Goat Farming in Pakistan Information

How To Start a Goat Farming in Pakistan.
How To Start a Goat Farming in Pakistan.

Goat Farming in Pakistan:

The following content is all about Goat Farming in Pakistan or Scope of Goat farming in Pakistan or Feasibility of goat farming in Pakistan.

Introduction to Goat Farming in Pakistan

Anyone who is interested can earn good amount by running goat farming business and many men and women in Pakistan prefer this livestock business. As we all know Goats are referred as “poor man’s cow”. Goats are small to medium size animals and have the capacity to produce the effective quantity of meat and milk that makes the opportunity of earning extra income. Special skills are not required to start a goat farming in Pakistan. However, it is advised to know about goat management before starting commercial goat farming in Pakistan. Mostly, landless farmers are doing large-scale goat farming. In rural areas of Pakistan, you can find men, women and even children raising goats. As goat meat demand is very high in Pakistan, there are people who are educated and started commercial stall fed goat farming in Pakistan. The goat products from Pakistan have excellent demand even in international markets. Nowadays, goat farming in Pakistan is being considered as one of most lucrative and profitable business. There are certain things should keep in mind before starting goat farming in Pakistan.

The first and foremost thing is you must understand that goat farming is a long-term project and should not expect immediate profits. Goat farming in Pakistan requires an initial investment for fixed and variable assets. You should prepare a goat farming business plan with your affordable. Expect some returns after 2 to 3 years after setting up a goat farming in Pakistan. Ensure you hire a right employee/ labor to manage the goat. However, your dedication/ monitoring and hard work are required for successful and profitable goat farming in Pakistan. Goat farming in Pakistan is now playing a significant role in nation’s economy/market by producing 3 lakh tons of mutton, 30 millions of skin, 25 thousand tons of hair and yearly producing the 900 thousand tons of milk. You can start with low investment and slowly can turn this into a commercial business model. Let us more discuss goat farming in Pakistan in upcoming sections.

Advantages and Benefits of Goat Farming in Pakistan

  • Goats are social animals can be raised along with other livestock.
  • Goats are multi-utility animals which can produce meat, milk, and skin.
  • Goat farming in Pakistan requires less investment compared to the dairy farm or poultry farm.
  • Goat meat is nutritious and has excellent demand in both local and export market.
  • Goats are hardy animals and resistant to many diseases.
  • Goat farming in Pakistan required less maintenance even women and old people can handle day to day activities.
  • Goat milk is better than cow milk and can get good profits in dairy goat farming in Pakistan.
  • Goat farming Pakistan help poor farmers and provides employment for other people.
  • Goats can give multiple kids in single birth hence the number of animal in the farm can be multiplied at a very fast rate.
  • Goats can be raised even in backyard spaces.
  • Goats can clear the field by feeding on weeds, plants, and pasture.
  • Goat manure can be used to cultivate other agriculture crops.
  • Goatskin of Pakistan has excellent demand due to their quality.
  • Goats can be adapted to local climatic conditions without any problem.
  • In Goats, Reproduction process early and gestation time frame is less.
  • Goat farming is a unique and lucrative proven business in Pakistan.
  • Goat farming in Pakistan requires less labor compared to dairy and poultry farming.
  • Goat farming is to establish in Pakistan when compared to other livestock business.
  • Goats occupy less floor space than cattle.

How To Start a Goat Farming in Pakistan

Goat Farming in Pakistan.
Goat Farming in Pakistan.

Before starting goat farming in Pakistan, make sure to learn goat basics and other farm management activates. This can be achieved by visiting other neighboring goat farms, watching goat farming videos online, attending goat farming training, reading some goat farming project reports. There is lots of information about goat farming in Pakistan to download in PDF formats.

These are the requirements/inputs for commercial goat farming or large-scale goat farming in Pakistan.

