Goat Farming Information For Beginners

Goat Farming Business.
Goat Farming Business.

Goat Farming Information Guide:

Goat Farming India – Introduction to Goat Farming:- Well, goat farming in India is becoming very popular as more people are showing interest due to increased demand of goat meat in domestic and export markets. Another primary reason is that goat farming can bring profits in short time. Population increase, growing goat meat lovers made this as one of the lucrative business in India. Most of the people think that they can make money in goat farming in easy way but it is not true. In any livestock business; hard work, proper planning and dedication are the most important factors directly impact your success percentage in goat farming. The good thing of goat farming business is that you can start from small number of animals and gradually can increase as you become expert in this line of business. When it comes India, north India has more goat breeds and more goat population. In this article let us more talk about goat farming in India.

Goat Farming India – Benefits and Advantages:- There are many advantages of goats.

  • Setting up a goat farm is very easy when compared to dairy farm. These farms can be maintained even by children and women
  • Goat farming set up cost is low when compared to other livestock farm such a dairy or poultry
  • If the intention is dairy goat farm, it has good demand as it is very nutritious and can easily digest when compared to cow milk. Apart from this, goat milk demand is rapidly increasing in India
  • If the intention is meat goat farm, goat meat has always excellent demand and there is no need of doing hard work in marketing
  • In either case of goat farming (dairy goat farming or meat goat farming), One can make extra income by selling skin and manure
  • Goats are hardy animals and have excellent resistance power, hence they are more disease resistant when compared to other livestock. So, mortality rate of goats are very less
Newly Born Goat Kids.
Newly Born Goat Kids.

Goat Farming India – How To Start It?:- You must learn basics of goat farming by visiting nearby farms, watching you tube goat videos and reading information from animal husbandry. Once you get confidence, prepare estimate or complete goat farming business plan based on your budget. We recommend you to start with small numbers with less initial investment and gradually increase the animals in your farm. However, if you are planning on large scale, you may have to construct good goat shed along with proper fencing. Feed cost is the one which eats all of your profits. To save feed cost, cultivate with green forage and legume crops in couple of acres. Use the manure from your own farm to grow these green crops. Make silage from these crops and store it for dry periods. Generally 1 to 2 acres of green fodder can input to 100 goats. Go for perineal grasses for better forage yield. In case of dairy goat farming, milking equipment should be purchased. Try to run 2 batches/year. In case of meat goat farming, let us say you have purchased 50 goats initially and want to raise for 6 months and sell them off. You should ensure that one batch of goats will be ready before one batch leaves. You get more profits, if you plan these batches to leave to slaughter house especially festival times. There are two programs you can adopt in your farm. First one is to go for breeding program, you buy the female goats (for every 20 female goats, 1 male goat should be maintained) and raise the kids in your farm, keep female goats and sell male goats when they attain certain weight. Other program is ram program in which you buy only male goat kids and raise them for 6 months and sell them to slaughter house. If you are planning for dairy goat farming, you must have proper marketing channel to sell the goat milk. However, we recommend going for meat goat farming is more profitable than dairy goat farming.

Goat Farming India – Selection of Goat Breeds:- Selection of quality goat breed is very important in successful commercial goat farm business. Whether you are selecting male or female goats, make sure they are healthy and not old. If possible buy the breeds from goat breeding centers. Number of teeth will tell you the goat age. Let us say your purpose is to grow meat goat, you should buy young and healthy goat and raise them for 6 months and sell them off. If you are not sure of selection of breed, find out from nearest farms for suitable and high yielding breed. It is always recommended to take veterinary doctor with you so that good and healthy breeds can be selected.

Goat Farming India – Indian Meat Goat Breeds:- Boer Goat, Beetal Goat, Kashmiri Goat, Matou Goat, Angora Goat, Chegu, Black Bengal are some of the meat goats. Osmanabadi, and other local breeds are also raised for meat purpose.

Goat Farming India – Indian Dairy Goat Breeds:- Jamunapari, Saanen, Toggenburg, Anglo Nubian, Alpine are some of the popular dairy goat breeds.

