unproductive goats.
  • Monitor your goats for any abnormality.
  • When you are ready to sell goats, have contacts directly with consumers rather middle agents.

Goat Farming In Training in Maharashtra:

Here are some of the goat farming training and goat breed supply centers in Maharashtra.

Goat Training Center
Narayangaon, Maharashtra
phone: 02132 243 852.

Aai Goat Farm and Goat Training
Savindane, Maharashtra
Phone: 092255 22927.

For Boer Goat Breeds Supply and Training in Maharashtra
Phaltan, Maharashtra
Phone: 02166 222 298.

Osmanabadi Goat Farm and Training
Arvi, Maharashtra
Phone 098908 56194.

Balaji Goat Farming Training
Ahmednagar, Karjat, Maharashtra
Phone: 099700 86323.

Panchratna Goat Farm for Goat Breed Supply
Bengrutwadi, Maharashtra
Phone: 098505 78403.

Renuka Goat Farm for Best Goat Breed Supply
Ahmadnagar, Maharashtra
Phone: 098239 80548

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