Goat Farming Profit Tips:

The following write-up details about tips for “Goat Farming Profit”.

Boer Goat For Meat Purpose.

Boer Goat For Meat Purpose.

Introduction to Profitable Goat Farming:- Well, goat farming is one of the rapidly growing livestock business in India as the demand for meat is very high and increasing every year. Most of the youngsters and entrepreneurs are trying to set up goat farming business units. There is a huge potential in goat farming, if one personally dedicate or manage the farm. It may be a dairy goat farming or meat goat farming, there are some tips every goat farmer should know before venturing to obtain good profits. Let us put some goat farming profit tips here.

For Goat Farming Profit – Tip #1: First and Foremost you should decide your initial investment or start-up cost. Based in this, have an idea of number of goats you are going to bring in. To get an idea of basic goat farming, visit nearest goat farms and watch YouTube videos.

For Goat Farming Profit – Tip #2: Prepare the goat farming business plan which contains about number of goats, feed cost (even its home grown feed), shed/housing cost (This is 1 time cost and assuming semi-intensive farming or stall fed goat farming), medicinal/veterinary cost, feeders/drinkers and other labour cost. This plan also should contain marketing plan and number of batches you run yearly.

For Goat Farming Profit – Tip #3: Build the shed/goat house according to your requirement such as no.of animals, feed room etc..(Don’t spend too much on shed; initially go for low cost shed).

For Goat Farming Profit – Tip #4: Feed is another important input for profitable goat farming. Don’t buy feed outside as it may cost 10 to 15 Rs /kg. Rather, based on number of goats, cultivate/grow maize, Bajra (sorghum), any millet crops, subabul in your land for green fodder and silage. For silage making process: click here. If you can produce feed at your farm, this will save you lots feed cost.

For Goat Farming Profit – Tip #5: For meat goat, always select good breed with good meat production in short period. Check local farms for breed specifics as some goats may not survive in your local climatic conditions.

For Goat Farming Profit – Tip #6: Once plan is in place, decide which breed is best for your requirement. Some breeds like Boer goat is good for meat. some other goat breeds are good for milk. Take veterinary doctor with you for selecting healthy goat breed. Based on number of teeth you can find out the age of goat.

For Goat Farming Profit – Tip #7: After selecting the suitable goat breed, bargain for long time as you are buying many goats. This is where you save lot of money and finally reflects in your profits.

For Goat Farming Profit – Tip #8: Buy goats in batches; for example if you buy 25 as first batch, bring another 25 as a second batch before first beach is sold. Make sure your goats will be ready at the time of special occasions like Bakrid/Eid or Dussehra as you can make good profits during this period.

For Goat Farming Profit – Tip #9: Have some feed ready before getting the goats into the farm.

For Goat Farming Profit – Tip #10: Goat shed should be cleaned and disinfected before getting the goats.

For Goat Farming Profit – Tip #11: Make sure to have all the required vaccinations including de-worming are done before entering into the farm.

Goat Farming Profit.

Goat Farming Profit.

For Goat Farming Profit – Tip #12: Follow the standard feeding process in goats. Never allow goats to graze on open fields especially in late evenings.

For Goat Farming Profit – Tip #13: Periodic or frequent health check-up should be done by veterinary doctor.

For Goat Farming Profit РTip #14: Some green fodder. dry fodder and concentrate feed combination should be given for better  growth.

For Goat Farming Profit – Tip #15: If any animal is sick in the flock, isolate that animal immediately otherwise; other goats may get the disease.

For Goat Farming Profit – Tip #16: If you are raising goats for dairy (milk), special care should be taken for pregnant mother goats, kids and lactating mother goats.

For Goat Farming Profit – Tip #17: Never allow strangers or any other animals into your farm as they may carry other diseases.

For Goat Farming Profit – Tip #18: Goat milking should be done twice a day; morning and evening. Clean all the milking machines/equipment to avoid any contamination.

For Goat Farming Profit – Tip #19: Fence around your farm to protect from country dogs/wolfs and any other predators.

For Goat Farming Profit – Tip #20: Maintain goat weight chart by calculating every week. This will allow you to increase feed and nutrient intake for better growth.

For Goat Farming Profits – Tip #21: There is some procedure for goat fattening, follow those instructions.

For Goat Farming Profits – Tip #22: Clean and wash the shed regularly and provide clean water.

For Goat Farming Profits – Tip #23: Use feeders and drinkers in stall-fed goat farming. This will ensure quality feed and prevents from wastage of feed.

For Goat Farming Profits – Tip #24: If you are going for goat rearing (breeding), the male and female goat ratio should be 1 (male):25 (females).

For Goat Farming Profits – Tip #25: Use collected manure for growing green fodder, in this case you no need to buy any manure.

For Goat Farming Profits – Tip #26: Whether for meat, fiber, milk and cheese and even goat kids (baby goats), you should have proper marketing plan, there are many agents who can visit your farm and buy. You can even supply to any hotel chain or sell your goats in open goat markets.

Bottom Line of Goat Farming Profits:- Profits vary region to region and depends on breed and other factors. Having good goat farming business plan along with marketing plan will defiantly fetch excellent profits.

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