Goat Farming Advantages Information

Goat Advantages.
Goat Advantages.

Goat Farming Advantages:

Introduction to Goat Farming Advantages:- Well, Goat is being raised for centuries as a poor man’s cow due to its importance of providing employment in rural areas as well as producing meat and healthy milk. Goats also play major role in countries economy. Goat is excellent source of additional income for poor and landless owners. One can start from 1 goat to 100 goats. The goat milk is nutritious and easily digestible milk to their kids but also regular source of additional income in rural areas. Goats are easy to maintain as they can graze on open land. Goat Farming is an excellent option where fodder/forage is limited. Goat farmer can get good returns with successful goat rearing. Now a day’s goat farming has become more commercial and many people are taking up as a challenge to meet the demand and supply. There is good encouragement from local governments and providing subsidies on especially stall fed goat farming. Most of the farmers choosing stall fed goat farming as it has its own advantages when compared to open grazing method. In the following article, lets us detail about advantages of goat farming in India.

Goat Farming Advantages.
Goat Farming Advantages.

Goat Farming Advantages # 1: As we all know that the goat is a multi-purpose animal which produces meat, milk, hide, fibre & manure.

Goat Farming Advantages # 2: Goat farming can be a profitable occupation or commercial business for a farmer and this can fit very well into mixed farming.

Goat Farming Advantages # 3: Goats do not require a special housing (shed) and management. They hardly need separate housing and can share their homes with their owners or with other animals (livestock) based on the environment & locality.

Goat Farming Advantages # 4: Goats are very friendly and easy and cheaper to maintain.

Goat Farming Advantages # 5: Goats can adapt to various agro-climatic conditions ranging from arid dry to cold arid to hot humid. Goats can be raised in plains, hilly tracts, and sandy zones and at high altitudes as well.

Goat Farming Advantages # 6: Goats can tolerate hot climatic conditions or higher temperatures when compared to other farm animals.

Goat Farming Advantages # 7: Goats can be integrated into agriculture along with other livestock where their manure can be fully utilized. Goats are very good at feeding on weeds in the field.

Goat Farming Advantages # 8: Goats have better disease resistance when compared to other farm animals.

Goat Farming Advantages # 9: Goats can be multiplied in short period of time as they are capable of giving birth to more than one kid.

Goat Farming Advantages # 10: Goat digestive system is good for crude fibre and can produce even on poor quality roughages.

Goat Farming Advantages # 11: Goats can produce more profits per unit of investment.

Goat Farming Advantages # 12: Goats will become available for slaughting at young age as they are smaller in size.

Goat Farming Advantages # 13: Goat meat is very tasty and has no religious taboo and is consumed by all sections of world.

Goat Farming Advantages # 14: When compared to beef and pork meat, goat meat has less fat content and less cholesterol levels.

Goat Farming Advantages # 15: Goat milk is very nutritious and consumed by both goat kids and humans.

Goat Farming Advantages # 16: Goat milk became very popular due to its easily digestible property.

Goat Farming Advantages # 17: Goat farming can be taken for dairy or meat purpose.

Goat Farming Advantages # 18: There are huge selections of improved goat breeds such as Boer goat for meat production.

Goat Farming Advantages # 19: Stall fed goat farming has excellent advantages as every goat is closely monitored and raised.

Goat Farming Advantages # 20: Goat milk is finer (easily digestible) when compared to cow milk and this milk is especially very good for children.

Goat Farming Advantages # 21: Researchers found that goat milk has lesser allergic problems when compared to other livestock or farm animal’s milk.

Goat Farming Advantage # 22: Goat milk also plays role in Ayurvedic medicine for personas ailing with asthma, cough, and diabetes.

Goat Farming Advantage # 23: Goat milk has other health benefits and this helps patients suffering from peptic ulcers, liver dysfunction, jaundice, biliary disorders and other digestive problems.

Goat Farming Advantage # 24: Goat milk is loved by vegetarian communities as it has higher phosphate content and B-complex vitamins.

Goat Farming Advantage # 25: Goat milk can be used in commercial products as well.

Goat Farming Advantage # 26: Goat milk has good diseases resistance power and boosts immune system.

Goat Farming Advantage # 27: Goat can produce hide which can be used for the manufacture of leather products.

Goat Farming Advantage # 28: Goat hairs can be used for the manufacture of rugs and ropes.

Goat Farming Advantage # 29: Goat can produce manure which helps in reducing fertilizer or compost cost in agriculture. Apart from this, its manure is 2 times richer in nitrogen and phosphoric acid when compared to cow manure.

Goat Farming Advantage # 30: Goat farmers can make some additional income by selling goat manure to other farmers to use in agriculture sector.

Goat Farming Advantage # 31: Goats are sold at very high prices especially during festival seasons in India.

Goat Farming Advantage # 32: Goats have many options with cross breeds for good production of meat.

Goat Farming Advantage # 33: Goats are excellent option for research oriented projects.

Goat Farming Advantage #34: One can start goat farming with low investment and get excellent profits. Bank loans and subsidies are available on goat farming from local banks.

Bottom Line of Goat Farming:- With good care and farming practices goat farming is one of the best commercial business to get more profits.

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