Chamois Colored Goat Characteristics; Facts; Profile

Chamois Colored Goat.
Chamois Colored Goat.

Introduction to Chamois colored Goat Breed:

This Chamois colored Goat Breed is one which belongs to the mountain goat breed type. This breed is developed in Switzerland. These are also known for their dual – purpose.  They produce both meat and milk. The demand for the products from this goat will have high demand in the market. The Chamois colored goat is a domesticated goat. This breed is known for its gentle disposition and for their good looks. These can be reared very simply with simply housing and feed.

Types of Chamois colored Goat Breed:

There are two types of Chamois colored Goat Breed. They are:

  1. Horned Type:

This type of breed is mainly found in eastern parts of Switzerland in Grisons.

  1. Hornless Type:

This variety is common in central Switzerland, which is located in the Hasli region

Characteristics of Chamois colored Goat Breed:

HornsHorn polled and long horns
Breed LifeAverage age
Buck Weight75 kg
Doe Weight55 kg
Climate ToleranceAll types of climates
Place of OriginSwitzerland
Coat colourLight tan – red
Coat textureSilky
EarsSet low and point forward
Outer Coarse HairLight red
Face colourBlack – Brown points/stripes
The height of a male goat is85 cm
The height of a female goat is75  cm
BeardMale goats have beards in this breed
Body colorationThe wool of the goat is brown in colour with the black dorsal
Lactation Duration270 days
Milk Yield  700 kg

Feed for Chamois colored Goat Breed:

For a successful goat farming business, we need to supply the goats good feed and housing. The feed is the major factor of the Goat Farming Business. The feed for the goats should be given at a constant ratio. The goats should be fed timely and scheduled. The growth of the goat is completely depended upon the feed itself. We need to care and feed them very carefully.

Legume Fodder crops:

  • Stylo
  • Cowpea
  • Desmanthus
  • Hedge Lucerne

Tree fodders:

  • Kodukapuli
  • Velvel
  • Agathi
  • Subabul
  • Arasu
  • Karuvel
  • Vagai
  • Gliricidia
  • Neem

Concentrated feed:

  • Skimmed milk powder
  • Rice polish
  • Broken rice
  • Wheat
  • Groundnut cake
  • Maize
  • Salt
  • Mixture
  • Sorghum

Pasture and Browsing: For the goats, the Pastures are the main source of energy and also the nutrients. The goats attain a high amount of protein and energy from the Pastures. These goats have a good, and high digestibility. These goats can be fed with Pastures like millets, clover, grain, Sudan grass, Sorghum, and Bahia grass

Kitchen Scrap: The goats can be fed with kitchen scarp, as they are capable of digesting heavy materials also. The kitchen scarp like garlic peels, tomato ends, potato peels, orange peels, etc. these all can be fed to the goats.

Vitamins: The goats should be fed with additional vitamins along with the daily feed.

Minerals: The goats should be fed with additional minerals along with the daily feed.

Garden Scarp: The garden scarps like leaves, weeds, grass, etc. can be fed to the goats as they can be consumed by the goat.

Grains: Goats should be fed up to 12 – 16% of grain course and also this will improve the goat’s weight, additional we can feed them with the creep feed. The grains that can be fed to the goats are like as follows moil, barley, rye, oats, and millets. Goats can be fed with cereal grains as they are a good source of energy.

Housing for Chamois colored Goat Breed:

For intensive production of goat, the goat housing is very important and also for the security of the goats the goat housing is important. We should ensure the facilities and also the comforts for a maximum amount of profits. For their growth and products, the goats need some physiological requirement same like human beings. The main motive of protecting the goats and keeping them in goat housing is to protect them from harsh animals and also from the uneven climatic conditions. The goats don’t require bedding. The labour required for housing is also less in number. Regularly the house should be cleaned and the floor should be dry. Goats waste should be collected immediately.

Specifications of Goat Housing:                                        

  • Ventilation
  • Floor
  • Good location of housing/sheds
  • Air inlet and outlet
  • Proper drainage
  • Orientation
  • Doors
  • Fencings
  • Milk barns
  • Waterers
  • Food troughs
  • Storage

Breeding of Chamois colored Goat Breed:

The breeding is done with the local breeds, as they are native to Switzerland.

Essential Tips for Goat Farming Beginners:

  • The area which there are selecting for raising the goats should have a great source of fresh and clean water.
  • All the required equipment should be availed easily.
  • The food source for the goats should be easily available.
  • The field which is selected for raising the crop should be fertile with crop, grass and green fodders.
  • The availability of full-time labour should be more.
  • The veterinary service and transport should at a good level
  • The market should be near so that it will be easy for the shepherd to sell and buy the products easily.
  • While selecting the breeds, good and efficient breeds should be selected.
  • The breed which gives a good and high amount of the yield should be selected for raising.
  • The housing setup should be good and efficient.
  • Security is a major factor for goat farming.
  • The feed should be given timely as per the schedule.
  • Besides the meal, the fiber, energy, protein and mineral feed should also be given.
  • The farm should contain a first aid kit.
  • Without the consultation of the vet, the medicines or the treatment should not be given to the goats.
  • As per the ages and classes, the care, especially, winter care of goats should be taken.
  • A little more care should be taken off the infants than any other classes.
  • Along with the breeding buck, pregnant doe should be taken.
  • As per the schedule, the vaccination should be given to all the goats in the house.
  • The goats should be kept away from the cold or else this might lead to mass death.

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Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons.


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