Goat Care Management Information

Goat Care Management.
Goat Care Management.

Goat Care Management Tips:

Goat Care Management – Introduction:- Caring goats in your farm is up-most priority and should be carried out throughout goat growth period. What kind of care should be taken? Well, let us discuss more about this care and management in the following write up. If you are planning to start up a commercial goat farm, you must learn “how to care your goats” before entering in this business. This goat care and management may include; feeding goats, goat health care, suitable crops to be grown for fodder, secured shelter, clean water, in order to be successful in goat farming business, you should follow these below explained goat caring tips and tricks.

These simple goat care steps are for any breeds including Boer, Nubian, Pygmy goats. This goat care management can be applicable for meat goat farming, dairy goat farming

Goat Care Management – Provide Safe and Clean Environment:- First and foremost, your goats should be in a safe place where there is no risk of predators, any other dangerous animals. Make sure the environment is safe from any kind of plastic papers, bags etc. Even some plants are poisonous for goats, you must avoid these plants in goat raising area and surroundings. Goats should always be provided with clean and fresh drinking water.

Goat Care Management – Provide Secured and Safe Goat Shed/House:- Based on your budget, a proper and secured goat house should be built. This shed is required for both stall fed goat raising or semi-integrated goat farming. Either way you should have shelter to keep these goats in night times. However, this shelter is also very important to prevent from any rains, heavy wind extreme hot and cold or unexpected climatic conditions. Goats can adopt to any type shed/house. However, you should make sure that the goat house has enough ventilation and airflow. Goat house floor can built by mud/brick or concrete/cement. Spread enough paddy straw on the floor for better bedding. Concrete and cement floor is expensive and easy to maintain. From preventing any diseases, goat house should be cleaned frequently and kept dry.

Goat Kid Care.
Goat Kid Care.

Goat Care Management – Fencing the Goat Farm:- To protect goat raising area from any kind of harmful animals, predators such as wild dogs, wolfs etc.., there is a need of building good and secured fencing around the farm. To build fencing, you can use locally available poles (made with stone) of 6 feet height with good fence wire (steel) so that goats will remain safe in the area.

Goat Care Management – Fodder Growing / Feeding Goats:- Growing Good cereal/grain crops is important to provide nutritious feed to your goats. This also help in getting good profits in goat farming by avoiding feed cost. For good weight gain and healthy growth, goats should be fed with oats, bran, and barley, ground nut cake and other good grains. You must use feeders and drinkers in the shed for providing feed and water. you can buy these goat feeders and drinkers in the market for cheaper prices. Never allow goats to feed on ground to prevent from infesting the feed and unexpected  diseases. In case of goat fattening, you must provide additional supplemental feeds and mineral mixtures to your goats. For making silage from green fodder crops go : here.

Goat Care Management – Water:- Fresh and clean water in adequate amounts should be provided to meet the daily demand. Keep changing the water daily and don’t allow any other animals to drink the same water. Frequent washing and cleaning of drinkers is needed. Provide some mineral mix blocks in the farm, these salt-lick blocks will provide good selenium. For better reproductive health and bone health your goats needs Vitamin ‘E’ and selenium. These can be provided via shots as well. Ask your veterinary doctor for these shots. This shot ‘BoSe’ is very important especially in pregnant goats for preventing from kidding complications.

Goat Care Management – Foods to Avoid:- Well, all kinds of feed/plants are not suitable and poisonous to your goats. You must any kinds of ornamental plants in goat raising area. Avoid any ‘rhododendron’ type plants which may cause different kinds sick conditions and finally results in death. If your goats consume these type of plants, you must seek immediate veteran care.

Goat Care Management – Grooming of Goats:- As part of caring of goats, grooming should be carried out on frequent basis. This task will help goats to look neat and clean and also help from some of the common parasites. You should give full bath and thorough brushing to groom the goats. Trimming of hooves should be done at least once in 3 weeks to prevent hooves to bend, crack and infections.

Goat Care Management – Goat Fitness:- Never allow goats to sit at one place, make them to go around and get plenty of exercise. You must have enough free space in front of shed or field to roam around.

Breeding Goat Care.
Breeding Goat Care.

Goat Care Management – Vaccination and Health Care:- You must have plan for regular vaccination program for all of your goats in the farm. pregnant goats and new born kids require additional vaccinations and feed care. Pregnant does should be given additional attention. These goats require more feed intake during this period. New born goat kids should be fed with mother milk for some time and make them to drink bottle milk (in case dairy goat farming). Vaccination of goats with CDT is required yearly once in adult goats. CDT vaccination protects goats against clostridium perfringins type ‘C and ‘D’ (overeating disease) and tetanus. Goat kids should be vaccinated at 7 to 8 weeks of age. The booster shots should be given after 4 week later. Subsequently these goats should be given goats once a year. For complete goat vaccination schedule Read: here

Goat Care Management – Deworming:- As we know goats are highly susceptible to external & internal parasites, they must be de-wormed frequently. If the goats are not de-wormed frequently, it may result weight-loss, reproductive failures, poor hair coat and  health problems. You should make sure the goats herd is de-wormed at least once 2 to 3 months. Young goat kids should be given deworming medicine at the age of 7 to 8 weeks. It is better to talk to your veterinary doctor for deworming schedule in goats.

Goat Care Management – Bloating in Goats:- Too much of green fodder or completely depending on green fodder may cause the bloating (stomach swelling) problem in goats. If this is not treated on time, goats may end up in critical condition and ultimately may result in death. Don’t feed your goats with complete green pasture, balanced feed with other nutrients is essential.

New Born Goat Kids.
New Born Goat Kids.

Goat Care Management – Other Tips:- There some other tips you can follow as part of goat care management.

  1. Breeding goats should be given more care and attention.
  2. Never mix up male goats and female goats unless you are keeping them for breeding purpose
  3. Any sick goats should be isolated from the group and kept in separate are until it got treated.
  4. Make sure that that the ‘latch’ on the fence is on the outside , otherwise, it may injure your goats.
  5. If you are not sure of trimming the goat, seek vet help.
  6. In case of dairy goat farming, keep all the milking equipment clean and dry
  7. Never feed the goats with left over
  8. Avoid feeding cat or dog food to your goats
  9. Never allow your goats of farm and don’t allow strangers to your farm.
  10. Never leave the manure where goats are residing, collect the manure and use it for growing green fodder crops.

Goat Care Management – Bottom Line:- Proper goat care is essential for healthy growth, weight gain and reproduction. Following these simple and essential tips make you a successful goat farmer.

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