Broiler Goat Rearing Information Guide

Broiler Goat Rearing.
Broiler Goat Rearing.

Broiler Goat Rearing Guide:

Introduction to Broiler Goat Rearing:- Goat Rearing is one of the highly demanded businesses in the world. We already in a situation where open grazing lands are decreasing and drought areas where the green fodder is limited. In this case,  Broiler goat rearing is best option especially in rural areas. Broiler goat production technology has been found to be highly profitable when compared to rearing other farm animals. You need to understand that the selected goat kids for broiler goat rearing are just for meat production and not for breeding purpose. Let us talk little bit more about broiler goat farming in the following sections.

Advantages of Broiler Goat Rearing:- The following are main advantages of Broiler goat rearing.

  • As Broiler goats are meant for meat production, no need to worry about breeding technology.
  • As broiler goats are not allowed to graze on open spaces, this provides to raise them in hygienic disease free environment. This can also protect them from any predators. Apart from this, these broiler goats can be protected from eating poisonous leaves/plants/shrubs in open fields.
  • Easy to manage and can produce quality tender goat meat (chevon).
  • Risk is less in broiler goat farming as they are raised in controlled environment.
  • Broiler goats are protected from heat, wind, predators and any severe climatic conditions since they grow in controlled and protected shelters.
  • Effective feed management is possible in broiler goat rearing.
  • It is easy to monitor goats and record keeping is easy.
  • Broiler goats will gain weight at faster rate due to the fact that the feeds are quickly converted into flesh.
  • There is minimal chance of getting infections and diseases because they do not move outside the shelter.
  • Broiler goat rearing allows collecting the manure. Farmers can earn additional income with this.

Starting a Broiler Goat Rearing:- Broiler Goat Rearing is better option for meat goat farming in rural areas where there is no grazing area or green fodder. Your regular goat experience good enough to manage the broiler goat rearing business. If you are a beginner, try to get some goat farming business project reports and watch any videos of goat management. If your are planning broiler goat farming on commercial scale for meat purpose, make sure to have goat business plan which may include construction of shed to marketing.

  • Selection of Goat Breeds in Broiler Goat Rearing: There is no specific breed used for broiler goat rearing. The kids produced from goat breeds available in your area can be used for broiler goat rearing. These include both male and female goats. In Broiler goat farming, you must select goat kids 2 weeks to 4 weeks of age which is usually before these kids start eating green leaves. The selected goat kids for broiler goat farming should have good birth weight and they must not be used for further breeding. The selected kids in broiler goat rearing should not be allowed to feed on green fodder or grazing green grasses in open fields.
  • Goat House Construction in Broiler Goat Rearing: You must ensure proper ventilated and elevated shed is required for Broiler Goat Rearing. When it comes to broiler goat housing, you can build low cost goat house with a  raised platform about 1 meter height from ground level by using bamboo/wooden poles. The goat house floor and side walls can be made with wood. House roof can be built with coconut leaves, grass or asbestos sheets. It requires floor space of 1 sq.meter per broiler goat kid. Make sure the floor has at least 1 cm space between wooden planks to allow passage of goat dung and urine down to the ground. This raised platform can protect from any snakes, other predators.
  • Goat Care in Broiler Goat Rearing: The broiler goat kids should be monitored regularly for any abnormal behavior and unusual feeding habits. It is advised to have your vet visit the farm once in a week. Any sick broiler goat should be isolated from the flock. Never mix male and female goats as our purpose is not breeding. Providing clean water 24 hours a day ensures healthy growth. Never allow goats to eat from other goat feeds. Clean the house floor and disinfect the house frequently to maintain hygienic conditions. Never allow broiler goat kids of the house or to open spaces.
  • Goat Feeding in Broiler Goat Rearing: Timely and proper feeding is another important factor that influence the growth rate especially body weight in broiler goats. The selected goat kids for broiler goat farming are reared intensively by providing concentrate feed @ 5 grams mixed with equal quantity of broken boiled rice at initial stages (2 week to 1 month). As time passes, you should gradually increase the feed amount day by day. The feed intake should increase like 7grams , 10 grams , 15 grams like that. As supplemental feed, you can also add, coconut cake, rice bran or ground cake with minimum level of 1 to 2 grams/day/goat kid to maximum of 150 to 200 grams/day/goat kid.

Liver tonic and fish oil may be given twice in a week @ 2.5 ml/goat/day initially and can increase gradually up to 5 to 10ml/goat kid/day. You can buy goat feed available in the market or prepare on your own by following feed ingredients.

Ingredients                                             Parts

  • Deoiled ground nut cake              12 grams
  • Horse gram grains                        30 grams.
  • Wheat/Maize/Jowar grains        30 grams.
  • Rice polish/wheat  bran              15 grams.
  • Dried unsalted fish                       10 grams.
  • Mineral mixture                            1.5 grams.
  • Common salt                                1.5 grams.
  • VitAB2D3                                     25 grams/100 kg of feed mixture.
  • Health Care in Broiler Goat Rearing:- De-worming is regular practice of caring your broiler goats. Your veterinary doctor is right person to talk about this. Generally, de-worming is done once in 3 months. Make sure all the animals get vaccinated before entering into your farm.
  • Marketing of Broiler Goats:- Goat meat is always preferred across the globe. As population is increasing, meat lovers are increasing so the demand for goat meat (chevon) is never ending.

    Marketing of Broiler Goats.
    Marketing of Broiler Goats.

Marketing of broiler goat is very easy and you can sell these goats at your farm gate itself. Avoid any middle agent and try to sell directly for more profits. In case of broiler goat, you can sell them when they attain about 25 kg weight or at the age of 3 to 4 months.

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