Goat Farming India – Goat Shed Construction:- Commercial goat should construct a secured shed in safe location. When building a goat house, the following points should be kept in mind.

  1. Based on your budget and goat count, you should plan a goat shed. A person can build a goat shed with 1 lakh rupees or 10 lakh rupees depending on the area and material cost. Initially, we recommend with cheap material and once you start getting profits, expand and build with good and secured one. Don’t build expensive goat shed before starting a goat farm.
  2. Shed should be built on elevated area avoid any water flow in rainy season
  3. Goat house should be built in such a ways that there is enough light and air flows into the shed
  4. Goat shed flooring can be made with brick/wood/cement/mud
  5. Keep the floor always clean and dry
  6. In case of stall fed goat farming, you should make sure keep enough/comfortable space to accommodate feeders and drinkers for free movement of animals. around them
  7. You may need to provide cooling system in hot dry summer and heating systems in extreme cold winters
  8. Provide fencing around the shed for not allowing any predators into the shed
  9. It is always advised to keep the female and male goats separately in the shed
  10. Build a feed room which is easily accessible for the shed.
  11. You can also keep the refrigerator store any medicine or vaccinations.

Goat Farming India – Goat Care:- caring goats by providing timely vaccinations and de-worming is very important in successful goat business. Pregnant goats and new born goat kids should be given extra attention. Sick goats should be removed from the flock and kept separately until it becomes healthy. Regular observation of animals is needed for finding any abnormal properties. Provide fresh and clean water daily. If you want to insure your goat, there are some companies who can provide goat insurance.

Goat Farming India – Feed Considerations and Management:- Goats require enough nutritious food their health and to get good weight in short period of time. The feed should include Corn, Wheat, Groundnut Cake, Sorghum, and Broken Rice, Hay, Grains (legume crops), Tree leaves (like subabul), any type of green grasses. Commercial goat farmers should prepare their own silage by using homegrown forage (green crops) which can save lots of feed cost and serve this silage in drought periods. Apart from regular feed, supplemental feed should be provided to meet the requirement of vitamins and minerals.

  • What Kind of Crops Should I Feed My Goats:- The following fodder crops are suitable for Goat farming. One can grow these crop in 1 to 2 acre land for 100 Goats.
    1. Green Crops: Corn / Maize, Bahia grass, Alfalfa, legume crops, hybrid perineal grass crops, cereal crops, Clover, Fescue, Millet crops, and Ryegrass. Legume Crops like Cowpea, Stylo, Hedge Lucerne, and Desmanthus are best suitable.
    2. Other Tree Crops: Agathi, Vagai ,Glyricidia Arasu, Subabul, Neem,  Kodukapuli, Karuvel, Velvel and Seemaikaruvel.
    3. Concentrate Feed: Sorghum, Wheat, Groundnut cake, Broken rice and Corn.

Goat Farming India – Care of Breeding Goats:- If you are running a goat farm for breeding purpose, a natural breeding and an artificial insemination both can be used for breeding the goats. Most of the commercial goat farming owners are preferring for artificial insemination as this process can improve the genetics and production of animals. Keep the male and female ration of 1:25 (1 male goat for 25 female goats).  Breeding goats should be fed with more nutrients and Increase their intake at the time of breeding. Newly born goat kids requires a lot of patience, care and attention. In case of dairy goat farming, sell the male goats after 4 to 5 months and keep all female goat kids for next batch.

Goat Farming India – Vaccination and Health Care:- Prepare vaccination chart and follow that with your veterinary doctor. De-worming should be done once 2 to 3 months and providing regular vaccinations are common practice. Make sure that all the goats are vaccinated before entering into your farm.   

Goat Farming India – Marketing of Goats and Their Products: There many agents who can buy your goats at the farm gate itself. You can research for better prices and accordingly you can supply. However, in India, the dairy goat farming requires to find a proper marketing channel to supply the goat milk. In some areas of India, you can sell the goat milk locally. Contact or contact any cheese/dairy companies who uses goat milk in their products.

Goat Farming India – Bottom Line:- With selecting proper breed, good feed management, health care and business management plan, one can obtain decent profits with commercial goat farming.

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