Argentata Dell‘Etna Goat Facts, Profile, and Characteristics

Argentata Dell‘Etna Goat.
Argentata Dell‘Etna Goat.

Introduction to Argentata Dell‘Etna Goat Breed:

The goat breed is an indigenous goat breed it is one of the domestic goat. This goat breed belongs to the area of Mount Etna in the province of Catania and also they are from Monti Peloritani in the province of Messina, in the Mediterranean island of the Sicily. The origins of this breed are unknown. It is believed that this is originated in Italy. This breed has some similarities to the Garganica breed and also similar to the other Italian grey breeds such as cilentana Grigia of the Campania and also the Ciociara Grigia of the Lazio. The population of this goat breed is considered as 7,000 on an average. This breed is found in wild and semi – wild in the mountain areas. This goat breed is also named as Silver of the Etna.

Characteristics of Argentata Dell‘Etna Goat Breed:

  • The coat of the goat is light – dark sliver glints. The coat is rough in texture. The hair of this is in average length.
  • The skin of the goat is grey in colour.
  • The horns of the female goat are upright and the horns of the male goat are large wide apart.
  • It has a sort of beard.
  • This is a goat is dual purposed goats, as it is used for both the milk and also for its meat.
  • This milk is typically used for preparation of local cheese varieties.
  • These goat breeds are of medium size.
  • The face colour of the goat breed is greyish – white.
  • The average weight of the male goat breed is about 50 kg.
  • The average weight of the female goat breed is about 38 kg.
  • The height of the male goat breed will be about 75 cm.
  • The height of the female goat breed will be about 67 cm.
  • The average yield of the milk will be about 120 litres in 150 days.
  • These can tolerate all kinds of climates.

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Feed for Argentata Dell‘Etna Goat:

For a successful goat farming business, we need to supply the goats good feed and housing. The feed is the major factor of the Goat Farming Business. The feed for the goats should be given at a constant ratio. The goats should be fed timely and scheduled. The growth of the goat is completely depends up on the feed itself. We need to care and feed them very carefully.

Legume Fodder crops:

  • Stylo
  • Cowpea
  • Desmanthus
  • Hedge Lucerne

Tree fodders:

  • Kodukapuli
  • Velvel
  • Agathi
  • Subabul
  • Arasu
  • Karuvel
  • Vagai
  • Glyricidia
  • Neem

Concentrated feed:

  • Skimmed milk powder
  • Rice polish
  • Broken rice
  • Wheat
  • Groundnut cake
  • Maize
  • Salt
  • Mixture
  • Sorghum

Pasture and Browsing of Argentata Dell‘Etna Goat: For the goats the Pastures are the main source of energy and also the nutrients. The goats attain high amount of protein and energy from the Pastures. The goats have good and high digestibility. These goats can be fed with Pastures like millets, clover, grain, Sudan grass, Sorghum, and Bahia grass

Kitchen Scrap: The goats can be fed with kitchen scarp, as they are capable of digesting heavy materials also. The kitchen scarp like garlic peels, tomato ends, potato peels, orange peels, etc. these all can be fed to the goats.

Vitamins: The goats should be fed with additional vitamins along with the daily feed.

Minerals: The goats should be fed with additional minerals along with the daily feed.

Garden Scarp: The garden scarps like leaves, weeds, grass, etc. can be fed to the goats as they can be consumed by the goat.

Grains: Goats should be fed up to 12 – 16% of grain course and also this will improve the goat’s weight, additional we can feed them with the creep feed. The grains that can be fed to the goats are like as follows moil, barley, rye, oats, and millets. Goats can be fed with the cereal grains as they are a good source of energy.

Housing for Argentata Dell‘Etna Goat:

For intensive production of goat the goat housing is very important and also for the security of the goats the goat housing is important. We should ensure the facilities and also the comforts for maximum amount of profits. For their growth and products the goats need some physiological requirement same like human beings. The main motive of protecting the goats and keeping them in goat housing is to protect them from harsh animals and also from the uneven climatic conditions. The goats don’t require bedding. The labour requirement for the housing is also less in number. Regularly the house should be cleaned and the floor should be dry. Goats waste should be collected immediately.

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Specifications of Goat Housing                                  

  • Ventilation
  • Floor
  • Good location of housing / sheds
  • Air inlet and outlet
  • Proper drainage
  • Orientation
  • Doors
  • Fencings
  • Milk barns
  • Waterers
  • Food troughs
  • Storage

Breeding of Argentata Dell‘Etna Goat:

This breed is a originated from the Garganica and also from an Italian goat breed (local breed).

Advantages of Argentata Dell‘Etna Goat Farming:

  1. These goats are meant as strong animals, as they often do not fall sick. We don’t need to spend too much of money on keeping the goats fit and health.
  2. For children, goat’s milk is the best food as they will not be affected by germs so easily like others.
  3. If there is no better arrangement of food for the goats, then they can be survived by eating the leaves from the common plants.
  4. This is a goat breed which is common in every part of the world. These are also capable of giving birth twice in a year.
  5. These goats can walk very well on the rugged earth, so we need not to worry about staying in hilly areas and also taking them for a grazing on it.
  6. The goats can survive in any type of climatic conditions and also goats can survive in heat, cold, dust, and also from any sharp change.

Disadvantages of Argentata Dell‘Etna Goat Farming:

  1. As they eat simple stuff like leaves from the plants or trees. But they need them in large amount as their food. If we have a herd of 100 goats then we need to purchase a truckload of leaves from the trees or plants. The arrangement of the food will be difficult sometimes.
  2. Goats are always exposed to risks like leopard, tiger, other animals, etc. In herds, goats are often attacked by the animals and they will be killed by the other wild beasts. Keeping them in one place is better
  3. They are considered as risk part of the agriculture. If a farmer is managing both the goat farm and the agriculture they need to protect the crop from the goats.
  4. They are restless animals they never take rest they will always be scattered, so this will also lead to major losses in the herd.
  5. The toughest task is to take them out for the grazing.

Essential Tips of Goat Farming:

  • For improving the breed of the goats, we need to use the artificial inseminations. In commercial goat farming, artificial insemination is most preferred.
  • One should always have a good relationship with the goats.
  • Mating of same busk with many does should be avoided.
  • For a few weeks, the kids that are born should be kept with their mothers.
  • To ensure the good health of the goats as per the schedule timely vaccinations should be given.
  • The necessary medicines and vaccines should always be kept in a stock.
  • The contaminated food feeding should be avoided.
  • As like polluted water is harmful for the human beings the goats polluted water is also harmful for the goats.
  • While housing them the does, bucks and kids should be kept separately.

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