Goat Farming Business Plan Information

Goat Farming Business.
Goat Farming Business.

Goat Farming Business Plan:

Goat Farming Plan.
Goat Farming Plan.

Goat Farming Business Plan – Introduction:- For any successful commercial goat farming, proper business plan is required before starting the goat farm. This business plan may include right from land selection to marketing of goats. However, goat farmers should have complete knowledge before going to large scale commercial goat farming. The following write up details about important milestones in goat farming business plan implemented in stall-fed goat system. You can assume the same for dairy goat farming, meat goat farming or wool goat farming.

Goat Farming Business Plan – Land Selection:- For any livestock farming, one should have enough land for shelter and growing green fodder crops. The land requirement depends on the number of goats to be raised or reared. Usually, 10 acres of land is required to raise 500 goats including shed construction area. If you are planning to start with minimal quantity of goats, for example 50 goats, it requires 1 acre of land for rearing these. Choose well ventilated site with well-drainage which is free from heavy winds, predators (like wild dogs, wolfs).

Goat Farming Business Plan – Breeding:- Selection of goat breed is primary root cause of profit and loss in any commercial goat farming business. Select multi kidding capable goats with short duration. In Indian region, usually goats start conceiving in March to July as part of first season and July to August as part of second season. When it comes kidding periods, August month is for first season kidding and whereas January is second season is kidding. As part of goat farming business plan, it is important to choose male female ration properly. Commercial goat farming requires for every 20 female goats (does), 1 male goat (buck) is requires. Make sure to bring healthy and strong male for breeding. Most of the female goats start conceiving at the age of 18-20 months. The gestation period (carrying the kid in womb) lasts for 5 to 6 months and lactation (milking) period lasts for 3-4 months. Mostly on an average 1 reproductive cycle for every 8 months can be expected. Based on this, goats breed 3 times in 24 months period (2 years). For better weight gain and milk production or wool production, cross breeding of local female goats should be carried out with an exotic male goats.

Goat Farming Business Plan – Fattening:- If the commercial goat farming is intended for meat purpose, fattening system to be considered for quick money making from selling those goats. In the fattening system, usually 3 to 4 months (after weaning)  male goat kids are selected and they are being fed in zero grazing system for 6 to 7 months and sold in the market at the age of 9 to 10 months for mutton purpose. This will help goat farmers to rotate the money or expand the business.

Goat Farming Business Plan.
Goat Farming Business Plan.

Goat Farming Business Plan – Shed Construction – Zero Grazing:- Well, what is zero grazing? It is nothing but feeding goats with green/dry fodder along with other nutrition in the shelter like shed or goat house instead of putting them out to pasture. Construction of shed plays major role in successful goat farming. Generally there two parts of goat house or shed being termed, covered area and open area. The shed should be built based on number of goats that you are planning for. Each goat requires 10 square feet of covered area and 20 square feet of open area. The goat shed must be inclined with its length East–West and width North-South direction. Build walls and doors in East-West direction and North-South direction must be pen with mesh for sufficient air flow and cross ventilation. The goats should be kept in the shed in either groups or batches based on their age and health condition.

Goat Farming Business Plan – Feeding and Nutrition:- For healthy growing and quality yield of milk and wool, goat farmers should have a proper feeding formula. The following feed formula should be treated under stall-feeding (zero grazing system).

  • Goats should be fed with silage (green fodders from home grown crops) of kg/goat, generally 1 kg in the morning and 1 kg in the evening.
  • Any leguminous/grain fodder or Lucerne fodder of 500-600 grams/goat/day should be fed once in a day.
  • Concentrate feed of 200-250 grams/goat/day should be fed once in a day.
  • Mineral Mixture of 10 to 15 grams/goat/day should be fed once in a day.

Goat Farming Business Plan – Fodder Production:- By growing your own fodder from green crops to make silage and feed in zero grazing system is beneficial in reducing operational cost of goat farming business.

  • You can grow maize/corn in 1 acre of land for making silage which is enough to feed 100 goats.
  • Irrigation equipment’s like drip irrigation, sprinklers, rain guns etc., can be adopted to conserve water for intensive and extensive fodder cultivation, there are subsidies available from government for adopting these systems.
  • You can grow maize/corn in 1 acre of land for making silage which is enough to feed 100 goats.
  • In case of Lucerne feed, half (0.5) acre of land is required to feed 100 goats.
  • You can grow subabul trees in half acre land which is perennial and feed will be available throughout the year.
  • In case of water problem areas, grow these required green fodder crops to make silage or feed in cut-form by using drip or sprinkler or rain gun system to conserve the water.
  • You can avail good subsidy (up to 70%) for drip irrigation system from government schemes. Contact your local horticulture/agriculture department for more information.

Goat Farming Business Plan – Diseases and Vaccinations:- For diseases and vaccination schedule: Read here.

Goat Farming Business Plan- De-Worming:- Goats are frequently exposed to internal parasites like; nematodes, tramatodes, & custodies. Hence De-worming should be done once in 3 months on regular basis.

Goat Farming Business Plan – Bank Loans and Subsidies:- Bank loans and subsidies are available for goat farmers. The percentage of subsidy and the amount of bank loan depends on the amount of land you own or technical parameters submitted in the project report , generally small scale farmers (owing less than or equal to 5 acres land) avail more subsidy benefits. Contact NABARD or your local agricultural bank for more information about bank loan or subsidy in commercial goat farming business.   \

Goat Farming Business Plan – Bottom Line:- To be successful in goat farming business, you must be aware of goat farming ideas, tips, and basics. For this, you can watch YouTube videos or read this kind of blogs.

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