Goat Farming In Madhya Pradesh Information

Goat Farming In Madhya Pradesh.
Goat Farming In Madhya Pradesh.

Goat Farming In Madhya Pradesh


Madhya Pradesh is one of the biggest states in India with lots of trees and shrubs. There is a lot of scope for goat farming as there is plenty of green fodder is available. There is a huge demand for goat meat than sheep meat in Madhya Pradesh. There are many commercial goat farming and goat breeding centers available in Madhya Pradesh. You get cheap labor for managing your goat farm. Establishing and managing goat farming in Madhya Pradesh is not that hard task. God is considered as a poor man’s cow in India and very well suited for the dry land farming system. Goat farming can be established in areas where Marginal or undulating lands are available. Madhya Pradesh is the right fit for goat farming very well. One can earn good income selling breeding goats or goat meat with in Madhya Pradesh as well as other neighboring states. In Madhya Pradesh, goats can be reared for milk, meat, fiber and skin. Commercial goat farming in Madhya Pradesh can also fetch additional income since goat can produce manure. Stall-fed goat farming has many benefits over extensive goat farming. Small scale goat farmers can practice the extensive rearing method provided there is enough grazing land in their local areas. In upcoming sections, let us talk more about goat farming advantages in Madhya Pradesh, goat farming care in Madhya Pradesh, goat breeds in Madhya Pradesh, and goat farming management practices in Madhya Pradesh. There are subsidies and loans available under NABARD schemes for Goat Farming in Madhya Pradesh.

Advantages of Goat Farming in Madhya Pradesh and Why Should You Consider It?

Advantages Of Goat Farming.
Advantages Of Goat Farming.
  • Madhya Pradesh state has vast agricultural grazing lands for goat farming. So going for goat farming in the state is very easy.
  • Compared to other states, labor in Madhya Pradesh is cheap for managing your goat farm.
  • Goats are friendly and multi-purpose animals can be raised along with other animals/livestock.
  • One can earn profits with goat farming by selling meat, milk, fiber, skin, and manure.
  • Goats are hardy animals and can survive any kind of climatic conditions in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Goats require less maintenance and low inputs. The set up cost and feed requirement is less compared to other livestock business.
  • Goat meat is considered as lean meat and a good source of protein. No need to have special skills in marketing. Goat meat is tasty and has excellent demand in Madhya Pradesh and surrounding states in India.
  • Goats are hardy livestock and they have very good disease resistance capacity.
  • Goat farming setup in Madhya Pradesh is very easy and even women and older people can maintain the daily activities of the farm.
  • You can choose dairy goat farming as well. If you find the right market for goat milk in Madhya Pradesh, you can get excellent profits. Goat milk is better than cow milk in terms of digestion.
  • Nowadays, many people are showing interest in setting up a goat farming business in Madhya Pradesh to support the local employment and lift them from poverty line. Unemployed people in Madhya Pradesh, who are interested to earn part time or full-time considering goat farming business as their livelihood.
  • Goats can produce more than one kid in single birth, depending on breed. Hence, one can expect more goats in a short period of time.
  • In case if you are not able to set up on a commercial scale, you can raise the goats as pets in your backyard to earn some of your family expenses.
  • Goats can help in cleaning small plants, leaves, shrubs, and weeds. Apart from this, goat manure is very useful growing agricultural crops.
  • You can sell goat manure or can use to grow green fodder crops. This can reduce feed cost drastically.
  • The goat skin has excellent demand in Madhya Pradesh as the quality of goat skin is good.
  • Compared to other livestock, Goats have early reproduction and less gestation period.
  • Goat farming business is a proven and successful so you should not have a second thought for starting a goat farm in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Goat farming requires less labor, you can run the farm with seasonal labor.
  • The space requirement depends on a number of goats. Usually, goats do not require much floor space in the shed/goat house. You don’t need an expensive goat house.

Who Can Start Goat Farming In Madhya Pradesh?

  • Well, anyone one who is interested to earn and have the basic skills to mange goats.
  • Marginal land owners/Unemployed / Landless people can start the goat farming business.
  • People who are interested to earn part time income along with their other job.
  • You can adapt an extensive goat farming, if you a huge grazing area.
  • Business people who are willing to invest in commercial goat farming business.

Starting a Goat Farming in Madhya Pradesh

Starting a Goat Farm.
Starting a Goat Farm.