Fixed Investment

  • Land.
  • Goat shed/house.
  • Feed room.
  • Feed cutting machine.
  • Refrigerator.
  • Borewell/ water tank.
  • shed fences/land fences.
  • Pasture area/grazing area.
  • Water pump.
  • Feeding Trough.
  • Spade.
  • Wheelbarrow.
  • Ropes.


  • Breeding does (female goats).
  • Breeding bucks (male goats).

Operating Expenses

  • Veterinary medicines, vaccines, and veterinary doctor charges.
  • Feed supplements/nutrition and goat rations.
  • Labour: fixed and seasonal.
  • Repair and Maintenance of goat house, feed room, fences, equipment of electrical and mechanical, and pasture.

Breeds Selection for Goat Farming in Pakistan

Selection good goat breed plays a major role in successful goat farming in Pakistan. It is better to have your veterinary professional while buying as he can direct your for better breed selection. You must avoid old, too young and sick animals. Never buy single goat as these are social animals.

Goat Breed Selection.
Goat Breed Selection.

How to select Female goats (Does):

  • Female goats (Does) should be bought from a region with similar climatic conditions. So that they can easily adjust to your farm conditions.
  • Goat teats should be uniform at length and large enough so that milking would be easy.
  • Make sure goats have a good appetite and well-formed pupils.
  • Native female goats should not be less than 20 kg.
  • Goats udder should be palpated.
  • Avoid purchasing female goats from local markets and buy your breeding goats only from certified goat farms.
  • Too old and sick goats should be avoided, you can identify old goats by the number of teeth.

How to select Male goats (Bucks):

  • You should select at least 12 months old breeding buck.
  • Male goats should possess good height and great framework.
  • You should check the farm records to know more about producing line, feeding habits etc,.
  • Ensure the bucks you are purchasing came from a female goat (doe) with a high twinning rate.
  • Male goats must be active and ready to breed the in-heat doe.
  • It is recommended to change or replace bucks for every 3 to 4 years.

The following goat breeds are suitable for Pakistan climatic conditions.

  • Beetal.
  • Barpari.
  • Kaghani.
  • Nachi.
  • Khurasani.
  • Tappray.
  • Pateri.
  • Pak Angora.
  • Dera Din Panah.
  • Chapper.
  • Kamori.
  • Ieddy.
  • Kapla Gulabi.
  • Bilkaneri.

Apart from above, you can go for Boer goat farming in Pakistan for meat production.

Other exotic or imported goat breeds include Anglo-Nubian, Damascus, Saanen Toggenburg goat and White Irish goat.

Location Selection for Goat Farming in Pakistan

  • When you set up a goat farm in Pakistan, you must choose the location which safe and has good road access, electricity and water source.
  • The location should be free from all kinds threats from wild predators such street dogs, wolfs etc..
  • It is better to be closer to any town or city so that veterinary service accesses will be easy.
  • Make sure local area of has good labor for permanent or seasonal activities.

Shed Desing and Construction for Goat Farming in Pakistan

Goat housing should be built on an elevated area. You can use the material based on your budget. Goat shed walls should be at least 10 to 12 feet of height built with brick and cement. Make sure the house built east-west direction for proper ventilation. The roof can be built with asbestos sheets. Avoid any rainwater or wetness in the shed and always keep the goat house clean and dry. Generally, each goat requires a floor space of 10 to 12 sq.feet for easy movement. Goat shed should be built based on the number of animals, number of feeders, drinkers, any other equipment. Attached feed room or feed racks will provide easy access for managing with feed. The shed floor can be built with cement covered with paddy husk or any other dry material to absorb the goat urinals etc.. Build or provide separate pens for lactating and dry female goats, goat kids, and for breeding bucks. Ensure the buck pen is visible to breeding does yet far enough to avoid any goat smell especially during milk sale. You can also consider building elevated flat forms because goats love to rest on this kind of places. Lighting should be provided in goat house of barns during the night. Goats usually consume up to 35% of the day’s intake during the night when lights are provided. The goat shed required outside fencing as well for preventing the goats from jumping to other fields. Barbed wire fencing is good enough for the purpose.

