Beetal Goat Information Guide

Beetal Goat.
Beetal Goat.

Beetal Goat Breed:

Beetal Goat.
Beetal Goat.

Introduction of Beetal Goat:-This breed goat is distributed throughout the states of Punjab and Haryana in India. However, pure Beetal breeds can be found in the districts of Gurdaspur, Amritsar and Ferozepur in Punjab state. This breed has similar features like Jamunapari goat breed. Beetal goat breed is found in India and Pakistan. The Beetal goat is raised for both meat and dairy (milk).When it comes to size, this breed is second to Jamunapari goat breed. However, Beetal goat breed s superior to it in respect to proliferation and adaptability to various agro climatic conditions. This breed is also suitable for stall feeding.

Beetal Breed Description:- The following are typical characteristics of Beetal goat breed.

  • Beetal goats are hard ones can adopt any agro-climatic condition in India.
  • When it comes to size, Beetal goats are big and long sized but second to Jamunapari goat breed.
  • Most of the Beetal goats coloured in red or golden brown with white spots.
  • The udder is large and developed having big conical teats.
  • Usually, Beetal goat body is compact and well developed with long legs, pendulous ears and short & thin tail.
  • Bucks (Male) possess marked beard while does (females) are beardless.
  • Long sized legs and ears. The ears are long and flat, curled and drooping.
  • Beetal bucks (males) and does (females) both have horns and horns are curved to backward.
  • Beetal goats give birth to pair in a year.

Purpose of Beetal Goat Farming:- Beetal goats are raised for both milk and meat. They are very well suited for commercial dairy and meat farming.

Beetal Goat Breed Characteristics:- The following are some of the Beetal goat characteristics.

Size (Avg)Adult Buck (Male)Adult Doe (Female)
Body weight (kg)50-6035-40
Body length (cm)    8671
Chest girth (cm)8673

Performance of Beetal Goat:- When it comes to milk production and kidding, Beetal goats are excellent for milk production. Yield per lactation period varies from 150-200kg, averaging daily yield of 2.0 to 2.25 kg. The kidding percentage in Beetal goats is; single 40%, twins 54% and triplets 6%.

Beetal Goat Farming Tips:- Commercial goat farmers can consider the following tips.

  • Prepare Beetal goat business plan or project report that includes initial investment, cost of shed/house, medical expenses, vaccination schedules, feeding plan, making own feed, and marketing strategy.
  • If you are planning to buy in bulk (flock), search/esquire about nearest goat breed sellers so that transportation would be easy. Select disease fee and quality male and best reproductive female Beetal goats for better rearing.
  • Negotiation with seller is very important as this can save lots of initial investment.
  • It is advised to get a veterinary doctor with you so that healthy goats can be selected. This makes you to avoid old goats/sick goats.
  • Before getting goats to your farm, dis-infect the farm and clean the house floor.
  • Once the flock arrive your farm, make sure all animals get initial vaccinations.
  • Based on whether the Beetal goats are raised in stall fed /semi-stall fed or open grazing system, one can grow green fodder crops like subabul / lucerne/ maize to reduce the feed cost.
  • It is advised to grow green fodder crops like subabul / lucerne/ maize to reduce  
  • Make sure to market the Beetal goats in batch wise rather selling once at a time.
  • Timely vaccinations and routine examination play major role in successful goat farming.
  • Separating sick animals from the flock will ensure the good health of other animals.
  • Prepare a proper feed plan as balanced nutrition/feed makes the goats to gain good weight in shorter period of time.
  • Pregnant female goats and newly born kids should get more attention in terms of feed and health checkup. 
  • Clean the goat house any farm equipment like feeders/drinkers alternate days and make them dry all the time.
  • In case of natural feed problem, make silage from green fodder crops and store them so that it can be used at the times when there is grazing option in drought.

Beetal Goat Price:- Generally, meat goat price varies from region to region. On an average, live weight of 1 kg Beetal goat meat costs 200 to 225 Rs for bucks (males), 180 to 200 Rs for does (females).

Beetal Goat Kids
Beetal Goat Kids.

Bottom Line of Beetal Goat Farming:- One can get decent profits in Beetal goat farming with proper business plan and marketing strategy.

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  1. I am a Civil Engineering professional & am interested in taking up Goat Farming on a commercial scale. I am located in Nagpur (working with a company) and would like to start the farm somewhere near Thane (Mumbai-my home town). Looking for all possible guidance. Is there any training available in Nagpur?

  2. Is there any frozen semen available for the Beetal Goats? If so, is it available to be shipped overseas (or is there a link with that info?)

  3. I am from cuttack want to start goat farm with 50 buck for meat purpose
    Please advise about shed construction feeds management, vaccine, etc

    If any project report please send to my email Id


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