To get basic knowledge of goat farming, it is better to attend goat farming training classes in Madhya Pradesh. Without knowing goat farming management, don’t start the commercial goat business. The goat farming training is helpful in selection of healthy goat breeds, goat care and marketing tips. To know more about the basics of goat farming, you can visit local commercial goat farms in Madhya Pradesh. Before starting a goat farm, you must prepare a goat farming business plan with all the required information for goat selection to marketing. You can download free goat farming project report for a complete end-to-end goat business management and tips. There are many goat farming videos on  YouTube which can help you to understand better. You can also download goat farming PDF documents for your reference.

Goat Farming Systems in Madhya Pradesh

  1. Zero grazing (Intensive) goat farming system: In this type of goat farming systems, the animals are not allowed outside for grazing on green pastures. Goats are reared by feeding in the goat house itself. This method of rearing is also called intensive stall-fed goat farming.
  2. Semi-Intensive goat farming system: In this farming method, goats are allowed to free-range grazing for some time, then they return to goat house. They are fed in the goat house for remaining of the day.
  3. Extensive goat farming system: In this farming system, Goats are allowed in free-range grazing for a whole day and they allowed in the house at night for resting.

What are the Requirements to Start a Goat Farming in Madhya Pradesh?

The following lists out the required inputs to establish a commercial goat farming in Madhya Pradesh.

Fixed Investment / One Time Investment for Commercial Goat Farming in Madhya Pradesh

  • Land required for Grazing (this is required for semi-intensive and extensive rearing methods).
  • Goat house.
  • Feed room.
  • Fodder cutting machine.
  • Cold storage like refrigerator for storing medicines/vaccination and milk.
  • Water supply tank.
  • A bore-well for growing fodder crops, and water supply to animals on the farm.
  • Goat house fencing set up.
  • Milking equipment, if you are rearing dairy goats.
  • Feeding Trough of all the goats on the farm.
  • A weigh scale to monitor the animal weight periodically.
  • Spade.
  • Wheelbarrow.
  • Ropes and any other tools used in the goat house for daily management.

Purchasing Breeding Goats for Goat Farming In Madhya Pradesh

  • Need to purchase Breeding female goats.
  • Need to purchase Breeding male goats.

Operating Expenses for Goat Farming In Madhya Pradesh

  • Vaccinations, medicines, and veterinary charges.
  • Feed concentrates, mineral, and supplements.
  • Fixed and seasonal labor cost.
  • Maintenance and repair cost of shed/ house, feed room, fences, electrical and mechanical equipment. Include any other unexpected expenses as well.
  • If your growing own fodder, you should include the cultivation cost of fodder.
  • In case of Hydroponic green fodder production, you may incur additional costs for setting up a hydroponic unit.
  • Silage making involves the charges like digging the pits, storing the feed and other materials along with labor cost.

How to Select Breeds for Goat Farming in Madhya Pradesh

Purchasing a good goat breed is very important for successful and profitable goat farming. It is advised to have a veterinary professional at the time of goat purchase. Avoid old, too young and sick animals. Never buy single goat as these are social animals and need company.

How to Choose Breeding Female Goats for Goat Farming In Madhya Pradesh

  • When you buy breeding female goats, purchase them from a region with similar climatic conditions of your local climate. This can help the goats adapt the local environment without any difficulty.
  • Make sure to choose a breeding female goat with large teats for easier milking.
  • Purchase only if the goats have a good appetite, and well formed pupils.
  • Purchase goats which are not less than 20 kg’s.
  • The selected female goat breed udder should be palpated.
  • An individual seller and local markets are not suitable for breeding goats, instead  purchase them from certified goat breeding centers in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Purchasing right age goats is important and goats below 6 months of age and above 2 years of age should be avoided.
  • Take an advice of your veterinary doctor for selecting healthy and profitable goat breeds.

How To Choose Breeding Male Goats for Goat Farming In Madhya Pradesh

Male Breeding Goat.
Male Breeding Goat.
  • Purchase at least one year age breeding male goat.
  • Male breeding goats should have a strong framework (heavy built).
  • Don’t forget to check the history of breeding lines. Ask for goat breed records. This track of record will tell about production and feed habit.
  • Purchase high twinning production breeds only. This will help to multiply goats in short duration.
  • Make sure that the chosen breeding male goats are active and ready to breed in-heat female goats.
  • You should replace the breeding male goats for every 2 to 3 years based on its conditions.

