Garganica Goat Characteristics and Profile Information

Garganica Goat.
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Introduction to Garganica Goat Breed:

Garganica Goat belongs to a domestic goat family. This has originated from the Gargano peninsula located in the Puglia region of Southern Italy. Gradually this breed has spread to other parts of Puglia and also to the neighboring countries of Puglia. This breed is derived from the local breeds of Italy and exotic breeds of Western Europe. This breed is noticed for its toughness. These goat breeds can be raised in a wild state and in very difficult habitats. This breed is a multipurpose breed.

Advantages of Garganica Goat Breed:

  • The Garganica goat breed produces multiple products like milk, meat and fiber.
  • Manure of Garganica goat is also used as a by-product.
  • Comfortable housing and management facilities should be provided, but Garganica goat has very few demands for housing and managing services.
  • Garganica goats can be maintained very easily; the nature of the goat is very friendly and they are easily available in the markets.
  • These breeds can sustain in all climatic conditions.
  • Garganica goat breeds are expected to suffer from few health problems.
  • They are small in size and have a young slaughter age.
  • Garganica goat meat has more demand because it has less fat content in it.
  • Milk of Garganica goat has high demand as it contains good protein and nutrient content.
  • There would be no allergic problems from goat milk.

Characteristics of Garganica Goat Breed:

  • Garganica goat is medium in size.
  • The fiber of Garganica goat is mainly glossy black with reddish lights.
  • Both female and male Garganica goats are horned.
  • Some of Garganica breeds in the developing state have a small head.
  • Adult goats are longer in size.
  • Hair of the goat is black or dark chestnut hair.
  • Bucks are smaller than the doe in size.
  • Average weight of bucks in this breed is 65 kg.
  • Average weight of doe in this breed is 50 kg.
  • Garganica buck goat average height is 85 cm.
  • Garganica doe goat average height is 50 kg.
  • They are very active and hardy.
  • Milk production of Garganica goat in 180 days is 120 liters and 170 liters in 210 days
  • The milk from this breed is used in the preparation of traditional cheese of Gargano.

Feed for Garganica Goat Breed:

Feed is the most important part of Goat farming. While farming any of the breeds, they should be fed well, so as to produce good quality meat and milk. Garganica goats should be fed according to their feed requirement schedule. Feed helps the goats to grow faster and produce efficient products.

Feed that can be given to Garganica goats are:

  • Grainy feed
  • Roughage (Maize, Napier, Mango leaf, Grasses, Jack fruit, leaf, pulse, guava leaf, Cabbage, and Vigna sinensis).
  • Food Supplements (Kelp meal, Black oil sunflower seeds, Apple cider vinegar, Loose mineral, Beet pulp and Baking soda)

Health care of Garganica Goat Breed:

The health of the animal depends on the following factors and they should be provided with the utmost care. The factors are:

  • Good feed
  • Fresh water
  • Security and proper fencing
  • Secured housing
  • Clean and safe environment
  • Deworming
  • Health and Vaccination care
  • Good fitness
  • Goat grooming

Housing for Garganica Breed:

Depending on the stock density they can be reared in an open house or in a closed house, but the basic facilities like feed, water, ventilation, inlet and outlet for air, proper drainage, milk barn, proper fencing etc. should be provided in a similar manner as they are provided to other goat breeds. The bed area of each goat should be around 15 square meters.

Breeding of Garganica:

The breeding is done in between local Italian breeds and exotic breeds which are imported from other countries for breeding purpose. The Garganica breed attains characteristics and advantages of both the local and exotic breeds. In the produced breed all the objects are specified from both the breeds.

Essential Tips for Raising Garganica Breed:

  • The farmer should always try to keep the goats strong and healthy.
  • The Garganica goat breed farm should be always maintained hygienically.
  • Goats which are effective and efficient in producing the necessary things should be purchased.
  • The farmer should know more about goat farming business and some techniques of goat farming from the nearest livestock center.
  • For Garganica goat housing, the area should be big for large no. of goats else small space is enough for a few goats.
  • Availability of essential equipment in Garganica goat breed farm is highly necessary.
  • According to daily need of Garganica goat breed fresh grasses, feed and water should be provided and they should be clean and fresh.
  • Conduct of Garganica goat should be good so that they produce good milk, meat and are free from diseases.
  • Garganica goats should be protected from rain and cold climatic so as to prevent them from mass death.
  • During the summer season, goats should be provided with salt and mineral water.
  • Vet consultation should be done frequently to maintain and improve the goat’s health.
  • Extra care for breeding buck, pregnant doe and kids should be provided.

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