Breeding in Goat Farming in Pakistan

Breeding can be done by natural way buck mating or Artificial Insemination.

Goat Breeding.
Goat Breeding.

Generally, female goats can reach puberty from 5 to 18 months. Consider the best breeding age is about 11 to 12 months. 1 male goat (Buck) is enough to breed with 25 female goats per year. Older bucks can cover up to 75/year. Always ensure male and female goat ratio in the as 1:25. The best breeding time is daily during oestrus. Goats have 155 days of a gestation period.

How to find the goats are in heat? well, the following are the indication of heat symptoms.

  1. If you observe mucus discharge from the vulva.
  2. Frequent urination with uneasiness, lack of appetite and bleating.
  3. If female goats are trying to stay near the male goat.

Care of Animals in Goat Farming in Pakistan

Caring your goats in different stages of growth is essential for reducing mortality and disease spread. Newly born goat kids nose and whole body should be wiped with clean dry cloth in case of mother goat is unable to clean. After delivery of goat, make sure the kid gets mother’s milk (colostrum). If the goat kid is not taking colostrum, you can go for bottle feeding. Mother goat should be given nutritious feed. Breeding bucks should also be provided with good feed ration. Pregnant goats should be observed carefully until they get delivered. Any required medication should be provided as per veterinary doctor instructions. Scheduled vaccinations should be carried out in all animals including frequent de-worming. Any sick goats should be removed from the herd and isolated until it gets treated.

Goat Kid Care.
Goat Kid Care.

Feed Management for Goat Farming in Pakistan

Feeding your goats with nutritious feed is utmost tasks on your farm. With regular grazing, you should also include mineral blocks in the shed for supplemental feed. Consider having an appropriate dry matter in regular feed. Feed intake is different for kids, pregnant goats, breeding Does and lactating goats. Feed intake should be increased as per the growth rate and weight gain. Generally, an adult goat may consume 5.5 kg to 6.5 kg of green fodder per day. It is recommended to have at least 1 kg of dry fodder. The following green fodder crops can be growing for goat farming in Pakistan.

Legume Fodders:

  • Cowpea / Lobia.
  • Hedge lucerne.
  • Stylo.
  • Lucerne.

Cereal Fodders:

Grass Fodders:

  • Hybrid Napier.
  • Guinea grass.
  • Para Grass.
  • Blue buffalo grass.

Tree fodders:

If you are into stall-fed goat farming, you can cut these fodder crops and make 1-inch pieces by fodder cutting machine before feeding. Using maize other crops, you can make silage and store it. This silage serves as excellent feed and helps in goat fattening especially dry or drought conditions.

Read about Silage Making.

Goat Farming Tips in Pakistan

Goat Farming Tips.
Goat Farming Tips.
  • Start with minimal goat numbers and expand it when you gain experience and confidence.
  • Never mix bucks with does except in breeding times.
  • Select goats with 8 to 10 kg weight with at least 6 to 8 months of age.
  • All required vaccinations should be completed well before entering the farm.
  • Never allow newly bought animals with existing stock at least for 40 days.
  • Have your veterinary professional to visit the goat farm on a frequent basis.
  • Observe the goats with their feeding habits and alertness for finding any abnormalities. This can save goats by providing appropriate treatment on time.
  • Maintain correct male-female ration in the farm which is 1:25.
  • Sell off any unproductive and sick or old goats.
  • Change the male goats every 3 to 4 years and replace with new bucks.
  • Provide clean and fresh water daily and don’t allow goats to feed on each other’s plate.
  • Vaccinations for any expected diseases along with regular ones should be done.

Goat Farming Training in Pakistan

You can find out goat farming training and breed information with local Pakistan Animal Husbandry department.

Read about LaMancha Goat Breed.


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