Goat Breeds for Goat Farming In Madhya Pradesh

Indigenous / Import Goat Breeds for Goat Farming In Madhya Pradesh

  • Sojat goat.
  • Malwa goat.
  • Kamori goat.
  • Kamrab goat.
  • Kota goat.
  • Jamunapari goat.
  • Barbari goat.
  • Sirohi goat
  • Saanen goat.
  • Toggenburg goat.
  • Boer goat.
  • Nubian goat..
  • Alpine goat.

Site Selection for Goat Farming in Madhya Pradesh

  • Make sure, the selected site is secure and have good road access, water, and electricity resources.
  • Build the shelter in an elevated area so that it can help prevent access to any external water source.
  • The goat house site should be free from all kinds of threats which may include wolves, wild dogs and other predators.
  • It is better to build a goat farm close to any town for easy accessibility of medicines/feed and other required inputs.
  • As seasonal and fixed labor is needed for daily goat farming activities, choose a location where abundant labor is available for a cheaper price.

Shed Construction for Goat Farming in Madhya Pradesh

Goat Housing.
Goat Housing.

There is no need of constructing expensive shed for goat farming in Madhya Pradesh. You build a goat house based on your budget. Initially, It is better to build with locally available material. Goat sheds walls must be 10 feet x 12 feet of elevation, built with cement and brick. It is recommended to build the goat house in East-West direction for proper cross-ventilation and air flow. It is better to build the shed roof with an asbestos sheet. Build the shed floor with cement inclined towards one direction as it will be comfortable for cleaning. Never leave the shed in wettable condition. Goat house floor must be dry all the time, so that any goat disease spread can be prevented.

How much floor space each goat requires? Well, it all depends on age. Generally, each adult goat requires a floor space of 12 square feet.  The size of the goat sheds depends on a number of animals. It is recommended to build the feed room adjacent to the main shed. This provides the facility to gain easy access for managing the daily feed activities. You may construct a  goat house flooring  with cement covered with paddy husk or some other dry hay materials for absorbing goat urinals. This can also provide good heat in cold climates.

You should consider to build elevated flat type beds since goats in the house love to rest with this kind of beds. Proper lighting in the goat house of barns is must. Goats may consume around 35% of their daily intake during the night time when the lighting has been provided. Fence the field where goat housing is made. This fencing can prevent goats jumping from your farm to other fields.

 Breeding for Goat Farming in Madhya Pradesh

Well, goat breeding can be carried out in two ways.

  1. Artificial insemination.
  2. Natural mating.

Generally, female goats can reach puberty from 4 to 15 months. The best breeding age of female goats is about 11 to 12 months. 1 breeding male goat is enough to mate with 25 female goats. You should make sure to maintain this ratio (1:25). The best breeding time for your goats is daily during oestrus (heat period). Goats have an average gestation period of 155 days.

How can you Identify heat symptoms (estrus) in breeding female goats?

  • Usually an abnormal mucus discharge from the vulva is observed.
  • Frequent urination with uneasiness is observed
  • Lack of appetite, taking less food and bleating is observed.
  • The female goats try to stay near the male goats during heat.

Goat Care

Goat Care.
Goat Care.

Caring goats on your farm is first and foremost task in order to reduce the mortality rate of goats. Caring of goats includes proper feeding ration and preventing health related issues. It is essential to monitor all the animals frequently on the farm  throughout their growth period. Newly born goat’s kid’s nose and the entire body should be wiped with clean, dry cloth in case of mother goat is unable to clean the kid after birth. Immediately after goat kids are born, they should be fed with mother’s milk (colostrum). In case, goat kids are not taking colostrum, make arrangements for bottle feeding with goat milk or cow milk. This is very important during the fist week of the birth.

Pregnant Goat.
Pregnant Goat.

Not only female goats, but breeding male goats as well should be fed with with additional nutritious feed. Pregnant goats need to be monitored frequently and additional care sand attention should be given. With a help of veterinary professional, required medications and vaccinations should be carried out on time. Deworming should be carried out in all ages of goats very frequently.

Read about Goat Vaccination Schedule.

