Bionda Dell’adamello Goat Facts, Profile, Characteristics

Bionda Dell'adamello Goat.
Bionda Dell'adamello Goat (Pic source, Pinterest).

Introduction to Bionda Dell’Adamello Goat Breed:

Today, let us discuss about italian breed of goat “Bionda Dell’adamello Goat”.

This is one of the indigenous goat breed of the domestic goat, these are from the Val Camonica in the province of Brescia, which is located in Lombardy in Northern Italy. This breed is mainly raised in the Val Camonica and also in the mountains of Brescia and Saviore. Sometimes these are also found in neighbouring areas of the Provinces of Bergamo which is west and also to the east of Trento. In the past, this breed was known as Capra Bionda, Adany, Bionda or Mustascia. This is one of the ancient breed.  The numerical growth of this breed is increasing gradually year by year. This is one the good milk producing goat breed.

Characteristics of Bionda Dell’Adamello Goat Breed:

  • The size of this goat breed is medium – large in size.
  • The height of the withers is 75 cm.
  • The weight of the male goat in this breed is 70 – 75 kg.
  • The weight of the female goat in this breed is 55 – 60 kg.
  • The appearance of this goat breed will be more noticeable for its coat and its hair.
  • The former of the body is fine and also long over the whole body of the goat.
  • The coat of this goat is light brown in colour.
  • We can notice white patches on the parts of the ventral, head, legs and rear areas.
  • This breed is famous for the milk yielding on an average it yields 350 litres of milk annually.
  • This milk is mostly used in preparation of cheese. The Fatuli and Mascarpi cheese are prepared.

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Feed for Bionda Dell’Adamello Goat Breed:

The feed plays a vital role in goat farming; the health and growth of the goat completely depend upon the feed. Therefore, the feed which is provided to the goats should be good and efficient. The general feed for the goats is hay, Chaffhaye, Minerals, Kitchen scrap, Garden scarp and Grain feed. The feed troughs and waterers should be maintained hygienically. The equipment which is required for the feed is food buckets, feed storage containers, hay manager, mineral feeder and water buckets.

The goats should be provided with fresh and clean water all the time. Water buckets should be kept onto a platform so that the floor doesn’t get wet while drinking or while when accidently kicked or pooped in. When the floor gets wet there is a risk of the goats getting injured so a little care should be taken. In winters, the goat should be provided with warm water.

Tree fodders:

  • Kodukapuli
  • Vagai
  • Arasu
  • Velvel
  • Seemaikaruvel
  • Subabul
  • Agathi
  • Neem
  • Glyricidia

Concentrate feed ingredients:

  • Wheat
  • Maize
  • Broken rice
  • Groundnut cake
  • Sorghum

Feed for goats:

  • Garden and kitchen scrap
  • Hay
  • Grain
  • Minerals
  • Pastures and Browsing
  • Vitamins


  • Maize fodder

Legume Fodder crops:

  • Cowpea
  • Hedge lucerne
  • Desmanthus
  • Stylo

Housing for Bionda Dell’Adamello Goat Breed:

Goat housing is very important for intensive production of goats. For more and maximum profits one should ensure the comforts and facilities of goats. The goats also have a physiological requirement like human beings as the goat also has similarities of production and growth wise.

  • Comforts are important factors in the goat housing.
  • The rain water should never permit into the house.
  • For taking the rest there should be enough space for the goats.
  • As the goats are afraid of cold water, every day the goats should be supplied with warm water.
  • The construction of the house should be done on a higher elevation so that there will be no problem if the farm is attacked by the floods.
  • The floor of the farm should always be dry.
  • Proper maintenance of drainage should be there.
  • The ventilation should be there on the farm.
  • There should be good inlet and outlet of air.

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Basic requirement of Bionda Dell’Adamello goat housing;

  • Greenery around the farm
  • Ventilation
  • Flooring
  • Drainage
  • Orientation
  • Air inlet and outlet
  • Doors
  • Fencing
  • Storage (Feed, Fleece, Milk, and Manure)
  • Milk barns
  • Waterers
  • Feed troughs

Breeding of Bionda Dell’Adamello Goat Breed:

This breed is usually raised in small numbers like 15 – 20 animals. These are breed with local Italian breeds.

Advantages of Goat Farming:

  1. The goats can survive in any type of climatic conditions and also goats can survive in heat, cold, dust, and also from any sharp change.
  2. This is a goat breed which is common in every part of the world. These are also capable of giving birth twice in a year.
  3. These goats can walk very well on the rugged earth, so we need not to worry about staying in hilly areas and also for taking them for a grazing in it.
  4. These goats are meant as strong animals, as they often do not fall sick. We don’t need to spend too much of money on keeping the goats fit and health.
  5. For children, goat’s milk is the best food as they will not be affected by germs so easily like others.
  6. If there is no better arrangement of food for the goats, then they can be survived by eating the leaves from the common plants.

Disadvantages of Goat Farming:

  1. Goats are always exposed to risks like leopard, tiger, other animals, etc. In herds, goats are often attacked by the animals and they will be killed by the other wild beasts. Keeping them in one place is better
  2. As they eat simple stuff like leaves from the plants or trees. But they need them in large amount as their food. If we have a herd of 100 goats then we need to purchase a truckload of leaves from the trees or plants. The arrangement of the food will be difficult sometimes.
  3. The thieves risk is more to the goats; they will be stolen in midnights by thieves from breaking the farm.
  4. They are considered as risk part of the agriculture. If a farmer is managing both the goat farm and the agriculture they need to protect the crop from the goats.
  5. They are restless animals they never take rest they will always be scattered, so this will also lead to major losses in the herd.
  6. The toughest task is to take them out for the grazing.

Essential Tips of Goat Farming for Beginners:

  • The comforts and facilities for the goat must be effective and efficient.
  • Housing for the goats should be constructed strong and good.
  • Caring the goat properly by treatment, preventions, and timely nutrients.
  • While rearing goats we should have some knowledge of rearing techniques.
  • After removing the fleece from the goat, if they expose to cold climates they may fall ill, so they should be kept in warm conditions.
  • When they attain market weight, , the breeds should be sold in loacal goat markets.
  • Goats should be facilitated with like water, feed, milk barn, fleece shearing barn, and proper drainage etc.
  • At the time of purchasing the farmer should buy both doe and buck.
  • While purchasing efficient and healthy breed should be selected.
  • Care for breeding buck, pregnant doe and kids should be taken little more.
  • Goats should be provided with mineral and salt water, during the summer seasons.
  • Regularly consultation of vet is needed, as it improves and let us know the health condition of the goat.
  • The farm should be maintained hygienically.
  • Equipment which is necessary for the farm should set up in the farm.
  • A store room should also be maintained for storing the food.

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