Bakri Palan (Goat Farming) For Beginners

Commercial Goat Farming.
Commercial Goat Farming.

Bakri Palan (Goat Farming)

The following information is about Bakri Palan (Goat Farming).

Introduction to Bakri Palan (Goat Farming):

Bakri palan is one of the proven profitable livestock businesses throughout the world due to the demand of goat meat. Many people who are unemployed or people who are looking for commercial livestock business are starting the bakri plan business. Goat farming has excellent profits under proper goat management practices. Bakri Palan may take some time to see the results compared to other livestock. The set up and cost for setting up a bakri palan business depends on your budget and number of goats. Try to start with few goats and expand the numbers when your are familiar with this business. Hard work, dedication and knowledge about goats are highly influenced factors for goat farming profits.

Bakri Palan.
Bakri Palan.

Advantages of Bakri Palan:

  1. Bakri plan has become an integral role in the Indian rural development program.
  2. An individual may benefit from goat manure as it is excellent source fertilziers like N: P: K. You are able to use this mulch for growing fodder plants and agricultural crops. You can market for good profits too.
  3. Goat meat has an exceptional requirement in India.
  4. It’s possible to start Bakri Palan in India with a very low investment and you have choice to increase the flock dimensions as you get experience.
  5. Multiplication of goats is easy when compared with cows or other livestock business.
  6. Goat Meat has low saturated fat than pork, poultry, and beef, low in cholesterol, but high in protein.
  7. Bakri Palan has less risks compared to poultry farming and dairy farming.
  8. Goats Are multi-purpose animals and used in milk, meat, skin and fiber production. Direction of goats is easy as girls can also take good care of the goat. You no have to spend for other labours such as in poultry and milk.
  9. Goat training is very easy and you can manage increasing goats along with other livestock.
  10. In Open grazing system, goats can reduce garbage by eating food bits.
  11. Goats can easily be adapted to many parts of climatic conditions of India.
  12. The mortality rate is less in Bakri Palan, as goats are hardy and disease resistant animals. You can expect less ailments and less losses in Bakri Palan business when compared to poultry farming.
  13. Goats can be raised as pets and show goats.
  14. Space and fodder requirement in Bakri Palan significantly less when compared to dairy farm business.
  15. You can earn money by selling goat milk (which is far better than cow milk) and goat skin along with meat.
  16. In agriculture lands, weeds are the main issue, goats can clear these weed trees and grasses.
  17. In India, there are many goat training centers and breeding centers for fast learning.
  18. Rural areas of India now mostly depend on Bakri Palan as it attracts great profits in a short time and as cultivated land is decreasing.
  19. Bakri palan in the nation of India defiantly solves the unemployment problem in rural areas.
  20. Government of India is promoting Bakri Palan company by providing subsidies and loans.
  21. The largest benefit of Bakri Palan in India is that goat doesn’t need any advertising, whether you are merely selling them or having goat breeding center. People can go to your farm and purchase right at your farm gate.
  22. Condition of India is the best bet for Bakri Palan Because there are many barren, and uncultivated lands.
Advantages of Goat Farming.
Advantages of Goat Farming.

Commercial Bakri Palan:

As open lands are Diminishing trend in most parts of India, Commercial Bakri Palan in smaller spaces such as stall-fed sheds are increasing mode in India and the production inputs required are:

  • The fixed investments comprise; property, shed/shelter, storage products, pasture area for open grazing, water heaters, feeding trough, drinkers, electrical equipment, waste control, feed cutting machines, feed storage space, and milking equipments for dairy goats.
  • The other need is about Buying female and male goats. You May also need some seasonal labor for fodder preparation like silage making.

Breeds Suitable for Bakri Palan

There are basically 4 categories of goat breeds present in India.

  1. Dairy Goat Breeds.
  2. Meat Goat Breeds.
  3. Kids Productive Goat Breeds.
  4. Skin Productive Goat Breeds.

The following list of goat breeds (indigenous and exotic)  can be reared and raised in India.

  • Tellicherry.
  • Black Bengal.
  • Osmanabadi goat breed.
  • Beetal goat breed.
  • Sirohi.
  • Sojat goat breed.
  • Jamunapari goat breed.
  • Chegu.
  • Kanni aadu.
  • Kodi aadu.
  • Barbari goat breed.
  • Jakhrana goat breed.
  • Changthangi.
  • Boer Goat breed.
  • Damascus goat breed.
  • Saanen goats.

In commercial Bakri Palan, you should select best breeding goats (male and female) as you have to make sure goats in your farm should produce multiple kids in single birth to extend the flock in a short period of time. You can get information about best breeding goats in the India animal husbandry department.

