Goat Buying Tips and Selection Tips

Goat Buying Tips and Selection.
Goat Buying Tips and Selection.

Goat Buying Tips and Selection Tips:

Goat Buying Tips – Introduction:- Well, If you are planning to raise goats for the purpose of hobby or to make commercial goat farming, you must be aware of some goat buying tips to save amount of money. As we all know commercial goat farming is gaining popularity day by day, one can make good profits in commercial goat farming by following some basic tips and tricks. To become successful goat farmer, you must have proper business plan, knowledge about goat farming, hard work, dedication and marketing strategy. However, people may not be aware of goat buying tips where you can  pocket some profit there itself. Selecting healthy breed, and bargaining skills are the factors that influence the cost of the goat. In case of dairy goat buying, you must have some ideas about  “how to select a healthy dairy goat breed“. In case of meat goat farming, you must have basic ideas of buying healthy meat goat breeds. In the following article let us discuss about points to consider in the selection and buying a goat for your farm. Well before that let us look into the goat farming advantages and benefits.

Goat Farming Advantages and Benefits:- Why you should think of setting up a goat farm? Well, there are many benefits and advantages of goat farming when compared to other live stock business.

Healthy Goat.
Healthy Goat.
  • Goats are friendly in nature and easy to manage. Even women and children can take care of goats.
  • Building a goat house, and setting up a small scale goat farm is not tough task and you can do yourself without any professional help. Of course dairy farm set is little bit complicated when compared to goat farm set up.
  • Initial investment cost is low for goat farming set up when compared other livestock farming set up. (Example: Poultry, Dairy..etc).
  • Dairy goat farming is also becoming popular and became many people choice since dairy goat milk has good market demand. Goat milk is very nutritious and  easily digestible than cow milk. If you have good marketing plan in place for your goat milk, it is one of the wonderful business which can fetch you excellent profits.
  • Meat goat farming is ever green and there is no need of marketing. The only thing you should concentrate on “how to fatten your goats in the farm”.
  • In both cases of farming (dairy goat farming or meat goat farming), you can get good profits by selling skin and manure
  • Another advantage of goats is they are hardy and disease resistant animals.   You can expect less mortality in goat farming when compared to other livestock such as poultry.

How to Start a Goat Farm?:- First and foremost, you must have clear picture of line of business that you are interested in. Dairy goat farm business is different form meat goat farming where dairy goats need more care and attention. After preparing your goat farm business plan based on your budget, next step would be selection of goats. You need to follow some tips and should have some basic ideas before buying and getting goats into your farm. Whether it’s dairy goat or meat goat or buying a  goat for fiber?, follow below tips for selecting and buying healthy goats.

Selection and Goat Buying Tips:- The following tips may help in saving some money and selecting healthy goats for your farm. Before buying the goats, make sure you have arranged proper shelter along with feed requirement.

Goat Buying Tips # 1: Decide on the breedDo some kind of homework to decide whether you want to buy a purebred goat mixed breed goat. If you know the breed that you are going to rear, visit the goat breeding farm. Sometimes you can even find in village/urban markets. but most of these goats won’t work out. If possible have your veterinary doctor with you.

  • Best Diary Goat Breeds: Nubian, Saanen, Sable, Alpine, Toggenburg, LaMancha, Oberhasli, and of course Nigerians Dwarf Goats, Jamunapari Goats are excellent breeds for dairy.
  • Best Meat Goat Breeds: Beetal Goat, Boer Goat, Matou Goat, Spanish, Tennessee, Kiko, Kashmiri Goat, Angora, and Black Bengal.

Goat Buying Tips # 2 : Never buy goat kids which are under bottle fed or 6 months age.

Goat Buying Tips # 3 : It is important to check whether the goats are vaccinated with required medication before getting into farm.

Goat Buying Tips # 4 : Every goat needs other friend, so never buy single goat and keep at your farm as they are herd animals.

Goat Buying Tips # 5 : It is not recommended to buy the first goat you see, it is better to shop around and check with other goat breeders or goat stations.

Goat Buying Tips # 6 : If you are buying in multiples, bargain for the price. Negotiate the goat price as much as you can. This is where you can pocket 25% of profit. If they are selling on live weight basis, check with other breeders to confirm the price.

Goat Buying Tips # 7 : Clear your doubts with owner about the goats that you are planning to buy. If you get any doubt, cross check with other animal breeders. Remember, you are under no obligation to buy goats right away.

Goat Buying Tips # 8 : Even though goat farming is easy to set up, raising goats can be challenging. So never start goat farm with many animals. Start with less animals and expand your goat herd into commercial scale when you know the total care of goats. It will be a total disaster by bringing many goats into your farm without doing any homework.

Goat Buying Tips # 9 : Before buying read the books/blogs and watch you tube videos and talk to your local animal husbandry technical office about raising goats, goat buying ideas.

Goat Buying Tips # 10 : As part of physical selection, check the coat of the goat. Make sure the goats have shiny fur, smooth, and soft, not rough, coarse, and dull. Goats should have bright eyes and relaxed tail or held upright.

Goat Buying Tips # 11 : You must ensure that you are not buying too old goats. Generally number of teeth will give you approximate age.

Goat Buying Tips # 12 : Check the head , nose , udder and overall look for any diseases and unhealthy conditions.

Goat Buying Tips # 13 : You need to ensure these tips in case of dairy goat selection and buying.

Healthy Diary Goat.
Healthy Diary Goat.
  • Udder: the dairy goats should have well formed (not low-hanging) udder, No indication of mastitis, both sides producing, No double teats and easy to milk.
  • Body: When it comes to body, goats should have wide ribs along with long torso and deep abdominal activity.
  • Legs and Feet: The dairy goats should have strong straight legs. they should not have any lameness and should have strong pasterns.
  • Overall Appearance: In general, goats should have shiny coat along with good weight in proportion to size.

Goat Buying Tips # 14 : Purchase only if the female goats are under 2 years of age and meets the standard healthy criteria.

Goat Buying Tips # 15 : Incase of poor judgment, have your vet to look into these before buying goats.

Goat Buying Tips # 16: Finally, when you are ready, compare the goat prices with all other possible channels (professional breeders, individuals).

Goat Buying Tips # 17: Negotiate transport ring your goat herd to your farm. If there are already some goats in the farm, don’t mix these for some time. Some goats may require vaccinations and de-worming before entering into your farm. Talk to your vet for these and full fill the requirements.

Other Goat Buying Tip: Never buy goats online without physically checking.

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