Feed  Requirement for Goat Farming in Madhya Pradesh

Timely and correct ration of goats directly reflects your profits in goat farming business. Feed management should be perfect for healthy growth of goats. Provide minerals and other vitamins for quick growth apart from daily forage. Provide mineral cubes and hang them in the goat house. These cubes are available in local veterinary markets. You should provide dry hay along with green fodder. Do not keep any poisonous plants in the grazing field. The feed intake is different for different ages of goats. So one should provide the feed according to their age.

The feed rate should be increased as per age and weight of the animal. When it comes to feeding intake, usually an adult goat may consume 7 kg of green fodder every day along with at least 1 kg of dry hay.

Green fodder Crops for Goat Farming in Madhya Pradesh

Legume Fodder Crops for Goat Farming In Madhya Pradesh:

  • Cowpea fodder crop.
  • Hedge Lucerne fodder crop.
  • Stylo grass fodder crop.
  • Lucerne fodder crop.

Cereal Fodder Crops for Goat Farming In Madhya Pradesh:

  • Maize/Corn fodder crop.
  • Sorghum fodder crop.

Grass Fodder Crops for Goat Farming In Madhya Pradesh:

  • Hybrid Napier fodder crop.
  • Blue buffalo grass fodder crop.
  • Guinea grass fodder crop.
  • Para Grass fodder crop.

Tree Fodder Crops for Goat Farming In Madhya Pradesh:

  1. Subabul fodder crop.
  2. Glyricidia fodder crop.
  3. Sesbania fodder crop.

In case of Intensive or Zero grazing goat farming in Madhya Pradesh, you can cut these green fodder crops and make a 1-inch small pieces with the help of fodder cutting machine. These small fodder pieces are used as daily feed. Drought areas will always have problems with fodder crops. To overcome this problem, you can prepare silage from rain-fed fodder crops and store it for future purpose (summer time). You can make silage from maize and other grain crops. This silage serves as an excellent feed and help increasing the goat weight.

Tips for Goat Farming in Madhya Pradesh

  1. Start with a few goats and expand as you learn and gain profits. Starting with many goats initially, definitely carry a risk.
  2. You should not mix male goats and female goats in the house or grazing area unless you are planning for breeding.
  3. Consider purchasing the goats with at least a weight of 9 to 10 kg. Usually, this weight can be achieved in 10 to 12 months of age goats.
  4. Any required vaccinations/medications (including deworming) should be completed before entering the farm. Subsequent booster shots should be carried on time with the help of veterinary doctor.
  5. Never mix newly purchased goats with old existing goats in the house. It is advised to keep them separate at least for 40 days and observe carefully.
  6. You need to make arrangements to have frequent visits by your veterinary professional.
  7. Monitor all the animals for their feeding habits and their endurance for finding any
  8. It is not advised to keep more breeding male goats than required. This may result in goat fights and abortions. Maintain 1:25 ratio in the goat breeding program.
  9. Try to sell any unproductive, sick and older goats to slaughterhouses.
  10. Replace the male breeding goat for every 2 to 3 years, depending upon its conditions.
  11. You must provide clean feed and water all the time. Feed trays and drinkers should be cleaned daily. Do not allow goats to feed from other goat feed trays.
  12. Maintain the vaccination record with all the required schedules.
  13. Insure all the animals on the farm as it can cover all the unexpected loss or damage. This can be done with any livestock insurance companies.

Goat Farming Training in Madhya Pradesh

Goat Farming Training.
Goat Farming Training.

The following are some of the goat farming training / breeding/ research centers in Madhya Pradesh:

Bakshi Goat Farm Indore

Jhalariya, Madhya Pradesh

Phone: 098931 23681.

Goatwala farm sundrel dhar

Jhakrud, Madhya Pradesh

Phone : 094250 46943.

Goats & Sheep Farmers Welfare Association Breeding Farm

Livestock Breeder

Didakhedi, Madhya Pradesh

Phone: 091727 33451.

Patidar Goat Farm

Chhalpa, Madhya Pradesh

Phone: 099817 11610.

Goat & Sheep Farmers Welfare Association

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Phone: 089595 75000.

NR Goat Farms

Barud Mal, Madhya Pradesh

Phone: 098265 88333.

Goatwala Fodder Cultivation /Feed store

Jhakrud, Madhya Pradesh

Phone 094250 46943.

Mak Goat Farm

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Phone: 093013 05203.

Saar Goat Farming

Manufacturer / Exporters / Wholesale Suppliers Of Goat, livestock

Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh

Phone: +91-9301324928.

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