How To Select a Location for Bakri Palan

Well, the Place of the commercial Bakri Palan at India Plays a significant role in the success rate of the Bakri Palan enterprise. You must decide on a spot in this way that, it should have great road and transport facility and should be closer to urban areas. This might allow you to advertise your goats very readily. The place ought to be free from all predators and floods. Steer clear of any forest areas and remote places. Ensure veterinary centers are close to the area of goat farm.

Do the Proper fencing of the property together with the border But brick and cemented boundary would provide more Security.

Goat Buying Tips for Bakri Palan

Goat Buying Tips.
Goat Buying Tips.

You should keep in mind these important points before you select goats for your farming business.

  1. Number of Goats: Goats are social animals and cannot survive as singles. It is mandatory to buy at least 2 to 3 goats initially.
  2. Goat Age: Always select younger goats are best to buy for your farm. It is advised to purchase an age of 6 months to 9 months age goats. Avoid buying old goats and sick ones. It takes at least 1 to 2 years for producing meat/milk/fur after purchasing the goats.

Care in Commercial Bakri Palan

You ought to keep entire farm tidy and healthy to avert any disease spread. Sick goats should be isolated until they have treated. The commercial goat farmers should decide on a closest veterinary doctor who can visit your farm on a regular basis. It’s effortless to find an unhealthy goat. If the goat is carrying any feed and looks dull, you should see a veterinary doctor. Any other common diarrheal problems should be treated after they are spotted. Keep track of vaccinations and follow up with a veterinary professional. Newly born goat kids or young goats and pregnant female goats should be provided with additional feed and care. Breeding male goats ought to be fed more than regular bucks.

Newly born goats require a colostrum within 1 hour of birth and If goat kids are not taking milk from mothers, you need to accommodate a jar milk either from its own mother or cow milk.

CDT vaccine should be given to a goat as the primary vaccination to protect them from clostridial diseases. Generally. Tetanus vaccination is provided at the time of birth. After the goat kid reaches five to six weeks, booster vaccination should be given and subsequently, it needs to be given after in this year. Deworming should be carried  frequently with all the goats on the farm.

Shed Management for Bakri Palan

Goat house should be procured from all the outside animals and other predators. Goat sheds should be built in high areas (elevated regions) so that ventilation and airflow ought to be good. Goat house could be built with local material or permanent constructions. Goat feeders and drinkers may built from the goat shed along with water supplies. You should always ensure dry floor. You use paddy husk on the ground to absorb any goat urination.

Fodder Management for Bakri Palan

Feeding Goat Kids.
Feeding Goat Kids.

Goats can consume a variety of fodders which are of Sweet, sour, bitter (neem leaves) and salty in flavor. They could eat leguminous feed, for example Lobia, Berseem, garlic, etc. with taste and pleasure. Mostly they prefer to eat the fodder that gives them energy and therefore are filled with protein. They often spoil their feed by urinating. Thus the distinctive sort of feeding place should be designed to guard goat food from spoilage. Goats also need supplemental feed together with regular feed to get greater healthy growth and contemplate gain. Goat Feeding is determined by several factors like animal age, goat phase (pregnant or not) and intention of goat business (milk or meat).

Generally a mature goat could eat 5 kg of green manure in one day. You have to be sure at least 1 kg of dry matter like pigeon peas or leguminous hay.

Tips for Bakri Palan

Goat Farming Tips.
Goat Farming Tips.
  1. You should take a veterinary doctor with you when you plan to buy goats. This could help you select healthy goats and preventing old and sick goats.
  2. Recently bought goats should be vaccinated prior to entering into your farm.
  3. Never blend newly bought critters with present one. Never purchase goats without building any shelter and readily available feed.
  4. Goat Kids and Pregnant goats require more attention and care. You should monitor these regularly for any abnormal behavior.
  5. You need a nice and secured fence around the goat house so that goats won’t jump.
  6. Maintain health records of all the goats and follow up with veterinary doctor.
  7. If any plants are poisonous in the grazing area, they must be removed immediately.
  8. As soon as the sick goat is seen, it should be isolated until it got medicated/treated. This can help other goats from avoiding the spread of the disease.
  9. Except in breeding time, separate female and male goats. Newly born goat kids and mother goats should be separated out of the flock in the goat house.
  10. In general, 1 male goat is obligatory for 25 female goats. Avoid getting more male goats than required ratio.
  11. Sell off older and unproductive goats. Change the breeding male for every 2 to 3 years and purchase new male goats.
  12. Monitor your goats for any abnormality.
  13. When you are ready to sell beats, have Contacts directly with customers rather middle agents.
  14. If you are setting up a large scale goat farm business, get a goat farming training and visit nearby goat farms to better understand the goat basics.

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