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Goat Terms.
Goat Terms.

Goat Terminology and Identifying Sick Goats

Goat Terminology and Identifying Sick Goats:

Goat Terminology.
Goat Terminology.

Introduction:- Most of the beginners who wants to start a goat farming should know about Goat Terminology being used in goat farming  in order to understand the goat world. Here is the list of goat terms of goat.


The following details about common Goat Terminology used in goats:

S.No. Specifics. Common Term (Goat Terminology).
1 Adult male Buck
2 Adult female Doe
3 New born Kid
4 Young male Buckling
5 Young female Goatling
6 Castrated male Wether/castrated goat
7 Castrated female Spayed
8 Female with offspring Suckling
9 Act of parturition Kidding
10 Act of mating Serving
11 Pregnancy Gestation
12 Group Flock/band
13 Meat Chevon
14 Species called as Caprine
15 Sound produced Bleating


To be successful in goat farming, one should be aware of  goat diseases and symptoms. Identifying sick goats is very important to reduce the mortality. Timely identifying sick goats and isolating them from healthy goats will reduce the risk of other goats getting similar kind of diseases. Once sick goats are found, contact your local veterinary doctor for cure and suggestions. The following explains how to identify a sick animal in goat farming:


S.No. Parameter. Healthy Goat Symptoms. Sick Goat Symptoms.
1. Look of Goat Alert Dull
2. Head Raised Bent downwards
3. Eyes Wide open, bright Dull with white deposition at the corners
4. Conjunctival m.m. Normal Pale or congested
5. Nose No discharge Slimy discharge
6. Movement of Goat Active Sluggish, lameness
7. Response of Goat Quick Slow
8. Feces Normal Hard / loose, mucus/blood-stained, discolouration, dysentry
9. Pulse (/min) 70-90  



10. Body temperature (oF) of Goat 103.7 Increased
11. Respiration (/min) 12-30 Increased, difficult
12. Grazing habit Normal Abnormal
13. Rumination Regular Irregular
14. Feed and water intake Normal Reduced
15. Udder size Normal May be swollen
16. Skin condition Healthy Infected, external parasites.


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